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Secrets Unveiled! Timeless Home Decor Trends Begin with Decorative Floor Tile

Ssshhh! I’m revealing secrets – but only to YOU. Ok, maybe these are not huge secrets, but if you’re reading this blog, there’s a solid chance that you may be in the middle of a home remodel or in planning stages for building a new home. Either way, the secret to creating timeless home décor starts with decorative floor tile. Settle in for a few secrets unveiled.

decorative floor tile
Solid Color Concrete Tile – Durable and Affordable


Concrete tile is the rave. I do not over exaggerate this point. People, designers, architects. Everyone is going crazy over this extremely durable and exquisite decorative floor tile option. Concrete tile dates back to the days of clay encaustic tile. If you’ve ever strolled through historic places in Europe, your feet have graced 200+-year-old decorative floor tile. Can you believe it’s still there as the foundation to these timeless looks?

charcoal concrete tile
Bright light against this Charcoal Concrete Tile creates an inviting space


Today, these tiles have been made more durable by swapping clay for concrete. Decorative concrete tiles are landing in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, and other commercial spaces throughout the world. This type of decorative floor tile offers the perfect marriage between a timeless home décor trend and quality. I envy anyone who has this look of solid color concrete tiles as flooring. Solid color concrete tile is so simple, and yet it’s authentically unique.

decorative concrete tile
Patterns play well even in small spaces like bathrooms


Alternatively, you can get busy with patterns in spaces that command attention. As someone who sells decorative floor tile, I enjoy seeing what our customers create. They chose from many designs in our Traditional Collection, pick out colors distinct to the project, and we make it. Every tile shipment that arrives at our warehouse from the factory is like a little piece of Christmas morning for me personally. Thank you, dear customers, with ambitions of tile design!

Mexican Saltillo Floor Tile
16-inch Saltillo Tile was color-sorted to reduce golden shades in this Hacienda style home


Mexican Saltillo floor tile also lends itself to timeless home décor trends. I recently enjoyed a visit from a Dallas Texas couple who purchased a 1930’s hacienda-style home. The flooring has original Mexican Saltillo tile. OMG. It blew me away to see how the floor had patinaed with age to something of historical beauty. It’s fun to ponder the life that this decorative floor tile has seen in over nearly 100 years. You just can’t beat the quality or timeless look of handmade Mexican Saltillo floor tile.

Obviously, this type of decorative floor tile bodes well in hacienda and Spanish style homes. But I love to see it in many other architectural styles as well! Beach homes are a fitting place for Saltillo flooring. The floor holds up well to salty air, and wet feet when it has a quality topcoat sealer applied for protection. Farm and ranch styles homeowners also appreciate handmade Saltillo for its durability and rustic characteristics. And if you’re working on a Modern-Vintage style home, check out our Manganese Saltillo finish. It has neutral tones of color that pair well to offer a dark contrast against light home décor colors.

Riviera Terra Cotta Tile
The Riviera pattern is our most popular Saltillo tile pattern


And shapes? Yes, shapes galore! Decorative floor tile selected to create timeless home décor must be given consideration in a variety of forms. Don’t be fearful of mixing shapes and patterns in your home to create added visual interest.

The last secret I have to offer includes using accent tiles and accessories. Again, concrete tile in colorful patterns is an excellent option for accents. Of course, painted Talavera tiles are tried and true. These Mexican accent tiles compliment painted sinks, cabinet hardware, and colorful artwork. Throw in beautiful pottery or Cantera stone accents, and you’ve created timeless home décor to last a lifetime. It all started with your decorative tile flooring choices.

decorative mexican floor tile
Painted Talavera Tiles contrast beautifully against more neutral Antique Saltillo in the Riviera pattern


Rustico Tile and Stone offers LOW wholesale-direct prices and worldwide shipping for Mexican tile and stone including Concrete tile, Saltillo tile, Cantera Stone, and Talavera tiles. Talk to one of our product specialists today for design tips and ideas. We’re here to help you create your dream home.

Make Every Space Count

Everything You Need to Create a Spanish Style Home

Are you designing the palatial casa of your dreams? Fortunately, Spanish style home decor is prevalent from coast-to-coast. You don’t have to look far to find examples of Spanish Revival architecture! Spanish style home decor is made easy with these simple design elements influenced by Spanish culture.

spanish style home decor

Start by setting the foundation of your casa designs with Mexican tile flooring. In the cosmos of Mexican tiles, there exists a heaping amount of affordable tile options. Saltillo tile flooring is the most common choice, because it lends to many styles. Fortunately, handmade Saltillo tile is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Antique Riviera Bathroom Saltillo Tile
Antique Riviera Bathroom Saltillo Tile


For a foolproof Spanish revival look, consider the Antique Riviera pattern which combines the San Felipe and Fleur de Lis shaped tiles. With a textured surface, Antique Saltillo is reminiscent of reclaimed terracotta. Not to mention, it’s only a fraction of the price compared to real, reclaimed tiles!

mexican tile floor and decor
Hexagon Manganese Flooring, Cement Tile Risers, Manganese Coping as Stair Tread


Manganese saltillo plays out nicely in Spanish style homes as well. As seen here, this 12×12 Hexagon Manganese Saltillo displays a neutral color range of light and dark brown, teemed with Merlot shades of color throughout.

Next, Spanish style homes are known for pageants of color. Paired with the Manganese hexagon saltillo floor above, is decorative Cement tile on the risers of this grand staircase.  Similarly, Cement tiles offer a durable solution for wall and floor tiles where color is needed to personalize a space. I adore cement tiles because the designs can be customized in colors specifically suited to your Spanish style home. Check out Rustico Tile and Stone’s selection of Cement tile designs!

talavera tile
Painted Talavera Mexican Tiles with Cantera Stone Hood, Trim, and Countertops


Most traditionally, painted Talavera tiles are used as color accents in homes swayed by Spanish decor. In like manner, consider adding pops of color through textiles such as accent pillows or Talavera pottery.

cantera surround mexican tiles
Cantera niche surround with painted Talavera tiles


Next, Spanish style home decor and architecture typically feature built in niches and alcoves.  These are quintessential areas suited to display rustic artwork, wall tiles, or creative effects with accent lighting.

spanish style home
Photo Credit: Jauregui Architecture


You can also create Spanish style home decor by tying in dark wood elements and ornamental iron work.  I love the look of bulky, rustic iron chandeliers and adorning wall sconces. I’ve said it before — lighting is the jewelry of your home, so make a statement with the choice of your lighting.

In the same way that ironwork boldly speaks ‘I am Spanish decor!’, so does rustic styled furniture. This is yet another element where dark wood can be incorporated for a typical Spanish influence. Finally, accessorize with culturally infused Spanish elements to complete the look.

12x12 saltillo tile
12×12 Traditional Saltillo tile with 4×4 Copper insert tiles. Topcoat sealer used is TerraNano Gloss finish.


Now that you’re up to speed with these design elements, have some fun in creating your Spanish style home. Once it’s complete, throw a party! Serve delectable margaritas! Turn up the mariachi music! Your friends will surely be impressed by your cultural design prowess!

To find out if Spanish style flooring and accents tiles are good for your space, contact one of our specialists today! We ship worldwide and offer wholesale-direct prices!

Make Every Space Count!

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If you’re looking for concrete tile for a kitchen or bath remodel, contact us today! Not only are our prices INCREDIBLE… but our quality is even better! And we ship worldwide! What’s not to love?!  Concrete tile is ideal for creating beautiful spaces with the durability to last a lifetime!