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Did you know that we ship Saltillo tile worldwide? This Mexican tile is the “perfectly imperfect tile,” handcrafted from clay that only exists in the Mexican city of Saltillo, Coahuila. Saltillo tile owes its beauty to characteristics like the occasional dog print, chips, bumps, lime pops, and variations in color and thickness. That’s why no two tiles are identical.

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Saltillo Tile is the “perfectly imperfect tile,” handcrafted from clay that only exists in the Mexican city of Saltillo, Coahuila. This Mexican tile flooring owes its beauty to characteristics like the occasional dog print, chips, bumps, lime pops, and variations in color and thickness. No two tiles are identical.

How is Saltillo Tile made? Saltillo clay is dug from the earth in its raw form. In man-made pits in the ground, water is added to humidify the clay for the curing process. Once the clay has been cured, it is then shaped by hand into molds. As these Mexican tiles dry in the sun, an occasional coyote, chicken, or dog may pass by and leave their footprints on a few. This is a mark that you are getting authentic Saltillo tile. You can watch the entire process from start to finish in our video, featuring our partners in Mexico.

Watch this video to see how Saltillo Tile is Made

Our Traditional Saltillo tile is a go-to choice for the most authentic look of Mexican tile floors.  With colors ranging from terracotta, cream, and golden tones, this color is an iconic choice for Spanish-style homes, haciendas, beach homes, Southwestern style, and more.

Manganese Saltillo tile is manufactured in the same process and of the same clay as normal Saltillo tile. When the clay is in its wet form, Manganese is added to the clay, and this changes the tile into a beautiful brown tile that has varying shades. Because the process is more involved, it is slightly more expensive than normal Saltillo Mexican tile. Color/texture varies in Manganese tile, just as it does in traditional Saltillo tile. With Manganese tile, the clay will also have swirling dark marks of manganese powder that are mixed into the clay, and colors of terra cotta will bleed through. These tile pavers will also have chips, cracks, and bumps. These are not defects; they are part of the rustic characteristics of this Mexican paver that people have enjoyed for centuries. No two Mexican tiles are the same. Each is unique and different.

Antique Saltillo is a hybrid of Traditional and Manganese finishes. Antique Saltillo tile has texture on the surface and is rubbed/sealed with manganese dioxide to give it an old-world look. Terra cotta shades are also prominent, and every tile is different.  While Antique Saltillo can be installed indoors or outdoors, we love the added benefit of texture creating a natural non-slip surface for outdoor pool decks and patios. (Note: Your installer can leave grout on the surface of the tile to produce darker colors reminiscent of reclaimed terra cotta tiles.

Spanish Mission Red Saltillo tile is a popular choice for floors dominant in the terracotta shades with only traces of golden and yellow tones. Color variation still exists within the terracotta shades but the overall look is a more consistently colored floor.  To produce our Spanish Mission Red tiles, we implement a custom burning process during kiln firing, because it’s the heat that impacts the finished color.

Pro Tip: Saltillo tile colors will vary (sometimes drastically, sometimes minimally) from one manufacturing lot to the next.  We do not guarantee color matching because there are kiln-firing elements and weather elements that dramatically affect the finished color of the tile. It is advised to order enough tiles for your project at one time.