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8 Showstopping Concrete Tile Bathroom Floor Pictures & Ideas

turquoise concrete tile

8 Beautiful Concrete Tile Bathroom Floor Pictures & Ideas

Are you looking to refresh your bathroom decor?  While the bathroom isn’t the largest room in your home, it’s a perfect place to express your personality.  Concrete tile bathroom floor choices are an ideal tool to accomplish a fresh idea in your space! These handmade encaustic-style tiles offer colorful and functional solutions to your remodel.

This article will examine eight show-stopping options for a concrete tile bathroom floor. Plus, I’ll pick apart other elements in each bathroom’s design so you can see how the puzzle pieces come together.

Let’s get started with one of my favorites!

Rustic Bathroom Decor

Rugged and Refined

concrete tile bathroom floor
Riviera Manganese Saltillo Flooring with Concrete Wall Tile

Who wouldn’t want to soak up the luxury of this rustic bathroom?  I’ll begin with the obvious.

  • Amalia pattern in concrete wall tile.  We’ve come so far since our 80’s decade of funky wallpaper patterns! This concrete wall tile serves as an expression of artwork. Each tile is an 8×8-inch design.  Put together, the overall pattern is 16×16 inches.  The earthen colors complement every other element of this bathroom’s decor.
  • Manganese Saltillo decorative tile flooring. Don’t you love this Riviera pattern?  It’s a 2-tile bathroom flooring pattern created from the San Felipe (9×12-inch) & Fleur de Lis (7×9-inch) tiles.  In the Manganese Saltillo color finish, you see earthen color tones ranging from light and dark brown terracotta with touches of gray.  The contrasting gray grout accentuates the decorative lines of this patterned bathroom floor.  (Find more Saltillo tile patterns & colors in the Ultimate Guide to Saltillo Tile Flooring.)
  • Rugged wood counters blend the concrete wall tiles with rustic-style flooring. These countertops contrast beautifully against the white-painted cabinets.
  • Lastly, iron lighting, copper sinks, and hardware are the jewelry of this space. It’s both rugged and refined.

This is a showstopping bathroom! Is there anything you would have done differently?  Leave a comment below!

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Saltillo Tile Colors

Saltillo Tile Patterns

Timeless Bathroom Concrete Tile Patterns

Hexagon Tiles for a Modern Look

hexagon bathroom concrete tile
Blue & White Hexagon Concrete Wall Tile

Yes, I realize that I mentioned this article would feature concrete tile bathroom floors. But how can I not show you this gorgeous space?

  • 8×9-inch Hexagon concrete wall tiles in tri-color.  Two shades of blue contrast against the white center of this tile.  The walls of this bathroom serve as the focal piece of modern-style decor.  (Did you know that the hexagon tile has been around for many decades?  It’s a timeless pattern that flows in and out of home decor over the years.)
  • Slatted gray stone tiles add varied textures to the bathroom. While this may look complicated to install, the slats are glued to a square mesh piece making the installation seamless.
  • Industrial-style sink and bathtub. Similar to the theme of bold lines, the sink and tub offer simplicity to a busy space.

I’d love to see an understated sheer window treatment to soften the concrete hexagon tile pattern. That touch of softness would add another fun element of varied texture.  What do you think?  Comment below.

Want to See It In Your Room?

Room Visualizer Tool

Spanish Bathroom Oasis

Busy & Bold

roseton cement tile

If you’re going to go busy, do it unapologetically BIG!

  • Concrete tile bathroom floor. This is the Roseton cement tile pattern in black, white, and gray. Each tile is 8×8 inches.  And the full medallion is 16×16 inches.  The Roseton pattern is among the most popular choices for a concrete tile bathroom floor.  Maybe you’ve seen it in other colors? That’s because concrete tile is easily customized in colors specific to your space.  This particular tile is a stock cement tile in the MeaLu Collection. (Also, we ship worldwide!)
  • Painted Talavera tiles. These are hand-painted Mexican tiles most often used as accent tiles.  Also, find these tiles in hundreds of patterns and colors. As a bonus, they are an affordable and functional way to spice up a bathroom or kitchen.
  • Copper bathtub. First, this is a romantic-style bathtub suited to a bathroom of luxury.  Second, did you know that copper is naturally antibacterial? Lastly, the deep tub offers an inviting soak. So it’s functional too!
  • Iron chandelier, sconces, and copper sinks. Copper and dark metallic colors are ideal for this Spanish-style bathroom decor theme.

The concrete tile bathroom floor is the foundation for an elaborate bathroom.

Victorian Style Bathroom

Turquoise Concrete Tile Bathroom Floor

This remains one of my favorite bathrooms after completing this project in the UK!

  • Concrete tile bathroom floor and walls. Say hello to our most popular stock concrete tile pattern – Philadelphia. Here’s a piece of trivia.  Our customer in London designed this tile in the colors which you see. Once we saw her completed project by Drummonds UK, it took no time to realize we needed to include this turquoise concrete tile bathroom floor option as a fixed piece in our MeaLu Collection.
  • White subway tiles.  These classy pieces contrast against the vibrant colors of the Philadephia pattern. Indeed, I do not believe there is a better choice for this Victorian-style bathroom. (We also make white-glazed Saltillo tile flooring!)
  • Metallics. As you scroll through the images, notice the use of metallics and glass.  For example, check out the chrome shower and bath hardware.  Similarly, consider how the glass shower walls and large mirrors create a sense of lightness amidst bold bathroom decor.
  • Finally, the chrome bathtub is a splendid statement of industrial and delicate.

My favorite aspect of this bathroom is how the concrete bathroom tiles reflect in the chrome finish of the bathtub. What do you love most about this concrete tile bathroom floor or other elements? Leave a comment below!

Aztec Influenced Bathroom

Terracotta & Blue Playing Well Together

terracotta concrete tile
Terracotta Colors in Aztec Pattern Concrete Tile

This half-bath might be of small size, but it’s full of grand ideas.

  • Concrete tile bathroom floor in the Aztec pattern. Terracotta colors in this pattern blend well with many bathroom decor styles.  And the hard lines of the design create a playful effect of geometric shapes. The Aztec pattern swings to modern and rustic design styles.
  • Sky blue painted walls. It’s a daring choice of color for this small bathroom.  But it’s a perfect choice to pull out the gray star medallion found on the concrete tile bathroom floor.
  • Lastly, brightly lit sconces illuminate the bathroom for brightness.

Classic Black & White Bathroom Decor

Bold Lines & Geometric Patterns

black and white concrete tiles
Credit: Homes To Love

Once again, a concrete tile bathroom floor leads the conversation for this classicly styled bathroom by Homes to Love.

  • Black and white concrete tiles spur visual impact. For instance, the color choices of black and white playfully diverge from one another. Also, pair the colors with a defined geometric pattern to achieve artwork as flooring.
  • White subway tiles. I can’t imagine a better choice to complement the concrete bathroom floor tile than the Victorian-style bathroom.  White subway tiles are here to stay.  Forever.
  • Brass hardware. Look at the bathtub faucet, the showerhead, overhead plumbing pipes, the light fixture, and the doorknob.  These shiny metallic pieces are a tribute to the thoughtfulness of this bathroom design.


Patchwork Concrete Tile Bathroom Floor

patchwork concrete bathroom tile
Credit: Decoist

According to my husband, I’m (a little) emotionally scatterbrained.  Maybe that’s why controlled chaos from Decoist like this appeals to me.

  • Patchwork concrete tile bathroom floor.  If you can’t decide on a single pattern, use them all! It may sound crazy, but this picture displays the success of an alluring variety.
  • Black bathtub & sink.  Because the concrete tile bathroom floor has an abundance of dark colors, the black tub and sink are an obvious choice.
  • White wainscoting.  I’d be equally pleased if this could have been a white subway tile.  But, the wainscoting offers a play on texture and the visual diversity of clean lines.
  • Artwork.  This isn’t something that I bring up very often. In as much as tile serves as artwork, so does actual artwork.  Adorn your walls with pieces of art that create that desired vibe to suit your bathroom.

A Serene Escape

Light & Airy Bathroom Decor

white and gray concrete tiles
Credit: Style Me Pretty

This bathroom whispers “cleanliness.”  I feel cleaner by looking at it.

  • White, white, white. This pure color is neutral and light and goes with everything.
  • White and gray concrete tile bathroom floor. Intriguingly, the gray color in this concrete tile bathroom floor is also displayed in blue tones. This opens up many other possibilities for the scheme of this bathroom design.
  • White subway tiles.  Here they are again.  The gorgeous choice keeps it light and airy.

In conclusion, I hope you see how a concrete tile bathroom floor sets the tone for exquisite bathrooms in many styles.  Have you found a pattern that you love?  If so, work with a cement tile supplier to customize that pattern in the colors perfect for your space.

Do you have other bathroom decor tips?  Comment below!

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