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White Glazed Saltillo Tile – Whitewash Mexican Saltillo – Stained Saltillo

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You Ask For It Every Day! Whitewash Saltillo Tile Continues To Be A Big Hit In The Interior Design World For Decades. So, We Now Have A Lineup Of White Stained And Glazed Saltillo Mexican Floor Tiles In Our Custom-Made Repertoire.

white terracotta tile
Custom White Glazed San Felipe Pattern in Saltillo TIle

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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s happening right now – our San Felipe Saltillo tile pattern with the white glazed finish! If you love the look of a handmade Mexican tile that has a modern & bright look, then you will like what we are doing with these beauties.

white stained saltillo mexican floor tile

How Whitewash Saltillo Tile Is Made

First, our white-stained Saltillo tiles start out as traditional unsealed clay tiles.  Next, we coat the white stain directly into the clay.  Following that, we also mix stain into our penetrating sealer, which we apply to the tile in several coats.  The finished product looks like a whitewashed Saltillo tile, but we lock in the color through the sealant process. How’s that for top quality from the leader in Saltillo tile distribution?

Is it challenging to install whitewashed Saltillo tile? Installing our white-glazed Saltillo tile is a breeze. There are no extra steps involved to install these tiles. The tile’s surface is already protected from grout stain with the white glaze coating, so you do not need grout release. Finally, install the tiles following best practices once you receive your order from our shipping company. We recommend applying a final topcoat sealer which also seals the grout lines.

white glazed terracotta saltillo floor tile

(Did you know that we ship worldwide?! And, did you know that we offer wholesale-direct prices?!)

As you browse through our many shapes and sizes for whitewashed Saltillo tile, imagine the possibilities for your space. We produce any of our shapes and sizes with this beautiful glazed finish. It’s not too or too shiny.  It’s just right! That’s why we’re known as one of the World’s Greatest on TV.

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White floors are IN! Check out Saltillo tile kitchen floors! This color finish offers a bright, modern look with a traditional handmade tile. If you are considering this tile, contact us today for a price estimate or to order a sample! So, try it before you buy it! And don’t forget – We ship worldwide.

Let us help you Make Every Space Count with our whitewash Saltillo tile flooring options.

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