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Tell Your Story | Riviera Mexican Saltillo Tile | St Augustine FL

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Riviera Pattern in Mexican Saltillo Tile in St. Augustine, Floridaspanish revival cottage brought back to life Almost a year later, I'm talking (virtually, of course) to Howard about his Mexican Saltillo tile in St. Augustine, Florida. And WOW! I can't get over how incredible Villa Valencia beams the luxurious feel of Spanish Revival Style. I have pictures and videos to share so I'll jump right in! In this post, we'll look at What prompted the Spanish Revival cottage remodel Some design challenges Mexican Saltillo tile flooring in St. Augustine, FL Challenges & surprises Howard's thoughts about working with Rustico Tile & Stone Keep reading ☺ Spanish Revival Styledeep roots in history Today, Villa Valencia is a luxury vacation rental located in the heart of the St. Augustine historic district. It's just a short walk to everything. The Spanish villa provides luxury living for those vacationers seeking private enjoyment. But before...
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how to strip mexican saltillo tile

How to Strip Saltillo Tile | Mexican Tile Restoration

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How to Strip Saltillo Tileand should you strip Saltillo tile? "Let's strip our Saltillo tile", he said. "It'll be fun", he said. (No, he didn't really say that, but his tone of voice indicated both confident & happy sentiment. Welcome to our experience with pandemic home project #4,017.) And so we stripped Mexican tile. Here's the thing.  I'll tell you how to strip Saltillo tile in this blog. But to be clear, I stand by our long-time advice... Do not strip Saltillo tile if it's avoidable. Nonetheless, here is our experience. In this post, I'll take you through the process of how to strip Saltillo tile on an outdoor patio. (The fine print ... PLEASE consult with a local flooring professional for advice specific to your job site. This post is intended to share our opinion, based on personal experience, for how to strip Saltillo tile. There are a variety...
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Mexican Saltillo Tile Dallas Fort Worth TX

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Mexican Saltillo Tile in Dallas Fort Worth Texas Get a Price Estimate Make Every Space Count with Mexican Saltillo tile in Dallas Fort Worth, TX If you're looking for Mexican Saltillo tile in Dallas or Fort Worth, TX, then you've found the source. We ship terracotta floor tile and all varieties of Mexican tile worldwide. Speak with one of our friendly pros today about your next project. We'll help you find just the right product for your project & budget. Why Should You Buy Mexican Saltillo tile in DFW from Rustico Tile & Stone? Lowest Price Promise | Shipped to You | We're Friendly! | Turnkey Installation & Advice ⇒ Check out our Saltillo Tile Patterns & Colors Saltillo Tile Patterns Square Rectangle Hexagon Octagon Riviera  & More Saltillo Tile Colors Traditional Saltillo Manganese Saltillo Spanish Mission Red Tile Antique Saltillo & Custom Our Specialties Saltillo Floor Tile Encaustic Cement...
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Spanish Mission Red Tile – Mission Red Terracotta Saltillo

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Spanish Mission Red Tileterracotta floor tile Spanish Mission Red tile is a popular flooring choice in our Saltillo tile product line.  It originates from early Spanish explorers and missionaries. Spanish Mission Red tile is commonly seen in old missions and in early settlements. 16x16 with Gloss Topcoat Sealer If you like Saltillo flooring but desire more consistency in the terracotta colors, then our Mission Red Spanish tile may be a perfect choice. While there is still some color variation among tiles (even within an individual tile), there exists minimal light or yellow shades typical of Traditional Saltillo flooring. And just like other Saltillo tile colors, Spanish Mission Red tile is available in all of our Saltillo Tile Patterns. → Learn more about Saltillo tile in our Ultimate Guide to Saltillo Tile Flooring. How Does Spanish Mission Red Tile Get Its Color?kiln-fired tile Spanish Mission Red Saltillo tile is produced to...
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rustic decor

Ultimate Guide to Rustic Decor – Rustic Style Home

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What is Rustic Decor?rustic style homes & design Here's what rustic decor is not. Flashy. Sparkly. Techy. (well, sometimes... modern rustic decor is trending) Rustic style decor is a nature-inspired approach to design. It's anything but boastful and loud. Do you like the authentic beauty of natural materials? How about a relaxed vibe around your home? If yes, then you're a prime candidate for rustic style decor. The key idea built upon rustic decor is to bring the outdoors in. And that's easy to achieve with a few of these elements listed in our Ultimate Guide to Rustic Decor. Let's jump in. The Settingrustic style homes with grandiose views I said that there are easy ways to achieve rustic decor.  Well, this isn't one of them. You either have a home with a nature-filled view, or you don't.  If you don't, it's ok.  I'll get to the easier-to-create options next! ...
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