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Buying Sealed vs. Unsealed Saltillo Tile – 2020 Updates

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Sealed vs. Unsealed Saltillo Tilewhich one is right for your project? In this post, I'll address the pros and cons of sealed vs. unsealed Saltillo tile. We'll explore these topics: Up front vs. hidden costs Installation issues Customizing Saltillo tile Let's dive in. Unsealed vs Sealed Saltillo Tileup front & hidden costs Here's a little backstory. At Rustico Tile and Stone, we used to actively promote unsealed Saltillo tile. Why? We wanted to maintain a strategic competitive edge in pricing for this handmade Mexican tile. Unsealed Saltillo tile is (a bit) less expensive than Sealed Saltillo tile. So we wanted our lowest price ‘out there.' And, we sold a lot of it. A whole lot. Then the headaches, complaints, and maintenance issues flooded our phone lines and emails. Our customers had terrible experiences trying to deal with unsealed tile. We spent more time trying to fix our customers flooring issues...
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Mexican Tile Projects in Rustic Style Decor – Best of 2019

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Mexican Tile Projects in Rustic Home Decor(A few of the) Best of 2019 Client Jardino Restaurant Location New York City Materials Philadelphia Cement Tile Thinset Penetrating Sealer TerraNano Topcoat Sealer Project Details 520 square feet 18 bags of thinset 2 quarts of sealer "We get so many compliments on your enchanting eye-catching tile in our restaurant, Jardino. Thank you!" This NYC restaurant features RTS18 Philadelphia Cement tile from our stock designs in the MeaLu Collection. If you're in NYC, feast at Jardino Italian Garden Cafe! Client Seger Ranch Location Texas Materials Sealed Manganese Saltillo Tile in the Riviera & San Felipe patterns, 12x12, 4x8, Bullnose, & Stair Coping Thinset Project Details 1550 Square Feet Talavera Accents Thinset "We are so happy with our tile.  I walk by it a hundred times per day & finally feel that the floors match this house!" This Texas customer purchased multiple times from us...
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Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas & Decorating Tips

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Spanish style bathroom ideas are easy to bring to life in Mediterranean and Hacienda style homes. Are you looking for some simple-to-follow ideas for your new home or remodel? Designing a Spanish style bathroom is easier than you think with a few basic concepts! Gone are the days when bathrooms function solely as showers, baths, and … well, you know. So, the porcelain palace is a place where you can ‘play’ with design details. I often tell our customers to be bold, get creative, and create a luxury bathroom experience for their families and guests! Check out these Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas! Floor to Ceiling. Tile is a common element in Spanish décor. It gives bathrooms an added punch of traditional charm. Additionally, bathroom and shower walls are fabulous areas to create a stylish atmosphere by approaching the design artistically.  Choose something decorative like hand-painted Talavera tile for floor accents...
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Reasons to Fall in Love with Hexagon Tile Patterns

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Whether you’re restoring the 19th century, long-ago forgotten home or building a sleek and modern style home, hexagon tiles patterns are a natural choice for flooring or walls. This classic honeycomb pattern continues to adorn homes since the 19th century. And because of the rising trend for hexagon tile patterns, we expect to see it around for another couple of centuries. 8x8 Hexagon Saltillo Tile Backsplash Why has this tile pattern survived the test of time? First, hexagon tile patterns present clean lines. Commonly used in bathrooms or as hexagon tile backsplashes, the 6-sided tile offers a classic look. Embellish your home decor by installing these tiles as focal points such as flooring in vintage-style bathrooms. Or, the hex tile also serves well in transitional spaces that call for a contemporary style. Next, we love hexagon tile patterns because they are easy to install. Gone are the days of plain...
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Joanna Gaines Octagon Saltillo Tile Flooring – Hot Sauce House

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What's the deal with the Joanna Gaines Saltillo Tile & Hot Sauce House? Our phones & emails are overloaded with inquiries about Octagon Saltillo Tile. So, after doing about 4 seconds of googling, I discovered Episode 14 of Fixer Upper - The Hot Sauce House. Joanna Gaines' selection of Saltillo Tile for the Hot Sauce House This is the beautiful Octagon Saltillo tile that Joanna Gaines selected for the homeowners Laundry & Mudroom. This look is achieved through the artistic approach of staining unsealed Saltillo tile. But, also achieve this through the more straightforward method of installing presealed Manganese Saltillo tile. The Breakdown Do you see the muddled layers of colors and weathered appearance in the Joanna Gaines Saltillo tile floor? While I don't have her project notes, being the industry leader in handmade Saltillo tile gives me some insight. Octagon Saltillo Tile Pattern Custom Stained Warm Colors This photo illustrates...
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