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Hands Behind the Architecture of Mexican Tile

Want to know what triggers our world? THIS! Watch this short video to see who is behind the heart and soul of what we do! It’s these hands. It’s the hands of many artisans from one generation to the next making handmade Saltillo tile. These are the hands behind the architecture of Mexican tile.

I hope this video also gives you some insight into why we say that handmade Saltillo tile is a rustic style tile. This generations-old process for making tile results in terracotta floor tile that displays beautiful rustic characteristics including size and texture variations, color variations, chips, bumps, hairline cracks, and more. No two tiles are the same. Highly sought after, for hundreds of years, Saltillo tile is known as a durable perfectly imperfect terracotta floor tile.

hands behind the architecture
Neutral colors are a safe bet when deciding on grout colors.


To learn more about handmade Saltillo tile and other types of Mexican tile, browse our website. Check out the photo galleries and our blog to learn more about the hands behind the architecture of our products. We are the experts when it comes to Mexican tile and stone. As the largest manufacturer for authentic Saltillo tile, we also are the leading distributor for other types of Mexican tile including encaustic-style cement tile, Cantera stone, and painted Talavera tiles. Based just outside Austin, Texas, our customers enjoy wholesale-direct prices for materials shipped worldwide.

Do you need some design ideas? Tile patterns advice for your next home remodel or new construction? Maybe you want to bounce some installation ideas (for one of our tiles) off of someone knowledgeable? Contact one of our product specialists today! Once we narrow down precisely what you need for your next project, we can send a price estimate to you too.

At Rustico Tile & Stone, we care about creating affordable, beautiful spaces. We challenge you to Make Every Space Count in your project too!

Mexican Tile Expert in Austin Texas

We don’t toot our horn in our backyard very often. Not often at all, actually. Most people know that we ship worldwide. However, to our Austin, Texas area neighbors: Did you know that we are the Mexican tile expert in Austin, TX?

mexican tile expert in austin tx
Photo Credit:


That’s right! We’re an online business with our home office in Leander and our shipping warehouse in Pharr, TX. I rarely mention our local Texas market, because we ship so much tile elsewhere around the country. I’m sorry we’ve neglected Y’all.

What makes us the Mexican Tile experts in Austin, Texas?

mexican tile expert in austin

Point 1 – We’ve been around for a long time! Our artisans in Mexico have been making handmade Saltillo tile for many generations. While we’ve improved the quality of Saltillo tile in Austin over the past several years, we have purposely preserved the integrity of a generations-old artisan tile manufacturing process.

The same goes for our encaustic-style Cement tile, painted Talavera tiles, and Cantera stone.

saltillo tile austin tx

Point 2 – We are the Mexican tile experts in Austin because if it’s handmade from Mexico… it’s something that we do! That’s our niche. We are not a superstore with hundreds of floor tile options. We specialize in handmade Mexican tile.  Period.  That’s our gig. No one knows Mexican tile better than we do.

handmade mexican tile

Point 3 – We are embedded in the community and culture of Mexico, and it’s people. This tile thing isn’t a hobby for us. We’re Mexican tile experts in Austin because we invest our time and presence by building long-lasting relationships with our people in Mexico.

Rustico custom made tile

We do this by visiting our factories in Mexico. We eat together. We evaluate processes and efficiencies together. We trim unnecessary costs so we can keep the lowest Mexican tile prices in Austin and elsewhere. We watch our families grow year after year. We trade tequila secrets.  Our roots go deep in Mexico.

As much as we care for our counterparts in Mexico, they care about us too. Moreover, they care about making quality, beautiful Spanish tile flooring for you. So that sums up why we are the Mexican tile experts in Austin, Texas.

mexican tile stairs
Talavera Tile as Risers and Saltillo Tile as Stair Treads

If you’re looking for Saltillo tile in Austin, we’re your source.
If you’re looking for Encaustic-style Cement tile in Austin, we’re your source.
If you’re looking for Cantera stone in Austin, we’re your source.
If you’re looking for Talavera tile in Austin, we’re your source.

Get my point? Forgive me for what may come across as arrogance. That’s not my jive. We have the passion for what we do, whom we represent, and that we are an impetus for beautiful architecture. We’re the largest manufacturer for Saltillo tile flooring. We’re the largest distributor in the US for Mexican tile varieties.

Contact us today to Get a Price Estimate for your next Mexican tile flooring project.

Make Every Space Count.

Spanish Tile Elements: A Rustic Elegance

The flea market regulars out there know that handmade and artisanal products are all the rage these days. You, too, can transform your home into a personal art gallery by including some basic Spanish tile elements. This augments rustic and elegant properties reminiscent of the Old World. Check out these ideas for adding Spanish tile elements to your home.

terracotta roof tiles
Photo Credits:


Terra-Cotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta clay roof tiles are attractive and add a rustic look that works in a desert or Mediterranean environment. Being made of clay and other natural materials, this style of roof is very durable without compromising beautiful curb appeal. Terra-Cotta roof tiles are fireproof and can last for over 100 years. What’s not to love? They’re low-maintenance and good for the environment!

spanish tile elements
Talavera Painted Mexican Tiles with Cantera Stone Hood, Trim, and Countertops. Antique Saltillo Tile Flooring.


Hand-Painted Tile

Hand-painted tile is characteristic of Spanish Colonial design and adds a colorful touch to a home. It also functions as a border or accent to balconies, archways, and stairs. Also known as Talavera tiles, these Spanish tiles are available in a variety of designs like pointed stars, intricate knots, floral patterns, and medallions. These added elements make hand-painted tile an authentic Spanish look. If you want to add a bold statement, you can always enlist an artist to create a Talavera tile mural. We know lots of great artists! This Spanish Revival style uses different kinds of patterns to highlight unique parts of a home like a terrace or a fountain.

spanish style elements
Antique Riviera Pattern for this Bathroom’s Saltillo Tile
RTS1.1 Amalia Mexican Cement Tile
RTS1.1 Amalia Pattern in Cement Tile


Spanish Tile Flooring

Spanish tile flooring is a popular option due to its varieties in color and shapes. Not only is this floor unique and attractive, but it has many added benefits. Many people opt for Spanish tile flooring because it’s a solid color throughout the body of the tile. Many companies use materials that are great for the environment and offer various textures. Also, with proper installation, some Spanish tiles are even used in climates with freeze cycles. Popular styles include Talavera, Cement Tile, and Saltillo tile flooring.

hexagon saltillo backsplash tile
Spanish Tile in Manganese Saltillo Hexagon as a Backsplash

Color Palette

Spanish tile elements come in a variety of color palettes. The authentic look is rustic colors including neutral and earthy tones. These colors range from warm tans, terracotta reds, and orange, to peach tones. However, some people opt for splashes of bright colors to mix things up. Dare to be bold!

mexican tile stairs
Talavera Tile as Risers and Saltillo Tile as Stair Treads

Tile Patterns

Different tile patterns are also characteristic of Spanish Colonial design. If a traditional look is your thing, square and straight set tile is the optimal choice. On the other hand, if you feel like you want to add some fun elements, a touch of color can create a festive appearance. Other popular patterns include star and cross designs, which enhance the hand-painted tile.

For more trends in flooring, be sure to keep up-to-date with Rustico Tile and Stone and our friends at Flooring GuideMake Every Space Count.

Outdoor Patio Tile – 4 Things to Consider

Do you dream of backyard gatherings with friends or family but worry that your space isn’t conducive to hosting good times? Maybe it’s time to rethink, remodel, re-everything. This starts with your outdoor patio tile. Flooring sets a foundation for all other aspects of design. And there’s good news – the design possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor patio tile. But first things first… you must choose one that will hold up to your environment so you can transform your backyard into a personal oasis of comfort. Below are 4 things to consider when selecting your outdoor patio tile.

cantera stone tile
Recinto Cantera tile and pool coping with Antique Saltillo

1. Is it durable? Not all tiles are created equal. Most ceramic and slate tiles are too soft to be used for outdoor purposes. We like a stone – specifically Cantera Stone tile for outdoor flooring. Not only does Cantera stone come in a variety of colors, but it’s also durable enough to withstand harsh climates, hot and cold.

Cantera stone is mined from quarries in Mexico. While it’s often seen as columns, fountains, and fireplace surrounds, Cantera stone tile is an excellent choice for outdoor patio tile. This pool decking and the patio is covered with a 12×24-inch Cantera stone tile in the color of Recinto. It is paired with accents of Antique Saltillo Tile for added color and décor. The stools are even covered with this same stone which has been hand-carved to suit its application.

Outdoor Patio Tile with Grass Grout – from Archi Expo

2. Is it suitable for your environment? Some outdoor patio tiles are more porous than others. Some do not stand up to freeze and thaw cycles. Some do not stand up to extreme heat. While you’re doing research for outdoor patio tile, keep your specific environment and weather patterns under consideration. For example, when it rains, will your outdoor patio tile get slippery? There are a variety of options for creating a non-slip environment but many options, including Cantera stone tile, come with built-in solutions of being slip-resistant. If it’s too late and you already have a slippery outdoor tile, consider additive coatings like Shark Grip to provide a textured finish to your existing flooring.

Pro Tip:  If your outdoor patio tile is porous, apply a tile sealer across the surface for protection from stains, spills, and weather elements.

Cantera Balustrade & Pinon Tile

3. What is the best color for your space? Take a walk around your outdoor patio. Do it in the morning and in the evening paying attention to light and shadows. If you have a shaded space throughout the day and evening, consider installing a light colored outdoor patio tile. Pinon Cantera stone tile is a popular choice because it’s a light cream colored stone with beautiful speckles of color for added interest.

Maybe your outdoor living area gets full sun throughout the day and into the evening. You might consider a dark-colored outdoor patio tile to tone down the abundant natural light. Regardless of your color choice, find one that you love and that lends itself to creating a cozy, natural environment.

Cantera Pool Coping to Match Floor Tile

4. Can you coordinate other architectural elements into your space? As I mentioned previously, Cantera stone tile is excellent as outdoor patio tile because it’s so easy to coordinate with other architectural features. Do you need stone columns or a tiered fountain? Maybe a fire pit for roasting smores? Consider the possibilities of matching or contrasting these elements with your outdoor patio tile.

cantera tile
12×24 inch Recinto Cantera tile with 6×12 Antique Saltillo

I speak from the heart on this issue. As a family of 4, we enjoy entertaining with friends and family. We keep our gatherings outdoors as much as possible – enjoying the setting of everything nature has to offer. We sit around the fire pit. We watch kids splash in the pool. We bar-b-que and lounge with friends. All of this is made more comfortable by the efforts and investment we’ve put into creating our own backyard sanctuary… and that started with the selection of our outdoor patio tile. It was the catalyst for everything else adorning our backyard.

To consider Cantera stone tile for your space, contact us today. We ship worldwide. We want to help you Make Every Space Count.

5 Charmingly Rustic Kitchen Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Posted on August 10, 2018 by Melanie

Blogroll, Interior Design

A rustic kitchen ambiance brings a certain charm to your home. The usual elements of weathered wood components, farm tables, and rugged floors make for a cozy look. It’s common to see such a classic style in country homes and farmhouses. However, it also seems to be a popular design choice for modern homes today. Some talented designers have added their own spin to these rustic kitchens by marrying them with various other interior styles.

So with that in mind, here are 5 rustic kitchen designs that are all unique in their own way. See how the designers incorporated something new to make these kitchens stand out.

1920’s Spanish Style Kitchen

rustic style kitchen

Letter Four remodeled the floor plan of the Dunleer Residence without deviating too far from the house’s existing Spanish style interiors. Since no wall separates the dining room and the kitchen, the designers incorporated different flooring to distinguish them. This is an excellent example of combining tiles and wood. Different types of flooring can be tricky to pull off, so for more references, do check out DigsDigs’ list of ways to ease floor transition. The final kitchen has an overall modern theme with its white cabinets and stainless steel appliances, but it also has a bit of rustic flair thanks to the terracotta tiles and beige and brick backsplash.

Rosen Residence Kitchen

rustic style kitchen design

The Rosen Residence is a mixture of Territorial, Spanish, and contemporary styles and is designed by Tate Studio. As you can see, the kitchen utilizes a lot of different wooden components to enhance the warm ambiance, from the cabinets to the cupboards, and even to the ceiling beams. The marble countertops and the stainless steel appliances also complement the kitchen’s cozy theme. Using reclaimed wood or lumber with a natural wood finish can keep your kitchen feeling cozy, and this is just one example. For more ideas, take a look at HomeBNC’s 32 ways to add reclaimed wood to kitchens.

Morocco Style Kitchen

saltillo tile kitchen flooring

For this kitchen, designer Erica Islas married Spanish and Middle Eastern coastal styles. Notice how she mixed and matched the wall and floor tiles. The hand-painted wall tiles and the throw pillows at the corner dining area give away its Moroccan elements. Meanwhile, arabesque tiles are used for the flooring. When done right, HomeEdit notes that different tiles can give your cooking space a more personalized look. Furthermore, the vibrant colors from the warm woods and teal-colored cupboards complete the kitchen’s unique look.

Oliver Residence Kitchen

A post shared by Jools Oliver (@joolsoliver) on

Source: @joolsoliver Instagram

Entertainment Daily revealed how Jools Oliver impressed her fans on Instagram with her home decor skills, and one of the photos she shared featured their 17th century home’s rustic kitchen. The space has a wooden island unit and terracotta tiles, with porcelain plates and steel saucepans displayed on the walls. There’s even a wood-fired oven fitted into an alcove on the side. The elements work harmoniously to capture the home’s old charm.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

modern rustic kitchen

This kitchen designed by J. Robin Interiors uses white shiplap for both the ceiling and the wall above the cabinets to add rustic charm. It also features interesting wooden textures that blend well with other elements in the kitchen, namely the white brick backsplash, quartz countertops, and the industrial fixtures.

In case you are looking for other rustic design inspiration for other areas in your home, be sure to visit Rustico’s blog section. You can start by reading the Rustico Tile guide on how to create a rustic style fireplace.