Are you curious about how to best use Mexican tile in your Spanish style home? Here’s what I know… I don’t have all of the brilliant ideas, but our customers do! Check out some of their photos below for inspiration for your next project. You’ll find creative applications for Saltillo tile flooring, decorative Talavera tiles, Cantera stone tile & features, and colorful Concrete tiles. Consequently, (and in my opinion), you cannot have a classic Spanish style home without some combination of these Mexican tiles.

Spicy Spanish Kitchen

Mexican Tile. Handcrafted. Spanish Style Home.

mexican tile in spanish style home
6×12 Sealed Super Saltillo Tile

Use a rectangular tile to create transition.

12×12 Sealed Super Saltillo Tile

Square Mexican tiles offer versatile design with 4×4 accent copper tiles.

4×8 Sealed Regular Manganese Saltillo

Layer the colors of your Spanish Style Home with backsplash tile.

Cantera Stone Tile

A Cantera Stone hood makes a modern-rustic statement.

Give me an apron & some serranos! I’d love to whip up a delicious pico de gallo appetizer in this kitchen. As a matter of fact, this is one of my favorite kitchen projects that our crew has completed over the years. With attention to every nook and cranny, the Mexican tile in this Spanish style home adds flavor throughout.

Saltillo floor tile is the foundation of this space with 12×12-inch squares in our Sealed Traditional finish. Adjacent to this Spanish style kitchen is a large living room with 16×16-inch square Saltillo tiles. Next, check out how 6×12 rectangular tiles create a visual transition between the two rooms. In fact, a 6×12 (or any rectangular tile) is my go-to choice when a clear shift is needed. Also, it’s a superb option for a perimeter border around any room.

Together, the 4×4 Copper accent floor tiles and 4×8 Manganese Saltillo backsplash tiles bring warmth to the area.  Then add some Cantera stone tiles on the range hood facing for the completed look. As shown above, this is just one example of combining varieties of Mexican tile in a Spanish style home. Check out more ways to use Saltillo tile in Spanish Style Kitchens!

Timeless Elegance

Mexican Tile. Decorative Patterns. Spanish Colonial Style.

spanish tiles for spanish colonial style home
Riviera Pattern Saltillo Tile Flooring

This Antique Saltillo finish tells the story of old-world charm.

Talavera Tiles

Painted Mexican tiles embellish any backsplash.

Talavera Tile

Showers are not off-limits for painted Mexican tiles!

Copper Bathtub

Relax in the Spanish style bathroom with a soak in a copper tub.

How much do I love this collection of Mexican tiles? A TON! Being that I’m a bubble-bath aficionado, I easily imagine Spanish instrumental music playing softly, while ocean scented candles add aromatic ambiance. But this post is about Mexican tile in a Spanish style home. Forgive me for a moment of pithy respite.

Featured as the flooring is our Riviera Pattern in the Antique Saltillo tile finish.  Because Antique Saltillo has a hand-textured surface, it’s perfect for spaces that need non-slip functionality. Plus, the old-world look exudes the charm of Spanish Colonial style decor.

Moreover, painted Talavera tiles are a critical ingredient for Spanish style homes. For example, cobalt blue Talavera tiles in this shower compliment the green decorative tiles dressing up the backsplash as a wall tile.

Obviously, the romantic style Copper bathtub serves as the focal of the entire bathroom. On the whole, the Mexican tile in this Spanish style home gives insight to the fine taste of its homeowner. Read about more Spanish Style Bathroom & Decorating Ideas!

Modern Rustic Spaces

Contemporary Shapes. Traditional Materials. Embellished Style.

spanish style wine cellar
Concrete Tile

Estrella Pattern (RTS9.1 in the MeaLu Collection) as flooring.

Manganese Saltillo Tile

2×8 rectangluar tiles adorn the ceiling.

It’s wine time… somewhere! A luxurious home isn’t complete without its very own wine cellar. (We can all dream, right?) This small room offers lovely ideas for Mexican tile in a Spanish style home.

Once again, let’s start with the flooring. Bold lines and colors contrast modern style flooring with rustic, handcrafted decor. The cement tile pattern is the Estrella design from our MeaLu Collection. (Also, did you know that any of our cement tile designs can be customized in colors of your choice?)

Finally, 2×8-inch Manganese Saltillo tile finishes the look for the vaulted ceiling in this Spanish style wine cellar. Learn more about using Spanish Tile in Rustic Style spaces.

More Ideas for Mexican Tile in a Spanish Style Home

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