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Cantera Fountains

choose from indoor & outdoor stone fountains

Add a splash of luxury to your outdoor style with carved Cantera stone fountains

Our custom-designed Cantera stone outdoor fountains, stone wall fountains and indoor water features add the perfect finishing touch to any space.

Let the sound of falling water relax you as you swim or cook on your patio. Embrace the unique artistry of a water feature in your home.

Channel bold energy with Cantera stone fountains in vibrant colors and multi-tiered designs, or indulge in a softer style that complements your earth-toned Saltillo tile flooring. Install a modern-style stone fountain in a space with hacienda design elements for a sophisticated take on old and new.

cantera stone balustrade coping

Cantera stone fountains can be created using any color available in this architectural stone. Whether it’s a full-scale, stand-alone fountain, or a smaller wall-fountain, the design options with Cantera stone are nearly endless, and there’s no design that we cannot create for you. So go ahead – let your creative side out to play. 

We create many styles of Cantera stone fountains, and we can help you pick the one that’s just right for you. If you don’t see something you like here, just send us a photo of your dream Cantera fountain. Together, we’ll find the ideal size, features, carved designs and color of stone that are perfect your space.  View an example of this at Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas.

Speak with one of our product specialists to get more information and pricing for Cantera fountains. Contact us today – we ship worldwide!

Cantera Stone Fountain Designs

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