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How to Get a Price Quote for Mexican Tile

You’ve browsed websites, pinned pins, and shopped around for your dream Mexican tile floor. Did you know that we ship worldwide? And we offer the lowest prices for Saltillo tile, Concrete tile, Cantera stone, Talavera painted tiles, Cement tile, and other Spanish tiles.

Getting a quote is easy – just follow the steps in this video or call us today! 512-260-9111

Square Terra Cotta Tile is Good but Decorative Tiles are Better

Gone are the days when a plain 12×12 square terra cotta tile is your only Saltillo flooring option. Notable interior designers and architects adorn homes around the world with decorative shapes and sizes available in terra cotta tile flooring. If you want to impress your friends and neighbors with cultivated style, avoid plain square terra cotta tile. Instead, check out these budget-friendly options to make a statement with your flooring.

square terra cotta tile
Unsealed Square Saltillo Tile – Pastel colors are normal for unsealed clay tile.


Did you know that terra cotta tiles have natural ranges of colors? And it doesn’t stop there. These varieties of colors also have their own distinct ranges of colors. Let me break it down for you.

Since terra cotta tile is a creation of natural clay, there will always be color variances from one tile to the next. But now, square terra cotta tiles and decorative shapes are available in 3 defined finishes – Traditional Saltillo, Manganese Saltillo, and Antique Saltillo.

Traditional Saltillo (home to the famous 12×12 square terra cotta tile) is made up of colors that range from red, orange, to yellow. Manganese Saltillo (my personal favorite) blends neutral tones ranging from chocolate and walnut brown to deep merlot terra cotta colors. And lastly, Antique Saltillo is a textured terra cotta tile created to have deep rust tones that are reminiscent of Italian or French reclaimed terra cotta tile. If you have an outdoor space that needs a non-slip surface, Antique Saltillo is your winner!

fleur de lis mexican tile
Fleur de Lis Tile in the Sealed Antique Saltillo Finish


Once you’ve picked your saltillo tile finish, consider the shape and size of your terra cotta tile. As I mentioned before, tried and true is square terra cotta tile. Yes, it’s a great value, and it is found in homes and businesses around the world. What most people don’t realize is that you can amp things up with a more decorative option while maintaining your budget.

Most of the decorative shapes and sizes from Rustico Tile and Stone fall within $0.20 – $0.40 per square foot compared to their 12×12 square terra cotta tile price.

mexican tile floor and decor
Cement Tile Risers with Manganese Saltillo Hexagon and Stair Coping Tiles


Check out this Hexagon in the Manganese Saltillo finish, for example. I love the hexagon shape because it allows you to install a 1-tile pattern without breaking the bank. The 12-inch Hexagon is a 6-sided tile that trends to something more modern than a square terra cotta tile. And when it’s displayed in the Manganese color finish, many interior design styles are embellished. Consider a Manganese Hexagon terra cotta tile paired with white (or light) colored subway tiles in kitchens or bathrooms. The light/dark contrast plays well together to produce an enchanting look.

Antique Saltillo Tile in the Riviera Pattern
Riviera Pattern in the Sealed Antique Saltillo Tile Finish


Do you want a real “statement” floor? Make no mistake, the Riviera Pattern in Antique Saltillo flooring inspires a bold and timeless look. This is a 2-tile interlocking pattern that sets a foundation for complimentary Spanish style décor.

herringbone saltillo tile
6×12 Saltillo with charcoal grout in Herringbone Pattern.


One of the most versatile shapes available is a rectangle. Rectangular shaped tiles create a variety of patterns including herringbone, brick-lay, running brick, basket weave, and more. Our 6×12 Saltillo pattern is a common alternative to those considering a 12×12 square terra cotta tile. It’s easy on the budget, too!

And a couple of other fun patterns to consider…

san felipe terra cotta tile
San Felipe Pattern in Sealed Traditional Saltillo
12x12 Traditional Octagon Saltillo Tile
12×12 Sealed Octagon Traditional Saltillo with 4×4 Mexican Tile Inserts
antique saltillo tile outdoors
Sealed Antique 12×12 Terra Cotta Tile


For some other ideas about tile patterns for your home, I like the Crossville Pattern Book. It’s a free online pdf filled with designs that parallel many shapes and sizes of terra cotta tile. (Pro Tip: if your tile is handmade and has size and thickness variations, always layout sample tiles in your chosen floor tile pattern. You need to verify that the terra cotta tiles you’ve selected will accommodate the floor tile pattern you’ve chosen.)

Contact any of our product specialist for design tips and tile advice for your home! We’re here to help you Make Every Space Count!

How to Buy Saltillo Terra Cotta Tile

Learn the easiest and most affordable way to buy handmade Saltillo Tile from the pros at Rustico Tile and Stone. We are the experts when it comes to Mexican tiles and Terra Cotta Flooring.

Follow our 1, 2, 3 processes to make sure you get a beautiful floor that fits your budget! Check often for promotions and discounts on our multiple terracotta color finishes and dozens of tile shapes and sizes.

Just watch this short video to Learn More about how to buy saltillo tile.

Contact us to get your Price Estimate today!

How to Create a Rustic Style Fireplace for Spanish Home Decor

It’s glorious, right? Intricate, calculated, and grand. This rustic style fireplace creates an unexpected focal point in a beautifully designed Spanish style home. Not only does a rustic style fireplace add the function of warmth to its home, but it’s also a great way to punch up the style of choice. In this home, rustic and Spanish style flavor comes to life as a result of schemed forethought.

rustic style fireplace
Rustic Style Stone Fireplace


Allow me to unpack how the various trades of construction and design came together to create this masterpiece for intentional Spanish style home décor.

Numbers don’t lie. It took 4 Men, 3 Weeks, 4 Tons of Stone, 4,500 Pieces of Stone, and 3 Tear Downs to get to the perfect finished piece.

As with any construction project, it starts with the foundation. For a wall to hold the weight of four tons of stone, the concrete foundation of this Spanish style home must be solid. More than solid – unyielding.

spanish style stone fireplace
Spanish Style Rustic Stone Fireplace


Next, the framer tips his hat to the project. The framer must meet the challenge of erecting a structure from floor to ceiling that will bear the weight of this rustic style fireplace vertically and horizontally. His team sets in heat barriers appropriate to the foundation wall and fire code.

decorative terracotta tile
6×6 Decorative Terracotta Tiles


The design (completed months before construction begins) will finally be actualized. Embedded into this stone fireplace is four tons of sandstone native to the Hill Country of Central Texas. Then, upon delivery of the sandstone, each block is cut, chipped, and chopped into smaller individual pieces which eventually take resident in the wall. That’s right. 4,500 stones become embedded together piece-by-piece. These stones are mortared from behind, top, and bottom.

Progress continues and several pieces are placed over a period of time. A step is taken back to evaluate. More pieces fasten in securely. There were three tear-downs involved in this 3-week process bore by four skilled masons.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore the craft of a good mason? These people are real artisans who forge something beautiful out of raw earth materials. And it’s back-breaking, challenging work.  Go hug a mason.

antique reclaimed wooden mantle
Antique Reclaimed Wooden Mantle from Mexico


Decorative Spanish terracotta tiles accent around the firebox while a reclaimed antique Spanish wooden mantle anchors into place. The sandstone hearth completes the structure. Top it off with the jewelry of accent lighting. The rustic style light not only illuminates the entire wall, but it also adds an inviting ambiance for those who will gather in the presence of this fireplace’s giving warmth.

You can create the same look for your Spanish style home decor. For other Spanish style fireplace ideas, check out our Cantera Stone fireplace designs.

Check back often for more Spanish style home decor elements found in this Texas Hill Country Hacienda.  Make Every Space Count!