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Outdoor Terracotta Tile and Brick Pavers

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Outdoor Terracotta Tile Ideas

Outdoor terracotta tile is a fantastic choice for adding both style and durability to your outdoor spaces. With its natural beauty and warm earthy tones, these outdoor clay tiles enhance the outdoor decor of any area. 

As a bonus, outdoor terracotta flooring made from Saltillo clay, including red clay,  is also highly durable! When properly installed, they are able to withstand most weather elements and heavy foot traffic without losing their charm. Whether you’re looking to create a patio, walkway, or even pool deck, terracotta tile offers a wide range of uses for your outdoor living spaces.

Customize the look of your project with the variety of color options available in our Saltillo terracotta colors, including Traditional, Manganese, Spanish Mission Red, Antique, and Antique Mission Red. We have unsealed terracotta options, too. Each outdoor terracotta tile color is available in every pattern, shape, and size that we offer. Tiles prices range from $2.75 – $10.00 per square foot. Contact us to get a Price Estimate for your project today!

For those concerned about safety, nonslip tile options are also available in our Antique (textured clay tile) finishes to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Outdoor saltillo patio floor tiles
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Terracotta Brick Pavers Ideas

Outdoor brick pavers, or terracotta or clay pavers, are an ideal choice for adding rustic charm to spaces like winding walkways, patios, garden walls, and poolside pathways. They’re affordable and easy to maintain! Contact Us to talk about your project’s needs today!

Customize your outdoor living space by exploring our brick paver colors, shapes, and sizes.  Like the outdoor terracotta tiles, our Mexican pavers are made from terracotta clay in Saltillo, Mexico. Colors of pavers include orange and copper shades, brown pavers, and brick red pavers.  Clay paver shapes include multiple sizes of rectangles (2×6, 5×10, 6×13), squares, and decorative options.

While we don’t recommend terracotta pavers for vehicle traffic (driveways), our outdoor  Cantera stone pavers offer function solutions for driveway pavers.

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Tell us about the style of your project space, and let us help you design the perfect look with all the right touches. Choose from a variety of Terracotta shapes & sizes in beautiful Saltillo Terracotta colors & finishes. Plus, consult our expert floor’ists any time for style and advice.

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terracotta tile and brick pavers

Can outdoor terracotta tiles and brick pavers be used in cold climates?

Natural terracotta tiles and brick pavers can be used in cold climates, but they must be installed properly to protect against the risk of cracking or chipping due to freezing and thawing cycles. This means that proper measures must be taken to create a frost-resistant substrate and grout to minimize the risk of cracking.

Contact us to talk through more details about your specific project space. 

How long does terracotta tile flooring and brick pavers last outdoors?

When terracotta pavers and tiles are installed outdoors with proper installation materials, techniques, and maintenance, they can last for decades, often over 50 years. Some factors that affect the longevity of these clay pavers and tiles include exposure to extreme weather conditions, foot traffic, and quality of installation and maintenance.

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