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We receive phone calls every week asking how to clean Saltillo tile floors.  This process is actually much more simple than most people expect.  Assuming your Mexican tile floor is sealed saltillo, you can confidently follow the advice provided below.  If you have unsealed terra cotta, you’ll need to be more cautious about what you use to clean the floor so as not to stain the raw clay.

First, vacuum the whole terracotta floor.  We use a vacuum with a brush so that it kicks up any small dust that could be settled in the grout lines.

Second, inspect your floor for hairline cracks, recent chips, or lime pops.  If you find these characteristics, it’s best to swipe on extra Saltillo floor sealer to prevent the clay from deteriorating.

Third, clean the floor with your tile cleaner of choice.  We recommend diluting most commercial cleaners in order to preserve the life of the saltillo tile sealer.  Our StoneClean 104 is a good deep cleaner that helps remove dirt, grease and other debris.  For a general weekly cleaning, you can also use a mixture of water and white vinegar.  Alternatively, you can use a floor steamer that requires no chemical.

That’s it! Voila… your terra cotta floor should be clean.  We do not recommend waxing these saltillo floor tiles  Applying a wax requires on going maintenance.  It’s much less work and less costly to seal your floor with a good quality sealer that will last 5-7 years.  It’s worth paying a little extra for quality sealer.  To inquire about our floor sealers, just give us a call or email [email protected]  In the meantime, enjoy your lovely Saltillo tile floor!

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