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Unsealed Saltillo Tile Dilemma

By | Cleaners, Installation Products | 2 Comments

We say it several times a day – buy presealed instead of unsealed Saltillo tile to save money and avoid headaches.  If you want to stain saltillo tile a different color, buy unsealed tile.  If you have an old saltillo floor that needs some matching tiles, buy unsealed saltillo tile.  Otherwise… just buy presealed tile. Let me tell you about a phone call we received yesterday about unsealed saltillo tile. A customer purchased 200 square feet of unsealed 8×8 saltillo tile last fall.  She’s remodeling her kitchen in the northeastern part of the U.S.  Her installer soaked the unsealed tiles in water prior to installing the tile — which was the advised method 20 years ago before presealed saltillo tile was on the scene.  Not advised anymore! Fast forward a couple of weeks.  It’s time to grout the saltillo floor.  White haze has appeared on the surface of these saltillo tiles.  They’ve…

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