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What is Cement Tile vs Encaustic Tile?

Older traditional Encaustic tiles are made of clay. Cement tiles are encaustic-style tiles, made of high quality and durable Portland cement. The benefit is that the Cement tile colors do not wear away in time as did the old-style encaustic tiles. Also, Cement tile is commonly referred to as Concrete tile.

How is Cement tile made?

Cement tile is handmade using 3 layers of Portland cement mixtures, which are hydraulically pressed for reinforcement. Due to the handmade nature of the process of making Cement tile, it is considered to be a rustic tile with variations in color, pattern, size, texture, and shape.

How much does Cement tile cost?

The prices of cement tile vary drastically from one supplier to the next.  At Rustico Tile & Stone, our MeaLu Collection offers the best value per square foot because these are stock patterns.  Prices range from $3.00 – $5.50 per tile for our 8×8-inch designs.

We also custom make Cement tiles.  Check our Traditional Collection for concrete pattern tile choices.  The process is simple. You pick the pattern, select your colors, and we make it.  For example, an 8×8-inch Cement tile price ranges from  $3.50 – $8.00 based on the number of colors in a pattern.

Buying Tips for Cement Tile

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How much Cement tile should I order?

We talk a lot about overage in our office.  Overage is the extra tile that you need to order to allow for waste, cuts, and borders.  We recommend ordering at least 20% overage. Here’s why.

  • Cement tile is handmade with rustic characteristics. In a batch of tile, there may be some tiles that you just don’t like due to a color or texture variation.
  • These tiles have decorative patterns. That means that a tile installer will likely not be able to get more than 1 cut per tile during the installation process.  And, any tile with a decorative shape or pattern requires more cuts than a solid color square tile.
  • Waste.  There must be an allowance for waste with any tile project. There can be some waste during shipping.  But the majority of waste allowance is related to cutting tiles.
  • Finally, colors from one manufacturing lot will vary to colors in a different manufacturing lot. If you do not order enough tile to complete your project, it’s extremely likely that a new batch of tile will not match your original order. So, don’t run short to avoid this issue. Measure 1, 2, 3 times and add appropriate overage.

What is the minimum order requirement?

There is a 100 square foot minimum for tiles from the Traditional Collection.
There is a 33 square foot minimum for tiles from the MeaLu Collection.
Any order less than the minimum order requirement must be approved and it will incur a 35% manufacturing surcharge.

Can I order Cement tile samples?

Yes! In fact, we always encourage ordering samples prior to ordering your total project. See it, touch it, feel it to make certain you like the tile prior to ordering for your project. Samples are available for purchase. Samples ship via FedEx Ground or FedEx Expedited (upon request).


What is the lead time for an order?

The in-stock material will ship within 2-4 business days from receiving payment. The general lead time for out of stock material is approximately 4-6 weeks. Rush orders may be available upon request. Please check the current lead time before placing an order.

How is Cement tile packaged & shipped?

Cement tiles are packaged in full boxed quantities and are shipped via freight truck on a pallet or in a crate.

What is considered to be a residential and liftgate delivery?

A residential delivery includes a liftgate for unloading the pallet(s). Delivery is made by a national freight carrier and insurance is included less the overage recommendation. The full-sized freight truck (an 18-wheeler in most cases) will need to have access in and out of the desired delivery location. Inside delivery is not available. Delivery can only be made on a flat, paved surface. If there are delivery concerns, please contact us prior to the shipping date. Anticipated delivery issues are much easier and less costly to fix prior to material departing our warehouse. Any changes made to shipping after the material has left our warehouse will incur additional fees. Freight companies are requested to call ahead to set an appointment for residential deliveries. Deliveries are made Monday-Friday.

What is considered to be a commercial delivery?

A commercial delivery is considered to be delivered to any business location that has a loading dock or a forklift. If no loading dock or forklift is available, a liftgate can be ordered for unloading and will incur an additional fee. Freight companies will deliver Monday-Friday during normal operating hours without any call-ahead notice. Farm/Ranch/Hotel/Resort locations incur additional fees.


Custom Cement Tiles

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Can I Design My Own Concrete Tile?

YES! Traditional Collection cement tiles are fully customizable by using any color selection within the color palette. The tile is priced based on the number of colors in a selected design. Custom designs and colors are available with a 100 square foot minimum order requirement. Please call for a custom quote (512) 260-9111. To access our Design Studio in order to customize your tile, please contact us. This is a useful online tool that allows you to custom design a tile.

Durability & Installation

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How durable is Cement tile?

Of the Mexican tile products which we offer, Cement tile is one of the most durable. We only offer 100% authentic tiles. They’re made fully from concrete and portland cement. These are not painted, so the colors don’t wear off in the way that lesser quality replicas do.

Is Cement tile hard to maintain?

When these concrete tiles are installed and sealed properly, they are very low maintenance. Apply quality topcoat sealer to reduce any need to re-seal tiles for many years.

How do I clean my Cement tiles?

Clean regularly with a neutral detergent, vinegar & water mixture, steam mop, or StoneClean 104. Diluting any cleaner will preserve the life of the sealer. For trouble spots or stains, please contact us directly.

Will tile ordered “after-the-fact” match a previous order?

It is strongly advised that all of the tiles needed for a project be ordered at one time. Any shortages will be subject to lead times at that present time. Colors will not precisely match up to the original order.

Can Cement tiles be used outdoors?

Yes. Cement tile can be used in outdoor settings but speak with your installer about proper installation in your climate. It is strongly recommended to seal the tiles once properly installed. A high-quality sealer will add UV benefit protection.

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