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See our Mexican tiles in your space before you buy.

Our Room Visualizer Tool is simple.

Want to see how new Saltillo terracotta floor or wall tiles will look in your home or business?


Pick a room photo from our library (or upload your own).

Choose a photo from our room library. Or better yet, upload one of your room to see out tiles in your space! 


Pick a Saltillo terracotta tile pattern & color for floors and walls.

Choose from our Saltillo terracotta tile patterns (shapes & sizes). Not all sizes are availalable in the tool.


Get a virtual look at how it might work in your space.

See it before you spend any money. Then request a price estimate or order samples!

When it comes to building or remodeling your home or business, the decisions are endless. We make the flooring & wall tile process a little easier with our room visualizer tool. With this handy tool, you can experiment with colors, patterns, shapes and sizes.  While we don’t have every Saltillo terracotta tile size available in the tool, you have enough options to visualize our handmade tiles in your space. 

This tool does not replace our recommendation of ordering samples.  Before purchasing your floor or wall tile, we strongly recommend that you order a samples package so you can see and feel the tiles.  Our room visualizer tool creates only a likeness of our tile in your space. These are computer generated images.  Colors, texture, shapes, sizes, and other characteristics look different in person.  

How accurate is the room visualizer in terms of color and texture represented?

A room visualizer is designed to provide a realistic representation of colors and textures, but its accuracy can vary depending on the software and quality of images used. While it may not be 100% accurate, it gives a good idea of how the room will look with different colors and textures.  

We recommend ordering samples of our tiles before making any tile selection decisions for your project.

The room visualizer can be used to compare design options side by side and with different grout colors.

The room visualizer can be used to compare different design options side by side. This allows you to see how each option looks in your space and helps you make an informed decision about which design option works best for you.

Explore some benefits of using a room visualizer for interior design.

Using a room visualizer tool for interior design allows you to see how different elements like colors, furniture, and decor will look in your space before making any actual changes. This helps you make informed decisions, saves time and money, and ensures that you achieve the desired look for your room.

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