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Artisan Spanish tile & stone hand-crafted for generations.
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The Mexican tile industry is booming. With so many people looking for quality tile, plenty of options are available. However, to ensure you’re getting the best product possible, you should consider working with a company like ours. Our team takes care of everything from start to finish, ensuring you have beautiful, handmade Mexican tiles that last decades.

P.S. We ship this stuff worldwide!

Our process is simple. Fill out our Get Pricing form with your project details. We will email an estimate to you to start the conversation or call you with questions about your project. Plus, we keep your information private – no sharing, ever!

Explore our handmade Mexican tile products, including Saltillo flooring, terracotta tiles, encaustic-style cement tile, Talavera tiles, and Cantera stone tile and architectural features.

No one beat’s our prices, quality, or customer service. Our Mexican tile company has two decades of experience and over 200K happy clients worldwide.

Why Are We the Mexican Tile Experts?

We’ve been in the biz for over 17 years and our craftsmen in Mexico have been creating handmade Mexican tiles for generations.

So, we’ve seen a lot of Mexican tile floors – good ones, and not-so-good ones. In addition, we’ve made mistakes, learned valuable lessons, rinsed, and repeated, repeated, repeated. We know Mexican tile by heart, and we can help you find affordable, low-maintenance Mexican tiles for just about any project you have in mind. 

Though we’re the leader in this industry, we’re also a small business.  That means you get hands-on attention and consultation from our experts. We’re happy to talk through your project to find a Spanish tile that looks great and fits your budget.

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Spanish tile & rustic decor

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What is Mexican Tile?

some people call it Spanish tile

Put simply, Mexican tile refers to various tile and stone products handmade in Mexico. Mexico is known for generations-old processes for exquisite, rustic artisan-curated products. Explore our best advice for Mexican tile projects.

No one knows more about Mexican tile than we do. Plus, we don’t waste our time on other product lines – Spanish tile is our jam!

With our headquarters based near Austin, Texas, we are the largest producer of authentic Saltillo clay tile in Mexico. With our deep roots in Mexican craftsmanship, we manufacture and distribute encaustic-style Cement tile, painted Talavera tiles, and Cantera Stone. Additionally, we ship worldwide from our south Texas warehouse.

If you are in the Austin, Texas, area, please schedule an appointment and come by to view our showroom and pick up samples.

Mexican tile serves as flooring & decor for homes and businesses worldwide. In fact, decorative Spanish tiles continue to command a strong presence in the design world today. These Spanish-style tiles are a go-to for design & trade professionals and DIY’ers. Notably great for both indoor and outdoor spaces, consider our several varieties of Mexican tile for your next construction project.

Whole-Home or Business Spanish Tile Projects

Working on an entire home? We love working on full-scope projects! Reach out to our friendly Mexican tile product specialists today to start the conversation. We work with you to find budget-friendly Mexican tile and stone choices that reflect your style and personality. Plus, we believe in making every space count!

Types of Mexican Tile

Here’s what makes us tick!

Saltillo Tile is a form of terracotta clay flooring. In fact, we offer 100% authentic handmade Saltillo tile flooring in 4 finishes: Traditional, Manganese, Spanish Mission Red, and Antique (textured) Saltillo. With dozens of shapes and sizes from which to choose, there is an option for any project space.

Cement Tile has been leading the way in the world of interior design in recent years. As a throwback to centuries-old Encaustic tile, Cement Spanish tiles have been strong for both commercial and residential spaces. Since it’s manufactured from concrete, Cement tile is an ideal Spanish tile choice for equally beautiful and durable flooring. Check out our in-stock and made-to-order customizable designs.

Talavera Tile is a hand-painted Spanish tile. For example, use these decorative tiles as flooring or wall accents, kitchen backsplashes, shower & bathroom walls, and more. Or choose from Solid Color tile options, Malibu-style Superior Talavera tiles, or Traditional Talavera tile patterns.

Cantera Stone tile is a traditional Mexican stone that is commonly used in indoor and outdoor locations. With over a dozen stone colors from which to choose, Cantera stone is extremely durable and long-lasting. Or get creative by pairing your Cantera tile with complimentary stone features, including Columns, Fountains, Fireplace Surrounds, and beautiful Cantera stone planters.

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