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Outdoor Patio Tile – 4 Things to Consider

Do you dream of backyard gatherings with friends or family but worry that your space isn’t conducive to hosting good times? Maybe it’s time to rethink, remodel, re-everything. This starts with your outdoor patio tile. Flooring sets a foundation for all other aspects of design. And there’s good news – the design possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor patio tile. But first things first… you must choose one that will hold up to your environment so you can transform your backyard into a personal oasis of comfort.

Below are 4 things to consider when selecting your outdoor patio tile.

cantera stone tile

1. Is it durable? Not all tiles are created equal. Most ceramic and slate tiles are too soft to be used for outdoor purposes. We like a stone – specifically Cantera Stone tile for outdoor flooring. Not only does Cantera stone come in a variety of colors, but it’s also durable enough to withstand harsh climates, hot and cold.

Cantera stone is mined from quarries in Mexico. While it’s often seen as columns, fountains, and fireplace surrounds, Cantera stone tile is an excellent choice for outdoor patio tile. This pool decking and the patio is covered with a 12×24-inch Cantera stone tile in the color of Recinto. It is paired with accents of Antique Saltillo Tile for added color and décor. The stools are even covered with this same stone which has been hand-carved to suit its application.

cantera stone columns

2. Is it suitable for your environment? Some outdoor patio tiles are more porous than others. Some do not stand up to freeze and thaw cycles. Some do not stand up to extreme heat. While you’re doing research for outdoor patio tile, keep your specific environment and weather patterns under consideration.

For example, when it rains, will your outdoor patio tile get slippery? There are a variety of options for creating a non-slip environment but many options, including Cantera stone tile, come with built-in solutions of being slip-resistant. If it’s too late and you already have a slippery outdoor tile, consider additive coatings like Shark Grip to provide a textured finish to your existing flooring.

Pro Tip:  If your outdoor patio tile is porous, apply a tile sealer across the surface for protection from stains, spills, and weather elements.

cantera stone outdoor tile

3. What is the best color for your space? Take a walk around your outdoor patio. Do it in the morning and in the evening paying attention to light and shadows. If you have a shaded space throughout the day and evening, consider installing a light colored outdoor patio tile. Pinon Cantera stone tile is a popular choice because it’s a light cream colored stone with beautiful speckles of color for added interest.

Maybe your outdoor living area gets full sun throughout the day and into the evening. You might consider a dark-colored outdoor patio tile to tone down the abundant natural light. Regardless of your color choice, find one that you love and that lends itself to creating a cozy, natural environment.

cantera coping

4. Can you coordinate other architectural elements into your space? As I mentioned previously, Cantera stone tile is excellent as outdoor patio tile because it’s so easy to coordinate with other architectural features. Do you need stone columns or a tiered fountain? Maybe a fire pit for roasting smores? Consider the possibilities of matching or contrasting these elements with your outdoor patio tile.

outdoor stone tile

I speak from the heart on this issue. As a family of 4, we enjoy entertaining with friends and family. We keep our gatherings outdoors as much as possible – enjoying the setting of everything nature has to offer. We sit around the fire pit. We watch kids splash in the pool. We bar-b-que and lounge with friends. All of this is made more comfortable by the efforts and investment we’ve put into creating our own backyard sanctuary… and that started with the selection of our outdoor patio tile. It was the catalyst for everything else adorning our backyard.

To consider Cantera stone tile for your space, contact us today. We ship worldwide. We want to help you Make Every Space Count.

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