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Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile

Manganese Riviera Saltillo Tile

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I’m starting a series here at Rustico Tile – our Weekly Tile Pick!  You’ll gain insight into which tiles and patterns are buzzing around our office.  This week’s pick is by our beloved, Shelley.  She’s chosen Manganese Riviera Saltillo Tile.  You’ll love her logic on this pick! Manganese Riviera Saltillo is a 2-tile pattern made up of our San Felipe (aka Arabesque) and Fleur de Lis shaped tiles.  The two shapes form an interlocking pattern that we refer to as Riviera.  While this comes in all 3 of our saltillo tile finishes, Shelley has picked this one in our Manganese finish. Manganese Saltillo finish is a really gorgeous blend of neutral tones including light and dark brown, cream, and some terracotta shades that bleed through to the surface.  In the process of creating Manganese saltillo tiles, we add an ingredient to the clay.  This results in a dynamic and versatile…

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