We offer high-quality, authentic Mexican clay tile in three fantastic Saltillo colors and finishes, each producing its own range of colors.

Saltillo colors bring every space to life.  You can give a living room the “Old-World” feel of Antique Saltillo finish. Or, mix your existing neutral kitchen design scheme with the stark color contrasts of Manganese Saltillo.  Create a new hacienda-inspired pool deck with Traditional Saltillo. Each of the Saltillo colors offers endless ways to design your home style. You can even mix different finishes for a floor that has several colors. This look combines modern and rustic styles.

Depending on where the tile was placed among other tiles when it was fired, the Saltillo colors can be light to dark shades. Smaller Saltillo tile sizes will burn darker in color than larger tiles. Some tiles will have a striped pattern, which happens when tiles are stacked when they are fired in the kiln. Sealed Saltillo tiles are darker in color than Unsealed Saltillo tiles. If left unsealed, all three finishes of the Saltillo clay are lighter, and more pastel in color.

All Saltillo tile shapes and sizes are available in any of these finishes. We offer tiles in a wide variety of beautiful patterns, shapes, and sizes.

Traditional Saltillo Tile

terracotta tile colors

traditional saltillo tilePin

Traditional Saltillo tiles come in a wide range of Terra Cotta colors. You will find tones from red and orange, to yellow and gold. This finish goes well with many styles and colors used in home decorating. It is impossible to show the full range of color in the four tiles above.

Also known as Terra Cotta, our Traditional Saltillo is our best value finish. It works well in commercial and residential spaces.  It can be used indoors and outdoors, with proper installation. The Traditional Saltillo style is ideal in spaces with design themes such as southwestern, western, hacienda, beach, and rustic.

Invite an element of sophistication and luxury to your dining room with Traditional Saltillo tile in our Riviera pattern. Blend vibrant colors of Cement tiles with large, square Saltillo tiles.  This will give your kitchen a more spacious and elegant feel.  

Manganese Saltillo Tile

neutral, brown, & terracotta colors

manganese saltillo tilePin

Manganese Saltillo floor tiles come in many shades of Terra Cotta. The manganese finish tends to be light to dark brown in color. It can also have Terra Cotta colors that come through to the surface. Manganese Mexican tiles can have some black swirling that mixes with the Terra Cotta color. This creates a marbled look. The four tiles above do not show the full range of color. This finish is excellent for both rustic and modern spaces. Pair with light cabinets or walls for a light/dark contrast often seen in contemporary spaces. Select hexagon Saltillo tiles in Manganese finish for a natural contrast of light and dark shades. This will bring a modern/vintage look to your new kitchen.

Our Manganese Saltillo finish works well in both commercial and residential spaces.  With proper sub-floor preparation and maintenance, this tile is great for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Antique Saltillo Tile

terracotta tile colors with textured surface

antique saltillo tilePin

Antique Saltillo floor tile has the appearance of Old-World Saltillo. It is textured and darker in color.  It also reveals the rust and Terra Cotta range of colors. The photo of four tiles above do not show the full range of color. Our rustic Saltillo tiles are custom made to look like a reclaimed clay tile.  They are designed in the style of historic Mexican pavers or Antique Terra Cotta tile. This finish works very well in rustic, Old-World spaces.  It’s similar to reclaimed Terra Cotta – at a fraction of the cost. Some homeowners decide to install Antique Saltillo flooring with dark grout. They may purposefully leave grout behind in the textured surface to create an even older look.

Each tile is hand-textured, making it ideal for non-slip surfaces. It is excellent for outdoor or wet areas. Antique Saltillo is ideal for patios and pool decks. This finish also works well in commercial and residential spaces. It is great for indoor and outdoor spaces, with proper installation. Add some rustic charm to any space in your home with beautiful Antique Saltillo floor tiles.

Spanish Mission Red Tile

range of terracotta orange & red shades with minimal light colors

spanish mission red tilePin

Spanish Mission Red tile is a popular color choice in our Saltillo tile product line.  The Mission Red tiles are similar to Traditional Saltillo, but this color finish has minimal light or yellow shades of color. The photo of four tiles above do not show the full range of color.  There is some variation of color within a single tile as well as between individual tiles. No two tiles are identical. Overall, the look is ideal for spaces calling for true Spanish style decor and more consistency in color compared to our other Saltillo tile colors.

⇒ Pro Tip: Saltillo tile colors vary (sometimes drastically, sometimes minimally) from one manufacturing lot to the next.  We do not guarantee color matching because there are kiln-firing and weather elements that dramatically affect the finished color of the tile. It is advised to order enough tile for your project at one time.

Why Should You Buy Sealed Saltillo Tile?

easiest to install & best project value

At Rustico Tile and Stone, we are the largest manufacturer of authentic Saltillo tile. All our tile comes from the Mexican city of Saltillo, Coahuila. Our authentic Saltillo tile is of the highest quality, made from a very durable Mexican clay. Each tile is handmade to absorb moisture easily. All Saltillo tiles are fired in a kiln and cooled. They can then be sealed with several layers of our low gloss finish, oil-based industrial sealer. Or, they can be left “raw” or Unsealed. You can buy both Pre-Sealed and Unsealed authentic Saltillo tile.

Some customers need to stain their tile to achieve a different color. Others need to match an older, existing floor. If you don’t need to do either, we recommend buying Pre-Sealed Saltillo tile. We ship it ready to install, and buying pre-sealed will be less costly in the long run.  Get a quote online today.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, Rustico can help. Call today to talk with one of our friendly, expert design specialists. Together, we can select the right tile for your room design, and give you an estimate before you order.