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Spanish Tile Trends for 2023

Are you planning to remodel your home or give it a fresh look this year? Then you need to hear about the latest trends for Spanish tiles.

These tiles’ vibrant colors and intricate designs are prized for their versatility and beauty. In this article, we’ll explore some of 2023’s top Spanish tile trends – and show you how you can incorporate them into your next design project.

brown terracotta floor tile
San Felipe Pattern in Manganese Saltillo

Saltillo Terracotta, Talavera, and Cement tiles each bring their own unique character to a space. They look superb when combined and equally striking on their own. This year, we’ve seen Spanish tiles celebrating the beauty of their classical patterns with some modern twists.

Saltillo Patterns

Saltillo Terracotta tiles are a designer’s dream. They’re eye-catching, durable, and endlessly customizable. Two-tile patterns are in this year, and we’re here for it. Top options include:

  • Picket
  • Octagon
  • Riviera

Dining rooms, bedrooms, Spanish style kitchens – these patterns make a bold and inviting statement in any home space, especially as floor tiling.

Cement Tile Patterns

Hand-made Cement tiles offer timeless elegance in detailed designs. This year, patterns are shifting away from modern geometric shapes and trending back to the famous classics:

  • Philadelphia
  • Roseton
  • Thames
  • Espanola

These Spanish-style trending patterns look incredible just about anywhere – on the wall, on the stairs, or on the floor.  

Talavera Tile Patterns

Our dynamic, hand-painted Mexican tiles come in traditional and superior (high-relief) varieties. We’re loving this year’s popular designs:

  • Daisy
  • Madrid
  • Rosario

If you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom reno, Talavera tiles are a great choice. They look superb as a mural, too.

Want to See It In Your Room?

Room Visualizer Tool

Spanish tiles aren’t shy about showing their colors. Their wide variety of tones offers something for any Spanish style home environment, from earthy reds and soft pinks to bold teal and green. Today, homeowners are embracing tones that add depth and vibrance to their spaces.

Saltillo Floor Tile Colors

saltillo tile colors

Our four iconic Mexican Saltillo colors are right on trend:

  • Traditional
  • Manganese
  • Spanish Mission Red
  • Antique

These tones add rustic character to living spaces, and the Antique finish also has an old-world texture for unique charm.

Cement Tile Colors

cement tile colors

Pull in some good vibrations with these irresistible Cement tile options:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Gold

Colors range from dark to light, so you can find the right shade for your space. Kitchens and bathrooms with cement tiles are especially popular. Whether you choose a solid tone or a pattern with multiple colors, Cement tiles channel a relaxing, inviting ambiance for the home.

Talavera Tiles Colors

talavera tile colors

Bring on the drama. Talavera tiles entice designers and homeowners with their vibrant hues:

  • Warm shades of red, orange, and brown
  • Golden yellow
  • Vibrant green and teal
  • Cobalt blue
  • Deep black
  • Soft white

Select a matte or gloss Talavera tile option to fit your specific décor style. These tiles are always ready to add the perfect embellishment to your home.

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Whether you want to add a bold statement to your home or simply accentuate existing décor, Spanish tiles offer a timeless and stylish solution. Mix and match tile types, patterns, sizes, sheen of topcoat sealer, and colors to create the design of your dreams.

Check out these 2023 Spanish tile design trends for some inspiration.

Spanish Style Kitchens

mexican tile kitchen ideas
12×12 Mexican Saltillo Tile

Create warmth and dimension in your Spanish style kitchen with Saltillo flooring.Cement or Talavera tile backsplashes add a pop of color and personality to your kitchen while also protecting your walls from spills and stains.

Spanish Style Bathrooms

spanish style bathroom tile
Manganese Riviera Pattern & Cement Tile

The water-resistant nature of Talavera and Cement tiles offers the perfect blend of practicality and beauty for both Spanish style bathroom floors and walls. Play with bright tile colors and striking patterns to turn your bathroom into a work of art. 

Spanish Style Bedrooms & Living Rooms

riviera pattern saltillo tile bedroom flooring
Spanish Mission Red

Saltillo tile flooring creates a cozy family living space. Use neutral Saltillo tile colors for your larger floor tiles, and incorporate brighter tones of red, yellow, or orange Saltillo tile to accent the pattern in Spanish style bedrooms. We’re happy to talk through Spanish tile flooring ideas with you!

Outdoor Spanish Decor Spaces

hacienda style home palm springs
Spanish tiles in outdoor spaces

Textured Antique Saltillo and Antique Spanish Mission Red Saltillo tiles are a top choice for outdoor Spanish décor spaces like patios, pool decks, and exposed stairs. They provide a colorful and durable surface of Spanish style pavers that can withstand the elements.

Alongside Your Current Decor

These popular types Spanish tiles can be as bold or reserved as you like. They can enhance the design elements you already have in your home. For example:

  • Bright linens
  • Bold artwork
  • Copper kitchen appliances
  • Dark wood furniture

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, redesigning your patio, or updating your bathroom, these modern Spanish tile trends are sure to inspire you to create a beautiful and functional space.

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