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Rustico Tile & Stone

We offer a full line of tile and stone products to beautify any room.

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with the Mexican tile & stone experts

We’re a family-run company based in Leander, Texas (near Austin). As the largest manufacturer and distributor of Saltillo tile in Mexico, we’re also the leading supplier of Cement tile, Cantera Stone, and other Mexican tiles.

Oh, yeah… we ship worldwide, too!

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Million Square Feet

We care deeply about our customers, team, & manufacturers.

Count on us for quality service, because we know Mexican tile & stone.
rustico tile

We’ve built our business on a simple, powerful philosophy. When you buy Saltillo tile from Rustico Tile & Stone, you’re purchasing from the largest producer for handmade Saltillo tile in Mexico. We also go straight to the source for our beautiful product lines of Cement tile, Talavera, & Cantera stone. We’ve been around the block a few times over the years. No one does Mexican tile better than we do!

We’re not a normal brick-and-mortar tile store. In fact, 95% of what we have in our warehouse gets shipped outside of Texas. In most instances, we can deliver Mexican tile or stone to your home for less than if you were to buy locally. And if it isn’t less expensive, reach out to us for a price-match challenge.

The amazing Rustico Tile and Stone staff in our Texas warehouse is only a small part of our global team. We provide the beautiful pieces that hundreds of hard-working craftsmen in Mexico are creating daily. Our team in Mexico represents the heart of what we sell to make your home look beautiful. Each piece of Mexican tile and stone has a personal touch that can only be found in the heritage of its origin.

If you’re a fellow Texan, find out why we are featured on the World’s Greatest TV Show as experts of Mexican Tile in Austin, TX.

We are here to answer questions, give advice about our products, provide design ideas, and give you the look of your dreams.

Meet Our Team

the Mexican tile experts

melanie rustico

Lead Enabler

She’s known for brainstorming areas for improvements, is our brand ambassador, manages the boss, & cleans the toilets at times. Count on Melanie for a warm hug during a (tile or stone) crisis.

Ray at Rustico

Dr. Fix It

This man can fix anything! And we rely on him for that skillset. He’s our ops guy & Mexico relationship guru. He’s surrounded by women and copes with our mood swings. He’s got a few of those swings himself, but we love him.

mexican halloween, day of the dead, carnival-4707675.jpg

Service Wizard

She’s the woman in the details. Martha keeps everyone on our team organized and accountable. She’s the traffic controller, numbers coordinator, & keeper of data. Need to know when, where, & how? Martha is your gal!


The Rainmaker

If you’ve shopped our Mexican tile products, you’ve probably spoken to Shelley at some point. She loves her customers and wants the best for them (so be nice to her)! She’s also our in-office mama-bear & knows when to use gift!

noah at rustico tile

Lead Chatterbox

Noah is the chattiest in our bunch! And that’s a good thing for our team of introversts.  He’s (extra) friendly & energetic. Noah’s office looks like a peaceful garden oasis.  His inner joy & eagerness to be helpful adds a dose of charm to our workdays.

pallet packers
Warehouse Staff

Pallet Packers

These are the real heroes in our biz. They pack tile – a LOT of tile! Every piece is inspected for quality and character. These guys are the heavy lifters ensuring you have a successful delivery! Plus, they sneak in freebies!
tile maker

Hands of Architecture

These are the hundreds of men & women producing tile & stone that will outlast lifetimes. This is the heartbeat of our business. They pass down a generations-old craft which contributes to rustic, iconic architecture.
max at rustico tile
he's the furriest so he gets the biggest picture

Meet Max

Hi! I’m Max and I’m a certified therapy dog. You may have seen me in #rusticotile social media. 

When I’m not reading with kids at our local elementary school or stealing snacks from the gray-haired hoomans at the nearby assisted living center, I’m eager to get cuddles from our local customers.

If you’re in the Austin area, please come give me a scratch on my chin. That’s my favorite spot.

But before you come, please make an appointment with the hoomans. They’re a small staff and want to give you all the attention that you deserve. While they don’t stock tile at the Leander, TX office and showroom, they have plenty of samples. Some of my cousins in Mexico leave paw prints on the Saltillo tile!

I’ll even share my dog biscuits if you’re hungry or a sip from my water bowl if you’re thirsty.

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