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Trends for Cement Tile Bathrooms

philadelphia cement tile

You’ve come to the right post to learn about the latest trends for Cement Tile Bathrooms!  There is a statement to be made in any overlooked bathroom space. It starts with your tile selection.

cement tile bathroom
Cement Tile in this bathroom is featured with a Copper bathtub

The true beauty of cement tile bathroom options stems from its durability.  Yes, cement tile makes for pretty rooms and all that jazz… but the durability of these concrete constructed tiles adds enormous value and lifespan to your home’s bathrooms.  Cement tile in bathrooms should be sealed after it’s installed, so it’s a good idea to invest in long-lasting sealer like our TerraNano sealer for reduced maintenance over the years.

We work with a variety of interior designers from around the world on a daily basis.  By reading this post, you’re taking advantage of knowledge that homeowners are paying big bucks to learn.  Allow me to serve you by passing through what I’m seeing from designers in our most recent weeks.

RTS25 Gray Hexagon Cement Tile

Colors.  Gray, Black, and White cement tile bathrooms is a HUGE trend. Check out our RTS25 BWG Hexagon, for example.  By installing this beauty in a cement tile bathroom, you make a simple yet bold statement of sophistication and class. Paired with neutral tones for cabinetry and counters, this tile creates a clean and balanced look.

philadelphia cement tile

Another angle of colors is vibrancy.  There’s no question that our RTS18 Philadelphia Cement Tile is a popular piece.  Even our competitors are copying our color selections in this tile (and I take that as a compliment! Competition breeds good value for you, our customers.).  The designer for this Victorian-style cement tile bathroom modernized a traditional design with the use of mirrors and metallic hardware.

encaustic cement tile

Do you see the divine reflection of the Philadelphia design in the metallic bathtub?  Glorious.  And the mirrors bring height to the space that otherwise would seem smaller.

philadelphia cement tile

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use cement tile in bathroom showers as it’s shown here. As long as it’s properly sealed, this type of tile works in wet areas too!


Geometric Shapes. Gone are the days of plain squares.  Spice it up with geometric shapes like hexagons!  If you’re worried about installing geometrically shaped tiles, then explore the idea of installing square tiles with a geometric pattern.  Don’t be afraid to stretch your comfort zone!  RTS10 Harlequin is a great example of an easy square installation using a geometric pattern.  Can you image this 3-d effect on your eyes if it’s brought up from the floor to a wall backsplash or shower wall?


RTS11 Chevron is a classic in our geometric shape options.  With a great price and simple color palette, any cement tile bathroom would benefit from this design as it’s flooring foundation.

Those are just a few trends as of late in the world of cement tile bathrooms.  My main point is this – don’t be scared to do something bold and daring with your tile.  You can balance out the tile designs with use of softer elements like floral arrangements, area rugs, and plush window treatments.

If you’re unsure what design is best for your cement tile bathroom, contact us today!  We’re here to help, talk through designs, answer installation questions, and explore endless possibilities for your bathroom. Not only do we offer low wholesale-direct prices, but we ship worldwide too!  Our philosophy is this – Make Every Space Count!

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