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Saltillo Tile Bathroom & Bedroom Floors

Cozy up with Saltillo tile in bathrooms and bedrooms

Make Your Bedroom and Bathroom a Romantic, Peaceful Getaway to Dreamland

Your bedroom and bathroom is a place just for you, where you should always feel comfortable. Design your own personal getaway to dreamland with Saltillo tile bathroom and bedroom floors at your feet.

Saltillo tile bathroom and bedroom floors provide the warm, cozy, romantic feeling you need for a deep and peaceful slumber all through the night. Pair a down comforter, curtains, and textured walls in various shades of white.

Add the warm tones of Saltillo tile bedroom floors for a serene, soothing feeling that will make you want to stay buried under the covers all day long.

Want to add splashes of color to your remodel with Saltillo tile in bathroom decor? Or give your friends a case of “design envy?” Spice decor up with the ambiance of an exotic Mediterranean vacation spot or the rustic feel of a southwestern-style home. 

spanish colonial home flooring
concrete tile bathroom floor

Deck out your space with sky blue walls, white bedding, yellow accent pillows, and Saltillo tile bathroom flooring in our Manganese color.

Or, spoil your guests by giving them an exotic, vacation-like stay in a romantic, “Old-World” style guest bedroom. Accent it with a wrought-iron chandelier, dark wooden furniture, and a large canopy bed on top of Antique Saltillo in the bedroom.

What do you love about your room’s style, and what would you like to change?

Contact us for help in making a selection of Saltillo tile bathroom flooring from our assortment of Mexican clay tile shapes and sizes. Our floor’ists are here to talk through interior bedroom design ideas and tile patterns.

We work with you to find an affordable solution that leaves you with the floor and the home, of your dreams.

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When you install Saltillo tile in bathroom or bedroom floors, you’re also adding great value to your home with handcrafted tile.  Whether your style is that of Hacienda, Mediterranean, Southwestern, or pure Rustic, custom floors set the foundation of your space. 

Saltillo Tile in Bathrooms and Bedrooms

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How durable is Saltillo tile in a bathroom setting?

Authentic, handmade Saltillo floors are known for their durability and ability to withstand high-traffic areas. In a bathroom setting, it can hold up well if properly installed, sealed, and maintained. However, it is important that regular cleaning and occasional resealing may be required to prevent moisture damage and staining.

Pro Tip: To reduce ongoing maintenance (and cost) of your floor, buy and install presealed tiles. Finish the tile installation with the application of high-quality topcoat sealer for Saltillo tile that lasts many years.  Ask our expert floor’ists what’s best for your project!

Can you install radiant heating under Saltillo tile in a bathroom?

Yes, it is possible to install radiant heating under Saltillo tile in a bathroom. However, it is important to consult with a professional installer to ensure that the heating system is compatible with the tile and that proper installation techniques are followed to avoid any damage or issues.

How does the cost of Saltillo tile compare to other types of bathroom or bedroom flooring options?

Saltillo floors are a cost-effective option for bathroom and bedroom flooring compared to other materials like ceramic or porcelain tiles. While prices will vary depending on factors like quality and installation, Saltillo tile generally offers a more affordable and unique option for adding character to your bathroom. 

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