Saltillo tile is known to be a high-quality, long-lasting, and low-cost flooring choice. Compare to many types of stone products, porcelain and ceramic tiles, Saltillo clay is a cost-leader.  Prices vary throughout areas of the country due to shipping costs.  And prices also vary from the color finishes and patterns.  Overall, a 12″ dimension tile boasts the best value per square foot with many sizes close in price range. So how much does Saltillo tile cost? Generally, expect a Traditional Saltillo tile to cost from $2.50-$6 per square foot for full pallet (400 SF) quantities. Manganese and Antique Saltillo colors are more expensive than Traditional Saltillo.

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What is the difference between Super and Regular Saltillo tile?

Super Saltillo has rounded corners and edges and a smoother surface with some irregularities. Regular Saltillo has sharp corners and edges with more variation in size, irregularities on the surface, and may have chips along the edges. “Super” does not mean “better”.  Both styles are considered rustic and our prices are exactly the same for Super & Regular Saltillo.

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What is the difference between sealed and unsealed Saltillo tile?

Unsealed Saltillo tile is referred to as “Raw” or Terracotta tile.  It may contain efflorescence on the surface. Rustico’s sealed Saltillo tile comes with 5 coats of penetrating sealer applied to the clay. The tile is ready to install. Topcoat sealer is recommended after installation is complete.

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What is Terracotta Tile?

and is it Saltillo?

This is one of the most common questions that we receive.  Yes! Saltillo tile is Terracotta tile.  But not all Terracotta tile is Saltillo tile. Clear as muddy clay?

So what is Terracotta tile?  Terracotta tile simply refers to tile being made from clay (or from the earth).  Clay comes from a variety of places around the world.  But, Saltillo clay is special.  Saltillo clay tile is known to be of the most durable clay in the world.  So, you’re fine referring to it as Terracotta tile.  We do too!  When you’re shopping for Terracotta tile, always look for Saltillo Terracotta tile so you benefit from it’s properties of durability!

How is Saltillo Tile Made?

and what are its rustic characteristics

We love when our customers want to know about How Saltillo Tile is Made. 

Saltillo clay is dug from the earth in its raw form. In man-made pits in the ground, water is added to humidify the clay for the curing process. Once the clay has been cured, it is then shaped by hand into molds. As these Mexican tiles dry in the sun, an occasional coyote, chicken, or dog may pass by and leave their footprints on a few. This is a mark that you are getting authentic Saltillo tile. You can watch the entire process from start to finish in our video, featuring our partners in Mexico.

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How thick is Saltillo?

Saltillo tile thickness varies because the tiles are handmade. Typically, the 12” tiles measure approximately 5/8” thick and 8” tiles measure approximately ½” thick. Tiles larger than 12″ in size will have increased thickness. Average weight per tile for a 12″ Saltillo is 5.1-5.5 pounds. These are only averages – there will be variations to the metrics provided here. No two tiles are the same. To verify if our tile will work for your space, order samples.

Are there size and shape variations?

No two tiles are the same in size, shape, thickness, or color. Tiles are manufactured from an actual size mold (i.e. 12×12 tiles are made from a 12×12 inch mold). As these tiles are dried in the sun and fired in the kiln, water evaporates and the tiles shrink down from their original mold size. This is normal.

For example, a 12×12 inch size mold generally produces finished tiles that measure 11.25-11.75 inches. Once these are installed and grout lines are added, the installed space measures approximately 12×12 inches. Smaller tiles have fewer size variations and larger tiles have more variations.

The same variations occur in tile shapes. Authentic handmade Saltillo tiles do not lay flat. As the water is evaporated in the firing process, the tiles will bow in shape. Smaller tiles will have less bowing than larger tiles. To accommodate for the pillowed tile, an installer can simply “butter the back” of the concave shave to fill space with proper thinset and avoid having a hollow spot under the tile. This is standard practice.

What is a lime pop/efflorescence?

Saltillo may be subject to efflorescence and occasional lime pops. Efflorescence can be cleaned off of unsealed tiles with V-Scrub. Lime Pops are part of Saltillo riverbed clay. While these powdery deposits in the clay may never expose themselves, they can eventually pop leaving a small pit in the tile. To fix, simply apply a coat of sealer over the chipped area. This adds to the rustic charm of authentic Saltillo tile.

What Color is Saltillo Tile?

Traditional, Manganese, & Antique

What colors are in Saltillo tile?

Saltillo tile is offered in 4 Saltillo Tile Colors: (1) Traditional (terra cotta shades) (2)Manganese (browns/Terra Cotta) and (3) Antique (Old-world style) and (4) Spanish Mission Red (terracotta colors). Each Saltillo tile has the characteristic of an imperfect tile. The color finishes will have color variations that are completely normal and to be expected in natural clay tiles.

Once installed, the floor acquires the unique blend of colors that achieve its authentic, rustic look. It is impossible for us to send specific shades of tile. No two tiles will be the same. To obtain more consistency in color, it is advised to over-order and cull through shades of colors on the job site.

Additionally, colors will vary (sometimes drastically, sometimes minimally) from one manufacturing lot to the next.  We do not guarantee color matching because there are kiln-firing elements and weather elements that dramatically affect the finished color of the tile. It is advised to order enough tile for your project at one time.

Watch these videos to see more examples!

Traditional Saltillo Tile Colors

terracotta shades of color

Manganese Saltillo Tile Colors

neutral & brown tones with terracotta colors

Antique Saltillo Tile Colors

reclaimed terracotta tile with a textured surface

Spanish Mission Red Saltillo Tile Colors

majority of terracotta colors

The Hands of Architecture

this is why it's rustic

How is Saltillo Tile Shipped?

and overage and ordering recommendations

How is Saltillo tile packaged and shipped?

Saltillo tile is packaged in 48x48x48 inch wooden crates. The tile is not boxed. It is stacked standing vertically row by row to fill the crate. Crates can be moved with forklifts and pallet jacks. It is not advised to stack the crates. Approximately 400 square feet can be shipped per crate for most shapes and sizes of Saltillo tile. There is a $13.50-$15 fee per pallet.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

There is a 200 square foot minimum for all orders.  At 200 sf, a pallet is heavy enough to travel safely in shipping.  We do not offer orders at less than 200 sf due to shipping complications.  (If you need a smaller amount of tile, consider tiling another area or offloading the excess locally through Facebook Marketplace, Social Neighborhood Groups, or Craigslist.)

What is considered a Residential/liftgate delivery?

A residential delivery includes a liftgate for unloading the pallet(s). Delivery is made by a national freight carrier and insurance is included. The full-sized freight truck (an 18-wheeler in most cases) will need to have access in and out of the desired delivery location. Inside delivery is not available. Delivery can only be made on a flat, paved surface. If there are delivery concerns, please contact us prior to the shipping date. Anticipated delivery issues are much easier and less costly to fix prior to material departing our warehouse. Any changes made to shipping after the material has left our warehouse will incur additional fees. Freight companies are requested to call ahead to set an appointment for a residential delivery. Deliveries are made Monday-Friday.

What is considered a Commercial delivery?

A commercial delivery is considered to be delivered to any business location that has a loading dock or a forklift. If no loading dock or forklift is available, a liftgate can be ordered for unloading and will incur an additional fee. Freight companies will delivery Monday-Friday during normal operating hours without any call-ahead notice. Farm/Restaurant/Ranch/Hotel/Restaurant/Resort locations may incur additional fees.

How much are Saltillo Tile samples?

A samples box is a flat fee of $30 or $35 and includes 2 or 3 tiles showing color variations. The samples will ship via FedEx ground unless expedited shipping is requested. The samples box cost is credited to orders over 500 square feet.


What are Saltillo Tile Sizes & Patterns?

and other ordering recommendations

Check our beautiful Saltillo Tile Patterns. Some options include Square, Hexagon, Octagon, Riviera, and more!

Do you need help deciding what Saltillo tile pattern is best for your project? We’re here to help! Give us a call, send us your floor plans, or email some ideas.  We’ll help you find the perfect Saltillo tile pattern to fit your project space and budget.

What is overage and how much do I need?

For most projects, we recommend 15-20% overage to allow for waste, cuts, and borders. Decorative patterns require more overage for cuts than square patterns. Additional overage is recommended for large format tiles (16” and larger) because there is more waste in shipping and cuts during installation.  Any orders that run short of tile will be required to order a minimum of 200 square feet.  Please be certain to order enough tile initially.

Pro Tip: Many of our clients order excess overage (20-30%) for color selection. Yes, this results in ordering more tile than you’ll install, but it allows you to sort through colors that you like best for your project.

Pro Tip: Colors of handmade Saltillo tile will vary (sometimes drastically, sometimes minimally) from one manufacturing lot to the next.  We do not guarantee color matching because there are kiln-firing elements and weather elements that dramatically affect the finished color of the tile. It is advised to order enough tile for your project at one time.

Can I install Saltillo tile outdoors?

Saltillo tile can be installed in outdoor areas. This is a beautiful terracotta tile flooring choice on patios, around pools and outdoors in the sunlight. For climates with freezing weather, proper precautions must be taken to waterproof the flooring area (water barrier underlayment and topcoat sealer). The surface of the floor must be sealed properly and inspected prior to every winter.  We recommend application of a waterproofing membrane for any outdoor installation on a concrete slab regardless of the climate.

How do I Install Saltillo Tile?

installing terracotta tile tips

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