Top 5 Mexican Tiles That Will  'Floor' You!

Are you shopping for Mexican tiles online?

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These are a collection of timeless trends over the past 20 years.  Each Mexican tile is 100% authentic, handmade artisan tile.

Here's the top 5 lineup.


Manganese Saltillo tile in the Riviera Pattern pairs beautifully with the Espanola Cement tile backsplash pattern.

Manganese Saltillo is a durable type of terracotta flooring in brown & rust shades of color. 

Mexican tile stairs are iconic for Spanish & Hacienda style homes. This one features Talavera tiles for the risers and Saltillo tile flooring in the Riviera pattern.


Stairs offer a playscape for expressing personality, as seen with these Cement tile risers & Hexagon Saltillo floor tiles.

Hexagon pattern floors are timeless, spanning generations. Contrast terracotta Hexagons with white walls for a modern vibe.


Consider an Octagon shape in Manganese Saltillo flooring. Geometric Cement tile patterns add flair.

Classic. Elegant. It's Spanish Mission Red Saltillo flooring with a hand-carved Cantera stone fireplace.


Spanish Mission Red tiles display rich terracotta shades with traces of light tones for a more consistently colored clay tile floor.

Antique Saltillo tile has a textured surface that adds a nonslip texture to outdoor patios. 


Our top 5 include a +1! Cantera stone tile in the Recinto color is accented with Antique Saltillo tiles in 6x12 inches.

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