Give Yourself a Kitchen You’ll Never Want To Stop Cooking In

Make your saltillo kitchen floors comfortable and luxurious, whether you remodel an old kitchen or start fresh with a new custom home.


Saltillo kitchen floors brings your kitchen together as the foundation of the room.

The kitchen is the center of the home, bringing families together to cook and relax. This important space deserves a design as unique as your family. Give yourself a kitchen that makes cooking a joy and takes your family back to its roots.

Saltillo tile is a perfect choice for kitchen floors. It comes in many shapes, colors and finishes. It is handcrafted to be both beautiful and durable. There are many options, and each will bring its own character. Try a Terra Cotta finish for a rustic look. Install a shade of yellow, red or orange to match your existing design and add warmth. Create a pattern, such as running brick or Riviera. For an Old-World look, use dark grout.

Great creative and channel some hacienda style to match your Saltillo tile. Play down kitchen appliances, play up accents, and mix vintage and modern styles. Try Cantera Architectural Stone for a custom hood. Give more dimension to your kitchen with decorative Cement Tile. Install a painted Talavera backsplash in your own unique style. Design a cement backsplash with our MeaLu Collection. Play with bold colors for spice. Try mixing neutral, wood kitchen cabinets with a wrought iron chandelier. Metals and woods add a warm hacienda feel.

If you don’t know what design will look best in your kitchen, consult our experts. We can help you choose the right color, texture and design for your Saltillo tile. We can also give you artistic ideas to create the perfect hacienda look. Call us today to get started on the kitchen of your dreams.

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