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rustic style stone fireplace

How to Create a Rustic Style Fireplace for Spanish Home Decor

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It’s glorious, right? Intricate, calculated, and grand. This rustic style fireplace creates an unexpected focal point in a beautifully designed Spanish style home. Not only does a rustic style fireplace add the function of warmth to its home, but it’s also a great way to punch up the style of choice. In this home, rustic and Spanish style flavor comes to life as a result of schemed forethought.   Allow me to unpack how the various trades of construction and design came together to create this masterpiece for intentional Spanish style home décor. Numbers don’t lie. It took 4 Men, 3 Weeks, 4 Tons of Stone, 4,500 Pieces of Stone, and 3 Tear Downs to get to the perfect finished piece. As with any construction project, it starts with the foundation. For a wall to hold the weight of four tons of stone, the concrete foundation of this Spanish style home…

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how to choose mexican tile grout color

How to Choose the Best Mexican Tile Grout Color

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If you’re like most DIY’ers, you’re growing weary of making any more decisions related to your construction project. You’ve spent months selecting paint colors, hardware, light fixtures, cabinet styles, and trim options. You’ve agonized over the type of tile, size of a tile, and shape of the tile. And now it’s time to select your Mexican tile grout color. The upside is that you’re in the homestretch of decision making for your project! To most people, grout color is a footnote. It’s just not something that considered to be significant. Does that little line of paste between your tiles matter to the overall look of your space? Let’s evaluate a few things about Mexican tile grout color and its maintenance. From a functional perspective, you need grout. Mexican tile grout is not just an “upsell” that you’re persuaded to buy. It serves a real purpose. Grout cements your tiles to…

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rustico mexican tile designs

5 Mexican Tile Designs We Love for 2018

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Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed a break from ordinary life during the holidays.  At Rustico Tile and Stone, we are fortunate to take a long holiday break from all things Mexican tile designs, and now we’re back at the grind… joyfully! I don’t know about you, but I can only take so much family-fun before realizing that my job is a nice reprieve from the holiday happenings and noise. And yea, I did my happy dance when my kids returned to school today. So here I find new energy for 2018.  After much consideration, I’d like to share with you the 5 Mexican tile designs that I picked to be our showcase for 2018. #1 – RTS2.1 Avallon Cement Tile. Because you LOVE our RTS18 Philadelphia Mexican tile designs so much, I created Avallon with the same bold colors found in Philadelphia.  And let me tell you, this…

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decorative floor tile

Secrets Unveiled! Timeless Home Decor Trends Begin with Decorative Floor Tile

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Ssshhh! I’m revealing secrets – but only to YOU. Ok, maybe these are not huge secrets, but if you’re reading this blog, there’s a solid chance that you may be in the middle of a home remodel or in planning stages for building a new home. Either way, the secret to creating timeless home décor starts with decorative floor tile. Settle in for a few secrets unveiled.   Concrete tile is the rave. I do not over exaggerate this point. People, designers, architects. Everyone is going crazy over this extremely durable and exquisite decorative floor tile option. Concrete tile dates back to the days of clay encaustic tile. If you’ve ever strolled through historic places in Europe, your feet have graced 200+-year-old decorative floor tile. Can you believe it’s still there as the foundation to these timeless looks?   Today, these tiles have been made more durable by swapping clay…

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how mexican saltillo tile is made

Mexican Saltillo Tile – Behind the Scenes – How it’s Made

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I am PUMPED about this Mexican Saltillo Tile blog post! If you’ve noticed from previous posts, I get a little nostalgic about our counterparts in Mexico. They make every piece of tile that globe-trots into the doors of our Texas warehouses. Sure, I’m fond of  what we produce in Mexico.  It’s splendid in homes and businesses. Mexican Saltillo tile is a great value and is remarkably durable as flooring. That’s all fine and dandy.  Yippee! But do you know what part of this business I REALLY love?  OUR PEOPLE!  Not only is the staff at our Texas headquarters A-MAZE-ING, but the 200+ people in Mexico who do their part day-in and day-out are at the heart of making sure you have stunning flooring.  Have you considered how many of your family memories are made atop the floors of your home? Well, we think about it and that’s also why we care that…

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