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Who is Rustico Tile and Stone

Rustico is one of the leading manufacturers and vendors of Saltillo tile in the nation. Our full line of Mexican tile and stone products can bring beauty to any room in your house, and we provide the lowest pricing and global shipping on all orders. Whatever your project, wherever you are, we can help you make every space beautiful.

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Saltillo Tile Produced By Rustico Tile

Posted on August 12, 2016 by Melanie

riviera manganese saltillo tile

When you buy saltillo tile produced by Rustico Tile and Stone, we promise a few things. Ours is the best quality and has best value. And you’ll get the best service from us.  We know that not every person is a customer for our business.  But if you’re in the market to buy saltillo tile, you … Continue reading Saltillo Tile Produced By Rustico Tile

Cantera Stone Columns – Right for You?

Posted on August 10, 2016 by Melanie

tobacco brown cantera stone columns

Did you know that Cantera stone columns are a prevalent feature in those luxurious homes you’ve been perusing on home improvement shows and Houzz? Pay attention to the meticulous detail of architectural design in high-end homes. Do you see the stonework now?  Go back…look again.  I’ll wait.   I’m still waiting. Glad you’re back!  You saw some … Continue reading Cantera Stone Columns – Right for You?

Types of Mexican Tile for Sale

Posted on July 28, 2016 by Melanie

bedroom mexican saltillo tile

It’s true. There is an abundance of Mexican tile for sale around the world today. But what is Mexican tile by definition? Let me tell you a story.  One day, I received a call from someone named Mary. Mary was smack-dab in the middle of building a Spanish Colonial style home. She called us looking … Continue reading Types of Mexican Tile for Sale