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spanish style home with mexican tiles

Mexican Tiles Outdoors: The Latest Trends and What to Know

Considering Mexican tiles outdoors? Choosing the right materials is crucial to create a stunning and long-lasting space when revamping outdoor areas. If you’re seeking a captivating and durable outdoor flooring or decor option that reflects your personal style, look no further than Mexican tile.

how to seal saltillo tile

How to Seal Saltillo Tile (Updated) | Mexican Tile Cleaning & Maintenance

Looking for instructions about how to seal Saltillo tile? Follow these guidelines for an easy approach. Two processes are covered here.

How to apply a topcoat sealer to presealed Saltillo tile floors.

How to seal unsealed Saltillo tile floors.

Our processes are based on a DIY method of using paint rollers and paint pads. Saltillo tile can be sealed through a spray method, which is not discussed here.

how to strip mexican saltillo tile

How to Strip Saltillo Tile (Visual Guide) | Mexican Tile Restoration

Here’s the thing.  I’ll tell you how to strip Saltillo tile in this blog. But to be clear, I stand by our long-time advice…

Do not strip Saltillo tile if it’s avoidable.

Nonetheless, here is our experience.

In this post, I’ll take you through the process of how to strip Saltillo tile on an outdoor patio.

how to clean saltillo tile

How to Clean Saltillo Tile Flooring (Updated Visual Guide)

Brace yourself. The topic of how to clean Saltillo tile is not as hard as some people think. In fact, I’ll give you three easy steps to follow.

So, before dumping a lot of money into professional cleaning services, let me help. Try these three easy steps to spruce up your floor.

Let’s jump right in.

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