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Tell Your Story | Hexagon Saltillo Tile | Mexican Tile in Ohio

hexagon mexican saltillo tile in ohio

Hexagon Saltillo Tile in Blue Ash, Ohio

terracotta basement floor project

Once upon a time, there was a basement. This basement tells a story of completion with 12×12 Hexagon Saltillo Mexican tile in Ohio.  

Blue Ash, Ohio.

And it’s a gorgeous finish!

In this post, we’ll look at

  1. What prompted the remodel
  2. Some design challenges
  3. The choice of Hexagon Saltillo tile in Ohio
  4. Budget & surprises
  5. Thoughts about working with Rustico Tile & Stone

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Time for a Change

with a timeless hexagon floor pattern

Our Rustico team met Eileen (virtually) in August 2019.  She found us online and requested a price estimate for Hexagon Saltillo tile delivered to Blue Ash, Ohio.

A month after multiple email exchanges and phone calls, Eileen ordered 550 square feet of 12×12 Super Saltillo in the Hexagon pattern.  She also ordered installation materials, including thinset, crack prevention membrane, and topcoat sealer.

Her all-in expense for tile, materials, and delivery totaled just over $2900.

Tell us a little about your project, Eileen.

→ E: I had been thinking about this project for some time before we finally pulled the trigger. The upstairs fireplace already had a beautiful terracotta tile and was the inspiration for the basement floor. 

Why Saltillo Tile?

flooring decisions & budgets

terracotta fireplace

Why did you choose Mexican Saltillo tile in Ohio?

→ E: My parents have had Saltillo tile on their basement floor for over 20 years now, and I knew it was something that would stand the test of time both in design and durability.  It has always been a look that I love. 

When we first purchased our home, I felt it was a sign that the fireplace had my beloved terracotta tile.

Design Challenges

how it came together

hexagon mexican tile ohio

Did you have any design challenges since you wanted to tie the basement into the existing living room fireplace with terracotta tile?

→ E: This was a really seamless project.  The biggest challenge was timing. It took a bit longer than expected.  It took about two and a half months to complete. I wouldn’t do anything different.

Individually each tile may seem imperfect, but together they make a stunning bold statement, warm and organic.  I love everything about the tile and how the space turned out.  

Why Hexagon Saltillo Tile in Ohio?

and discovered surprises

saltillo hexagon terracotta tile

Aside from the inspiration of your living room fireplace with terracotta tile, why did you decide upon Saltillo tile?  Specifically, why the 12″ Hexagon terracotta tile?

→ E:  I was considering both the hexagon and the square pattern for my project.  I chose the hexagon, timeless and classic.  For me, the shape adds a bit of nostalgia to my space. 

I grew up in New York City, and I remember seeing hexagon tiles everywhere.  From the white tile lobbies of the buildings and my favorite ice cream shop to the concrete pavers at Union Square and throughout the city, in parks like Washington Square Park.

It is a pattern that offers a vintage yet modern vibe and, in some ways mutes the heavy southwest vibe that Saltillo tile can have. 

hexagon pattern bedroom tile

Does anything surprise you about Hexagon Saltillo tile?

→ E: Yes, I’m surprised at how individually unique each and every tile is. When the tile was going in, I honestly started to question my decision. But my patience and vision paid off.

I was surprised at how stunning the floor truly turned out. Individually every tile has its flaws, but when they all come together, it is truly a work of art. 

Final Thoughts about Rustico Tile & Stone

tell us what you really think about buying Mexican tile online

mexican tile in ohio

I’m partial because I work with a team of great people.  But what do you think about your experience with Rustico and our handmade tile?

→ E: We love everything about our Saltillo Tile, and the entire process with Rustico was exceptional.  What I am most happy about is that every time I look at the space, I see something new in the tile.  A new hue of color, a new paw print, it truly is a piece of art living on my floor.  The handmade nature of the tile gives the space an organic feel. 

It was a pleasure working with Eileen!  We’re happy that she’s happy with our Mexican tile in Ohio!  

Hexagon Saltillo Tile Photos

terracotta tile flooring

We love everything about our Saltillo tile and the entire process with Rustico was exceptional.

Eileen W.
in Blue Ash, Ohio

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