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saltillo tile in texas

Saltillo Tile in Texas

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Are you looking for Saltillo Tile in Texas?  Look no further!  We’re a Texas-based company leading the charge of distribution for authentic, handmade Mexican saltillo tile. Howdy! We’re Rustico Tile and Stone.  It’s nice to “meet” y’all!  Located just outside of Austin, we ship the majority of saltillo tile in Texas.  While we also ship to other corners of the earth, there are many reasons why our fellow Texans keep us busy around our beloved state. We have the lowest prices.  It’s really that simple.  As the largest manufacturer for authentic saltillo tile in Mexico, we pass through an extremely low wholesale price to all of our customers for saltillo tile in Texas.  When that low price is paired with steeply discounted shipping rates, the result is an unbeatable delivered value.  Think I’m pulling your leg?  Try us out and Get a Quote for your project requiring saltillo tile in Texas. We have…

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hexagon saltillo backsplash tile

2017 New Year’s Resolutions

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I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon and post our New Year’s Resolutions for Rustico Tile and Stone.  Disclaimer: I keep resolutions.  So you can bet money that if I’m setting resolutions for our company, they will be accomplished.  Assuredly so. What’s a resolution anyway?  I’ll spare Wikipedia and give you our in-house Rustico Tile and Stone definition. (Well, it’s kind of the “Melanie” definition if I’m being honest. Indulge me a little.)  We believe that a resolution is a decision to do something with firm purpose.  You can take that to the bank… with firm purpose.  We are resolute to improving our business year after year.  So, here are 3 resolutions that will be kept by our small, family-owned company in 2017! Rustico Tile’s Resolution #1 – Prayer. We will uphold our staff, business colleagues, and customers in prayer at each Monday morning production meeting and staff devotional. We’re not a religious organization…

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mexican tiles

Rustico Tile’s Mexican Tiles of 2016

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To closeout what’s been an extremely busy 2016, I’m turning the spotlight onto Rustico Tile’s Mexican Tiles of the Year!  Spanning many areas of the globe, Mexican tiles beautifully adorn simple and often overlooked spaces. Up first is a strong winner year after year – Manganese Riviera Saltillo.  This 2-tile design is made up of our San Felipe and Fleur de Lis shapes.  Riviera Mexican tiles bring a level of sophistication to an otherwise rustic-style floor.  Our Manganese finish boasts of colors in neutral tones – light and dark brown, gray, and terracotta shades. Another popular Manganese choice in our Mexican tiles lineup this year is Hexagon saltillo.  Our customers love that the Hexagon saltillo shape tile is a great value for a decorative design.  And since it’s a 1-tile pattern, installers love it for an easy installation process.  Hexagon Mexican tiles come in standard sizes of 8×8 and 12×12,…

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terra cotta flooring

Terra Cotta Flooring Options

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Did you know that we offer Terra Cotta flooring options?  That’s true!  Over the years, we’ve learned that not everyone is as enthusiastic about handmade Saltillo flooring as we are.  And that’s ok – we’ll play nice anyway! Many moons ago, we started developing a machine-made lookalike saltillo tile. Meet our Terra Cotta Tile product line.  It looks a bit like Mexican saltillo but there are major differences between this and our handmade tiles. Terra Cotta flooring is machine-made clay tile.  Because of this, the tiles are far more consistent in shape and size compared to it’s rustic counterpart, saltillo tile. It’s thinner than real saltillo tile. Some people want the look of authentic saltillo floors but need a thinner profile tile due to construction constraints.  This tile fills that requirement with being only 1/2″ thick vs. the average thickness of 5/8″ in saltillo flooring. It’s more consistent in color.  With handmade saltillo…

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RTS17 Sofia Cement Tile

Meet Our Newest In Stock Cement Tile Designs

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Are you part of the craze?  The Cement Tile craze?  Have you seen our new in stock cement tile designs yet?  If you’re reading this, you must be part of the “cool kids” because cement tile is exploding in popularity in the design world.  Yay You for being cool! Does that make me cool for writing this? Cement tiles are a throwback to older style Encaustic tiles commonly found throughout Europe in castles and cathedrals.  Today we all get to enjoy a better quality version of encaustic tiles – made from concrete and mineral-pigmented cement.  Why is this a big deal?  Durability and lasting beauty.  The clay of encaustic tiles wore down over time while current-day cement tiles maintain their luxurious look even in the highest foot traffic areas. I’m introducing you to our newest in stock cement tile designs.  These beauties round-out our MeaLu Collection of concrete tiles.  Please…

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