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Saltillo Tile Installation & Maintenance

how to install Saltillo tile flooring: guidelines

How to Install Saltillo Tile eBook

The process for how to install Saltillo Tile and how to install Terracotta Tile floors is a user-friendly project when you are equipped with the right game plan. It is our goal that homeowners enjoy their terracotta tile floors. 

When you’ve purchased your tile and material from us, we’re happy to spend time on the phone or via email with installers to make certain that your Saltillo flooring project is done correctly (and beautifully)! 

Visit our blog, Rustic Dwelling Place, for discussions and more tips on how to install Saltillo tile.

Also, our YouTube Channel has dozens of helpful how-to videos about how to install Saltillo tile and Saltillo floor design ideas.

Saltillo Flooring Installation Materials

DIY Tips for Cleaning & Maintenance of Terracotta Floors

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Installation Materials for Saltillo Tile

Installing Saltillo floors is not difficult, but proper installation materials and processes must be followed. Download our list of recommended installation materials for Saltillo flooring.

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for Saltillo Floors

Maintaining a beautiful Saltillo floor is easy and low maintenance when you know the right steps to follow. Download this guide for general maintenance and troubleshooting issues.

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Disclaimer: Guidelines provided by Rustico Tile & Stone must be confirmed by your local installer or contractor. We are not at your specific job site, so an experienced installer should be counseled for your space. When you purchase our tile, we’re happy to speak with your contractor or installer about the proper technique for installing Saltillo Tile. We cannot offer advice to non-customers for liability reasons.

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sealed vs unsealed saltillo tile

Buying Sealed vs. Unsealed Saltillo

Which is better – Sealed or Unsealed Saltillo flooring? That’s the question to explore to save time and money! This post will address the pros and cons of sealed vs. unsealed Saltillo tile. This is a must-read.

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