Cantera stone is also known as hand-carved stone. At Rustico, we create custom Cantera columns, stone fireplaces, stone fountains, balustrade systems, kitchen range hoods, pool coping tile, surrounds, Cantera tile, and more. Cantera carved stone adds luxury to any design indoor or outdoor.
Wherever you are, whatever your needs, we can help you find the perfect cement tile for your project and ship it anywhere.

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Because Cantera stone is such an easy material to artfully craft, the decor and building options are endless. Buildings, statues, and Cantera tile floors have stood the test of time in over 17 colors of stone.


Cantera Stone Columns

Building a Tuscan style home? Renovating that Hacienda? Check out Cantera Stone Columns in a variety of shapes and styles to fit the style of your home. Customized in the stone color of your choice.


Cantera Fireplaces & Hoods

Create a dramatic focal point in a kitchen or living room with a glamorous stone fireplace or range hood. Check out different styles and colors to warm up the ambiance of your home.


Cantera Tile & Coping

There’s no better place to use Cantera stone than around a swimming pool. Cantera tile makes ideal pool decking and creates a slip-resistant surface. Contrast light and dark stone colors for added eye appeal.


Cantera Fountains

There is a style of fountain for any home – and we make all of them. From single-tier wall fountains to multi-tier stand-alone fountains, get a water feature that’s perfect for your space.


Cantera Stone Features

Cantera stone has been a preferred building material for centuries because of its beauty and ability to be carved into architectural features. Window sills, balustrade systems, niches – creativity is not lost on Cantera stone.


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How is Cantera Stone Made?

Mexican Cantera stone and tile roots date back thousands of years. This soft yet durable material is a strong and malleable natural stone. It is formed by volcanic dust and ash that has been washed into silt beds. Rustico’s Cantera stone has been combined with lava and local Mexican stone and compressed for millions of years.  Learn more with our Cantera Stone FAQs.

Because it is both beautiful and functional, Cantera quarried stone has many architectural and decorative uses. Outdoors, it can be carved into stately columns, figurines,  and fountains. It is also frequently installed as a unique pool surround or pool coping. Indoors, Cantera is an elegant option for fireplaces, kitchen range hoods, and more. It looks stunning when carved as a door or window surround. Thanks to Rustico’s skilled hand-carvers, the sky is the limit when it comes to adding Cantera to your home.

Cantera is also prized in its tile form. Its versatility makes it a great choice for a variety of areas, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

One reason Cantera stone is so popular is that of its porous and lightweight nature. This makes it easy to work with and easy to ship. Cantera has long been recognized as a top building material. It is naturally beautiful and can be carved into columns, fireplaces, and other features.

With this natural stone, there exists unique color varieties and many texture options. Each piece of Cantera stone is a carved work of art, and no two pieces are identical. Cantera stone tile is known for its non-slip finish. These and other features mean it is ideal for use outdoors in most climates.

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