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Saltillo Tile for Outdoor and Patio Floors

authentic Saltillo tile brings a luxurious ambiance to the outdoors

Create a Warm, Cozy Space that Calls You Outdoors to Relax

Saltillo tile loves the great outdoors – and you’ll love the unique style it brings to your outdoor living spaces. 

From patios to pool surrounds, Saltillo’s versatile and sturdy characteristics make it a winner wherever it’s used. And since every tile is handmade, no two living spaces will ever be exactly alike. 

Saltillo outdoor tile is extremely durable. It’s kid tested and approved as a bike riding surface. It puts up with foot (and paw!) traffic, and withstands dirt, mud and rain. Plus, Saltillo outdoor floors are easy to clean simply by sweeping or hosing off.

Saltillo outdoor tile is as sophisticated as it is strong. It’s the perfect surface for entertaining, whether you’re planning a fancy cocktail hour or a laid-back weekend barbeque. 

Need something non-slip for poolside fun? Antique Saltillo is made with a textured surface and the look of reclaimed terracotta tile. Classy and practical. You’re welcome.

Outdoor saltillo patio floor tiles
6x12 spanish mission red - outdoor saltillo tiles

Let’s talk design. Saltillo outdoor tile blends nature with home living. Its textured finish makes it the perfect choice for elegant flooring and safe outdoor fun. The lush neutral tones provide a striking contrast against the greenery around any patio, porch or courtyard. Create the ultimate “lived-in space” with our Traditional Terra Cotta flooring, and mix in colorful accents with Cement or Talavera tiles to create a luxurious space where you can truly relax.

For a bolder look, install hand-carved Cantera stone columns. Choose a Gothic, Mediterranean, or Tuscan style that complements your Saltillo tile flooring.

Learn more in our article about Why Saltillo Tile is Perfect for Outdoor Spaces and Patio Floors.

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