Rustico Tile offers several Cement Tile Shapes and Sizes.

The most commonly used choice in cement tile shapes is an 8×8 square tile.  This standard cement tile shape and size create a total encaustic tile pattern that measures 16×16 inches. Square and rectangular border tile designs are used around a perimeter to frame a floor space. The decorative shapes of concrete tile, bring design and function together to create a specific architectural style. We have a wide array of decorative cement tile shapes, designs, and solid color concrete tiles from which to choose. Every design can be customized to suit your specific tastes.

There is a 50 square foot minimum order requirement for Solid Color Tiles.  There is a 150 square foot minimum order requirement for Decorative Design Tiles.

Contact one of our specialists to find the size, shape, color, and design perfect for your home or business. All prices are wholesale and we guarantee to BEAT any competitor’s price in the U.S. We ship worldwide.  Get a Quote today!

square cement tile

Square & Rectangle
All standard sizes up to 12″

hexagon cement tile

8×9, 10×11, 12×13

octagon cement tile

8×8 with 3×3 insert

san felipe cement tile

San Felipe
10×10 x 6/8

colonial cement tile

Fleur de Lis / Colonial
10.2×10.2 x 6/8

single bullnose cement tile

Single Bullnose & Coping
8×8 & 12×12

single bullnose concrete tile


double bullnose cement tile

Double & Triple Bullnose
8×8 & 12×12

cove cement tile

Cove Base
5×8 & 5×12