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handmade Mexican saltillo tile

6 Rustic Characteristics of Handmade Mexican Saltillo Tile

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Allow me the space to squelch some confusion about what characteristics you can expect with handmade Mexican saltillo tile.  In our web-based world, there are plenty of misleading ideas about what’s normal and what’s not.  At Rustico Tile and Stone, we know handmade Mexican saltillo tile well.  Very well. At Rustico, we tell you exactly what saltillo tile is.  We offer no embellishment to the nature of these beautiful floors – you either like saltillo flooring or you don’t. If you’re expecting “perfect” saltillo tiles, I bid you to look elsewhere.  But before you go, just hear me out about why you don’t want “perfect” tiles.  Perfect handmade Mexican saltillo tiles don’t exist.  If they did, we’d sell them.  We are the largest manufacturer for real saltillo tile in Mexico.  If any seller tells you that their saltillo tile is without blemish or rustic traits,  then they’re not selling real saltillo tile….

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Saltillo Kitchen Tile

Fabulous Spaces – Kitchens with Saltillo Tile Floors

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Y’all!  Seriously – we have the BEST customers who have installed kitchens with saltillo tile floors!  Do you know how much our staff loves getting pictures of beautiful spaces with our tiles?! I’m not kidding.  We. Love. It.  Keep the pictures coming! In this post, check out some fabulously spicy Spanish-style kitchens with saltillo tile floors.  Scroll through these photos.  Then – go frolic through your home and dream up your own fabulous kitchen with saltillo tile floors.  Blended with many styles of decor, Mexican saltillo is extremely versatile.  Just check out these kitchens! What’s not to love about Hexagon shaped tile?!  It’s cool yet funky.  In this traditional kitchen with saltillo tile floors, our Oklahoma customer installed the manganese saltillo tile finish.  With this color option, you can see the blend of brown and terracotta shades of colors throughout.  It’s paired well with blue and green hues as well as evidence…

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