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Experts Of Mexican Tile In Austin, Texas

Saltillo Floor Tile, Concrete Tile, Cantera Stone, & Talavera Tiles

Did you know that we are the experts of Mexican tile in Austin, TX?

We don’t toot our horns in our backyard very often. Not often at all, actually. Most people know that we ship worldwide. However, to our Austin, Texas area neighbors…

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That’s right! We’re an online business with our home office in Leander and our shipping warehouse in Pharr, TX.

What makes us the Mexican Tile experts in Austin, Texas?

1.  We’ve been around for a long time! Our artisans in Mexico have been making handmade Saltillo tile for many generations. While we’ve improved the quality of Saltillo Mexican tile in Austin and Houston over the past several years, we have purposely preserved the integrity of a generations-old artisan tile manufacturing process. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Saltillo Tile Flooring to learn more.

The same goes for our encaustic-style Cement tile, painted Talavera tiles, and Cantera stone.

Mexican Floor Tile in Austin, Texas

The Hands of Architecture

2.  We are the experts of Mexican tile in Austin because if it’s handmade from Mexico… it’s something that we do! That’s our niche. We are not a superstore with hundreds of floor tile options. We specialize in handmade Mexican tile. Period. That’s our gig. No one knows Mexican tile in Austin better than we do. In fact, no one knows Spanish tile in San Diego as we do! We cover the country!

Watch our episode on World’s Greatest TV Show. They featured us as the Mexican tile experts!

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Manganese Saltillo Tile Flooring with Cement Tile Backsplash

3.  We are embedded in the community and culture of Mexico, and its people. This tile thing isn’t a hobby for us. We’re exerts of Mexican tile in Austin because we invest our time and presence by building long-lasting relationships with our people in Mexico.

We do this by visiting our factories in Mexico. We eat together. We evaluate processes and efficiencies together. We trim unnecessary costs so we can keep the lowest prices for Mexican tile in Austin and elsewhere. We watch our families grow year after year. We trade tequila secrets. Our roots go deep in Mexico.

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Saltillo & Talavera Tiles

As much as we care for our counterparts in Mexico, they care about us too. Moreover, they care about making quality, beautiful Spanish tile flooring for you. So that sums up why we are the experts of Mexican tile in Austin, Texas.

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Talavera Tile as Risers and Saltillo Tile as Stair Treads

If you’re looking for Saltillo tile in Austin, we’re your source.
If you’re looking for Encaustic-style Cement tile in Austin, we’re your source.
If you’re looking for Cantera stone in Austin, we’re your source.
If you’re looking for Talavera tile in Austin, we’re your source.

Get my point? Forgive me for what may come across as arrogance. That’s not my jive. We have the passion for what we do, whom we represent, and that we are an impetus for beautiful architecture. We’re the largest manufacturer for Saltillo tile flooring. We’re the largest distributor in the US for Mexican tile varieties.

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