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Cantera Stone: What is it?

Architectural stone with beauty & function

Cantera is a natural stone similar to cast stone and cast limestone. It is exclusively found in and imported from numerous Mexico and Central America regions. It is a soft and highly durable material that can be hand-carved into literally anything one can imagine. It is porous and lightweight, which means it is easy to manipulate and maneuver, making it easy to ship anywhere in the world.

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It is formed naturally by a blend of volcanic ash and dust. The ash is washed into a bed of mineral silt and mixed with the lava, dirt, and rocks on the ground. This combination is what gives Cantera its light and absorbent properties. It can come in various unique and natural colors and tones.  It also has a few varying texture options. It can be available in a smooth texture or engraved texture for a non-slip surface.

Cantera stone is becoming a popular architectural stone in custom homes because it conveys a natural and timeless beauty that dates back thousands of years. Several buildings, including malls, hotels, office spaces, and statues and monuments, have been erected using this beautiful stone. It has stood for centuries in Latin America’s many cathedrals, haciendas, and other buildings.

Some of the most common ways that Cantera is utilized indoors include stone fireplaces and mantels, Cantera columns of several kinds, including roman and Corinthian, door surrounds, and kitchen stone range hoods.

This pliable stone can be utilized outdoors as well. It absorbs air and humidity without causing expansion, making it perfect for outdoor or wet spaces. For example, Cantera is highly used for custom fountains, pool deck tiles, balustrades, pool coping, and plant pottery.

However, one does not have to limit oneself to these few things.  If you are looking to add a distinctive, luxurious feel to your home or office, Cantera is a reliable choice.

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