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Cantera Natural Stone Colors

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Explore the Variety of Cantera Natural Stone Colors

Invite some luxury into your life with our unique Cantera colors.  Customize any of our tile or carved stone features in any of these Cantera natural stone colors.

Because Cantera stone is available in various colors, it’s versatile for various architectural and design projects. The color range includes earthy tones such as beige (Cafe), brown (Tobacco), and terracotta (Madera) that can add warmth to any space. Lighter shades like cream and white (Blanco) and gray (Gris or Recinto (lava stone)) are perfect for creating a modern and minimalist look. Additionally, Cantera stone comes in hues like pink (Rosa) and orange (Naranja) that can add a pop of color to any design scheme. 

We make any Cantera stone feature or tile in any of these natural stone colors. Our process is simple.

1. Pick your stone feature or tile shape and size.

2. Pick your natural stone color from the list below.

3. Our skilled artisans make it for you.

Whatever your style or preference may be, a Cantera natural stone color will suit your needs. Contact us today for design ideas, a price estimate, and shipping details. We ship worldwide!

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Commonly Asked Questions About Cantera Stone Colors

1. What are the most popular natural stone colors for Cantera?
The most popular stone colors for Cantera include the stone choices with beige, cream, tan, brown, and gray. These colors offer a versatile, timeless aesthetic that complements various architectural styles and design preferences.

2. How do different Cantera natural stone colors match with different interior or exterior designs?  
Different Cantera stone colors can be matched with different interior or exterior designs based on the desired look. For example, lighter colors like Pinon and Cafe create a warm and inviting atmosphere. In contrast, darker colors like Tobacco Brown or Recinto might add a touch of sophistication and elegance. 

3. What is the difference in price between Cantera natural stone colors?
Cantera color prices vary on factors such as availability, rarity, and the carved stone feature specifications. Contact us to get a price estimate for your project. We’ll help you find what fits your budget and design style.

4. Can I mix and match different Cantera colors on a project or stick to one color?
You can absolutely mix and match different Cantera natural stone colors on a project. In fact, using a combination of colors usually adds visual interest and dimension to your design. Just make sure the colors you choose complement each other and create a cohesive look.

We often see pool decking, Cantera tile pavers, and swimming pool coping tiles in complementary colors. Similarly, coordinating colors for range hoods, columns, and fireplaces is popular in home interiors.  And most spectacularly, mix and match natural stone paver colors with a tiered fountain to spice up outdoor spaces!

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