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What’s Up with Concrete Tile Flooring?

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Melanie

Blogroll, Cement Tile, Interior Design, Mexican Tile

So what IS the deal with concrete tile flooring? Why are people going bananas with getting the latest trend for their kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms? I speak to concrete tile flooring shoppers everyday.  Let me tell you what they are saying about their fascination with this great floor covering!

Cement Tile for Bathrooms - durable and timeless.
Cement Tile for Bathrooms – durable and timeless.

Reason #1 – Beauty. It really comes down to the fact that decorative concrete tile flooring is beautiful.  Really beautiful.  These tiles produce floors that are a throwback to centuries-old encaustic style floors found throughout Europe and beyond. The manufacturing of concrete tile flooring has progressed leaps and bounds over recent decades. Manufacturers jump at the change to create custom floor designs based on precise colors selected by homeowners.

The beauty of customizing concrete tile flooring is simple.
1. Pick a design.
2. Select your colors.
3. Rustico Tile and Stone makes it for you – exactly to your specification.

philadelphia cement tile
Customized RTS18 Philadelphia Concrete Tile

Our customer in London, United Kingdom selected this Philadelphia design and the 5 colors depicted here.  Sure, we may have offered some advice on the color selection but London gets the credit for this design.  It’s been such a hit that we now offer it as a normal part of our In-Stock designs in the MeaLu Collection for a great price!

Reason #2 – It’s Decorative.  While some people install solid color concrete tile flooring, most people couple the functionality of this tile with its decorative attributes.  Flooring is artwork, after all.  Interior designers love to coordinate surrounding decor around the colors displayed in concrete tiles.  Got a busy concrete tile design?  Pair it with simpler, clean lines of surrounding decor.  Got a busy room of decor?  Pair it with simple designs of concrete tile flooring.  The decorative nature of concrete tiles works for you!


concrete floor tile

Reason #3 – It’s easy to maintain.  Concrete tile flooring needs to be sealed with quality floor sealer after it’s installed.  We’re a fan of TerraNano sealer as the topical sealer.  It’s long-lasting.  It adds a coat of abrasion resistance, UV protection and is great for sealing your grout lines.  The end result for you is a concrete floor that requires little-to-no maintenance for many years.

concrete tile flooring

Reason #4 – It’s timeless.  Concrete tile flooring has been around for centuries known as encaustic tile.  By definition, encaustic tile was traditionally made from colored clay. Since clay wears down over use and foot traffic, the tiles have morphed to be made from concrete and pigmented cement.  So the industry has taken a older encaustic tile and made it better!  Concrete tile flooring is a timeless work of art making huge strides in commercial and residential spaces alike.

If you’re not sure what concrete tile flooring option is right for you, contact one of our specialists today.  Rustico Tile and Stone is a leader in the concrete tile industry.  We offer low wholesale prices and ship worldwide.  Get a Quote today for your next project!

Saltillo Tile in Texas

Are you looking for Saltillo Tile in Texas?  Look no further!  We’re a Texas-based company leading the charge of distribution for authentic, handmade Mexican saltillo tile.

saltillo tile in texas

Howdy! We’re Rustico Tile and Stone.  It’s nice to “meet” y’all!  Located just outside of Austin, we ship the majority of saltillo tile in Texas.  While we also ship to other corners of the earth, there are many reasons why our fellow Texans keep us busy around our beloved state.

We have the lowest prices.  It’s really that simple.  As the largest manufacturer for authentic saltillo tile in Mexico, we pass through an extremely low wholesale price to all of our customers for saltillo tile in Texas.  When that low price is paired with steeply discounted shipping rates, the result is an unbeatable delivered value.  Think I’m pulling your leg?  Try us out and Get a Quote for your project requiring saltillo tile in Texas.

fleur de lis mexican tile

We have the best quality and variety.  Don’t mistake our low prices for marginal quality.  We, at Rustico Tile and Stone, feel passionately about the quality of our saltillo tile in Texas.  Hands down, we produce the best quality saltillo tile on the market.  99% of our customers buy presealed saltillo tile which has 5 coats of penetrating sealer applied.  This means it’s ready-to-install when it reaches your project space.  Install the tile, clean up the floor and apply 1 final topcoat sealer for your finish.  Done.

hexagon saltillo tile

This goes for any of our shapes, sizes, and finishes.  We carry a product line full of variety with saltillo tile in Texas.  Shapes and patterns include: square, rectangular, hexagon tiles, octagon tile pattern, arabesque, fleur de lis, and our decorative Riviera pattern.  Within our patterns are a number of size options and color finishes.  Consider Traditional saltillo tile for Mexican hacienda and southwestern decor styles.  Manganese saltillo tile offers neutral and brown tones that are ideal for contemporary and Mediterranean styles.  And check out Antique saltillo for an old-world textured tile that is reminiscent of reclaimed terracotta.  Regardless of your home interior style, there is a saltillo tile in Texas for you.

riviera pattern saltillo tile

We ship all over Texas and beyond.  A large amount of our tile gets shipped outside the borders of the lone star state.  But there are some booming areas locally for saltillo tile in Texas.  For example, you can find saltillo tile in Houston in ample amounts.  We ship saltillo tile to Houston weekly.  Saltillo tile in Dallas is another hot spot for our materials.  West Texas isn’t forgotten with shipments of saltillo tile to Midland and Odessa on a regular basis.  This Mexican tile flooring is a great option for ranches out west!  Customers can pick up saltillo tile at our facility in the Rio Grande Valley.  And of course – we welcome buyers of saltillo tile in Austin, our stomping grounds!

Antique Riviera Bathroom Saltillo Tile
Antique Riviera Bathroom Saltillo Tile

Don’t panic if you’re not in Texas.  Our shipping rates are tough be beat.  If you want to buy beautiful Mexican saltillo tile from Texas, we will ship it!  Contact one of our Mexican tile specialists today for pricing, interior design tips, or for general questions.

Cantera Stone Fireplaces are Smoking Hot

Posted on January 19, 2017 by Melanie

Blogroll, Cantera Stone, Interior Design

Get with this timeless trend – Old is New Again when it comes to Cantera Stone Fireplaces!  If you have an appreciate for design styles of old-world, Spanish Colonial, or Southwestern, then you can’t overlook the grace (and affordability!) of a Cantera Stone Fireplace.

Spanish Cantera Fireplace
Pinon Cantera with Antique Stain Finish

Whether you’re remodeling or building a new home, use these pointers to guide you toward making the best decision for your new stone fireplace.

Step 1: Determine the size of the fireplace surround for your hand-crafted feature.  The opening of your fireplace should be about as wide as it is tall.  The depth of the surround needs to scale to the size of your room.  If you have a grand room with high ceilings or an outdoor living area, go BIG!  If you have a smaller space, leave your ego at the door and size down.  Does size really matter after-all?  (No comment.)

living room cantera fireplace
Cantera Fireplace Floor to Ceiling Feature


Step 2:  Select the style and design of your fireplace.  This is a personal decision and one that you have to live with so choose carefully.  Since Cantera Stone fireplace are hand-carved, your options are truly endless.  We regularly receive photos from our customers of fireplaces they’ve seen elsewhere. Duplicating these has never been a problem and we’ve yet to see a design that couldn’t be reproduced.  Test us out on this theory! Send us your dream design or select from one already on our website.

cantera stone fire place
Cantera Stone Fireplace and Columns

Most typical Cantera Stone fireplaces are suited well for a variety of architectural styles including Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, Southwest, as well as Farms, Cabins or Ranches.  Your fireplace surround is as simple or intricate as you like. Since an indoor or outdoor fireplace generally serves as a gather place for family and friends, we encourage our customers to stretch their comfort zones with carving details.  The uniqueness of your Cantera Stone fireplace will be a talking point at your social gatherings for years to come.  Embellish with the artistry of hand-carved details.

Cantera Stone fireplaces are built on site.  A good mason will work with the ‘puzzle pieces’ of stone to create the overall surround.  Any basic modifications to size and shape can often be made on site by your mason.

cantera colors
Select from over 17 Colors of Cantera Stone

Step 3: Select your Cantera Stone color. Think deeply about your color of choice.  Cantera comes in many colors so you have a lot of wiggle room to finish out your room furnishings.  For a bold statement, consider Tobacco Brown Cantera.  Lighten up the surrounding space with neutral tone walls and flooring. Pair the dark color of stone with mahogany and walnut leather couches along with an over-sized ottoman.

tobacco brown cantera fireplace

As an alternative, consider the common Pinon color of Cantera.  Pinon is a neutral tone stone with unique color speckles throughout.  You can accentuate the colors of the speckles with coordinating furniture and artwork.

pinon cantera fire place
Pinon Cantera Stone Fireplace

Maybe your converting an existing fireplace or working with an architect on new home design.  No matter what, consider incorporating a Cantera Stone fireplace. Contact us so we can talk you through the options.  You’ll be amazed at the affordability of these hand-carved features.  We ship worldwide.  

Til next time… Make Every Space Count!


2017 New Year’s Resolutions

I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon and post our New Year’s Resolutions for Rustico Tile and Stone.  Disclaimer: I keep resolutions.  So you can bet money that if I’m setting resolutions for our company, they will be accomplished.  Assuredly so.

What’s a resolution anyway?  I’ll spare Wikipedia and give you our in-house Rustico Tile and Stone definition. (Well, it’s kind of the “Melanie” definition if I’m being honest. Indulge me a little.)  We believe that a resolution is a decision to do something with firm purpose.  You can take that to the bank… with firm purpose.  We are resolute to improving our business year after year.  So, here are 3 resolutions that will be kept by our small, family-owned company in 2017!

Rustico Tile’s Resolution #1 – Prayer. We will uphold our staff, business colleagues, and customers in prayer at each Monday morning production meeting and staff devotional.

rustico tile staff
Most of the Rustico Staff as we wrapped up 2016!

We’re not a religious organization but the owners of Rustico Tile and Stone are unashamedly Christian.  Why is this important?  Regardless of what your personal beliefs may be, you’re most likely inclined to admit that Christian doctrine follows a sound moral compass for doing life.  Well, that’s how we do business.  We’re not a perfect company and we make mistakes.  But the heart of what we believe is to do good, honest work for our constituents.

This includes not just our customers, but anyone associated with our business. We pray for our staff.  When they’re thriving in life, they’re thriving at work.

We pray for our counterparts abroad who handcraft all of the tile and stone that we distribute.  We pray for their families. We pray for Mexico – for it’s resources, safety, and economic stability.

We pray for you, our customers.  It’s a privilege to communicate daily with people who span the globe.  We love helping you accomplish the design goals for your homes or businesses while building unique relationships along the way.

And lastly, we pray for the financial health of our business.  We aim for a healthy bottom line so we can keep this ship afloat another year while giving back to our community!  So… we will be adding a firm purpose of prayer to our Monday morning production meeting and weekly devotional.

Rustico Tile’s Resolution #2 – Staff Development.  We will cross-train members of our staff in increased product lines.


Traditionally, our strategy at Rustico Tile and Stone has been to identify specific people to be experts in specific product lines.  This is the year we will cross-train our staff to assist customers in an extended range of product lines.  What does this achieve for our customers?  It means that less voicemail messages will be left on our phone system, because a growing number of Rustico Tile personnel can answer your questions.  When you call our office, your ‘hold’ time will be minimized. Response times to emails will be expedited.  Our intention is to increase overall customer satisfaction, and that starts with our staff having ample product knowledge across the board.

cantera stone
Patchwork cement tile backsplash

Rustico Tile’s Resolution #3 – Market Share.  We will increase market share for our 3 core product lines including Saltillo Tile, Cement Tile, and Cantera Stone.

Truth – This is a Rustico Tile goal every single year.  And remember how I said that we accomplish our goals?  This year will not be an exception to that.  God-willing, we will continue to mature our relationships with artisans and suppliers abroad.  We will continue to provide a stable and enthusiastic work environment for our staff.  And we will diminish every unnecessary cost possible.  We will continue to run a lean business while maintaining our cost leadership role in the Mexican tile industry.  As a result, our market share will increase.  Hold me to it.

Rustico Tile

If you’re reading this, you must have some small curiosity about our business and products.  This is who we are at our core.  A New Year is an exciting time of promise and possibility.  Connect with Rustico Tile on this journey and watch what happens!  Follow us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK!

Rustico Tile’s Mexican Tiles of 2016

To closeout what’s been an extremely busy 2016, I’m turning the spotlight onto Rustico Tile’s Mexican Tiles of the Year!  Spanning many areas of the globe, Mexican tiles beautifully adorn simple and often overlooked spaces.

Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile
Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile
Manganese Riviera Saltillo Tile
Manganese Riviera Saltillo Tile

Up first is a strong winner year after year – Manganese Riviera Saltillo.  This 2-tile design is made up of our San Felipe and Fleur de Lis shapes.  Riviera Mexican tiles bring a level of sophistication to an otherwise rustic-style floor.  Our Manganese finish boasts of colors in neutral tones – light and dark brown, gray, and terracotta shades.

manganese hexagon mexican tile

Another popular Manganese choice in our Mexican tiles lineup this year is Hexagon saltillo.  Our customers love that the Hexagon saltillo shape tile is a great value for a decorative design.  And since it’s a 1-tile pattern, installers love it for an easy installation process.  Hexagon Mexican tiles come in standard sizes of 8×8 and 12×12, though we also offer custom sizes for volume orders.

Manganese Hexagon Mexican Tile

In this Texas venue, our customers paired a smaller hexagon on the bar backsplash with a 12×12 Hexagon for flooring.  The winding stair case is finished with stair coping saltillo tiles and encaustic-style cement tiles.

philadelphia encaustic tile

Cement tiles rang loud and clear at Rustico this year.  Of all of our Mexican tiles, the MeaLu Collection was created to capture some of the most popular designs in the market.  Hands down, RTS18 Philadelphia has been our most highly sought after cement design.

This Victorian style design has been used in indoor and outdoor locations worldwide.  Philadelphia lends well for old-world styles of decor.  It can also be modernized with the use of metallics and clean lines as you see in this bathroom application.


Circulos GW is another cement tile design that’s been tough to keep in stock at our warehouse.  This simple geometric pattern has been featured on multiple home improvement shows which has spurred it’s popularity.

cantera pool coping
Pinon cantera tile and Tobacco Brown cantera coping

Last but not least, Cantera stone fell into the Mexican tiles report for 2016.  While Cantera is typically used as architectural features (stone fireplaces, columns, and hoods), these Mexican tiles are an ideal material to be used around pools.  The stone tile offers a non-slip surface, easy maintenance, and comes in a variety of colors.

It’s a reflective process here at Rustico as we look back at a given year.  From one season of our business to the next, popularity of Mexican tiles changes.  But one thing remains the same – We have great products that ship worldwide, amazing prices, and our staff is here to walk with you each step of the way.  If you’re shopping for Mexican tiles and need some advice, just contact us (in 2017)!