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How to Buy Saltillo Terra Cotta Tile

Learn the easiest and most affordable way to buy handmade Saltillo Tile from the pros at Rustico Tile and Stone. We are the experts when it comes to Mexican tiles and Terra Cotta Flooring.

Follow our 1, 2, 3 processes to make sure you get a beautiful floor that fits your budget! Check often for promotions and discounts on our multiple terracotta color finishes and dozens of tile shapes and sizes.

Just watch this short video to Learn More about how to buy saltillo tile.

Contact us to get your Price Estimate today!

How to Create a Rustic Style Fireplace for Spanish Home Decor

It’s glorious, right? Intricate, calculated, and grand. This rustic style fireplace creates an unexpected focal point in a beautifully designed Spanish style home. Not only does a rustic style fireplace add the function of warmth to its home, but it’s also a great way to punch up the style of choice. In this home, rustic and Spanish style flavor comes to life as a result of schemed forethought.

rustic style fireplace
Rustic Style Stone Fireplace


Allow me to unpack how the various trades of construction and design came together to create this masterpiece for intentional Spanish style home décor.

Numbers don’t lie. It took 4 Men, 3 Weeks, 4 Tons of Stone, 4,500 Pieces of Stone, and 3 Tear Downs to get to the perfect finished piece.

As with any construction project, it starts with the foundation. For a wall to hold the weight of four tons of stone, the concrete foundation of this Spanish style home must be solid. More than solid – unyielding.

spanish style stone fireplace
Spanish Style Rustic Stone Fireplace


Next, the framer tips his hat to the project. The framer must meet the challenge of erecting a structure from floor to ceiling that will bear the weight of this rustic style fireplace vertically and horizontally. His team sets in heat barriers appropriate to the foundation wall and fire code.

decorative terracotta tile
6×6 Decorative Terracotta Tiles


The design (completed months before construction begins) will finally be actualized. Embedded into this stone fireplace is four tons of sandstone native to the Hill Country of Central Texas. Then, upon delivery of the sandstone, each block is cut, chipped, and chopped into smaller individual pieces which eventually take resident in the wall. That’s right. 4,500 stones become embedded together piece-by-piece. These stones are mortared from behind, top, and bottom.

Progress continues and several pieces are placed over a period of time. A step is taken back to evaluate. More pieces fasten in securely. There were three tear-downs involved in this 3-week process bore by four skilled masons.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore the craft of a good mason? These people are real artisans who forge something beautiful out of raw earth materials. And it’s back-breaking, challenging work.  Go hug a mason.

antique reclaimed wooden mantle
Antique Reclaimed Wooden Mantle from Mexico


Decorative Spanish terracotta tiles accent around the firebox while a reclaimed antique Spanish wooden mantle anchors into place. The sandstone hearth completes the structure. Top it off with the jewelry of accent lighting. The rustic style light not only illuminates the entire wall, but it also adds an inviting ambiance for those who will gather in the presence of this fireplace’s giving warmth.

You can create the same look for your Spanish style home decor. For other Spanish style fireplace ideas, check out our Cantera Stone fireplace designs.

Check back often for more Spanish style home decor elements found in this Texas Hill Country Hacienda.  Make Every Space Count!

4 House Hacks for Spanish Style Home Decor

Is your home is begging for the transformation of Spanish style home decor seen on the beachfront of Mexico?   If your home has the structural bones in place, the right curbside appeal, then you can believe in the potential of design transformation! Check out these four easy house hacks to create the Spanish Style Home decor of your dreams!

spanish style home tile
12×12 Traditional Saltillo Tile Flooring

House Hack #1 – Flooring. Yes, Spanish tile is near and dear to my heart so of course, I’ll start with this topic.  Shocker, I know.  I recommend that you approach creating your Spanish style home decor from its foundation – flooring.  Mexican tile flooring offers many options for you to consider. Handmade Saltillo tile is most traditional for a Spanish style home decor.  Keep it classic with Traditional Saltillo and its range of terracotta colors.

Manganese Saltillo Riviera Pattern
Manganese Saltillo in the Riviera Pattern

Or give your Spanish tile flooring a spin with Manganese Saltillo (brown tones) or Antique Saltillo (textured, old-world look).

antique saltillo tile

Antique Saltillo tile is hand-textured and offers a perfect solution for outdoor areas that require a nonslip finish.

When you buy this type of Spanish tile terracotta flooring, buy it pre-sealed to save on cost and overall maintenance.  With a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns from which to choose, Saltillo tile is the perfect choice for creating a space laden in Spanish style home decor.

spanish style lighting
Spanish Style Lighting

House Hack #2 – Lighting. Lighting is an easy hack to accomplish – both indoor and outdoor. Spanish style home decor typically boasts decorative iron chandeliers and bronze or copper sconces. Check out some of my favorite choices for adding the right flavor to your up and coming Spanish style home.

Illuminate your outdoor walkways with wall lights, posts, and street lanterns.  I love sconces in hallways or in spaces across from large mirrors where the light can be reflected.

spanish style home decor
Spanish Style Home Decor – Lighting, Flooring, and Stone Features

Iron chandeliers soften typical Spanish style home decor elements such as stone fireplaces and columns. Use your lighting choices to dress up your home and solidify your Spanish style design choice.

House Hack #3 – Architectural Features. Decorative pillows and pottery are cute but let’s think bigger and bolder. One of the most visible elements in a Spanish Style home is its architectural features.  Tasteful Spanish style features create a focal point in rooms or a gathering place in homes.

pinon cantera stone fireplace surround
Pinon Cantera Stone Fireplace

Consider a Cantera stone fireplace that is hand-carved with decorative elements to match your style. Chunky wooden beams add inviting ambiance to grand living rooms.

Finally, consider bringing your living space to the outdoors by gathering friends and family around a Cantera stone fountain or firepit.  Who doesn’t love smores around a firepit?

mexican tile floor and decor
Cement Tile Risers with Manganese Saltillo Hexagon and Stair Coping Tiles

House Hack #4 – Color. I love color and the personality that it adds to a Spanish style home. Do you want to modernize a room with a monochromatic color theme? Or perhaps you’d like to spice up your kitchen with bold patterns?  Either way, your color choice will bring the entire Spanish style home decor look to completion.

concrete tile flooring
Cement Tile for Bathrooms – durable and timeless.

Here’s where we can talk pillows and pottery but again, let’s get beyond the decorative surface and explore color with tile.  Tile is artwork when done right. Cement tile is a go-to for a Spanish style home.  Encaustic-style Cement Tile comes in a plethora of designs and colors.  Its beauty is met alongside its function and durability, so this makes it a favorite choice for adding color.

Ideal areas of the home to use decorative tile include kitchen flooring and backsplashes, bathroom flooring and showers, patio flooring, and entryways. I especially like the impact that colorful cement tiles have when used as wall tile.  Wall tiles create a stunning focal point. Do something daring and add colorful tile to your Spanish style home.

Rustico Tile and Stone is the source for Mexican tile and stone.  Contact us to speak with one of our product specialists today for advice on bringing Spanish style décor elements to your home. We’re here to help, and we ship worldwide.  Make Every Space Count!

How to Choose the Best Mexican Tile Grout Color

If you’re like most DIY’ers, you’re growing weary of making any more decisions related to your construction project. You’ve spent months selecting paint colors, hardware, light fixtures, cabinet styles, and trim options. You’ve agonized over the type of tile, size of a tile, and shape of the tile. And now it’s time to select your Mexican tile grout color. The upside is that you’re in the homestretch of decision making for your project!

mexican tiles on stairs
Consider a grout color that will complement all of the tile in your space.

To most people, grout color is a footnote. It’s just not something that considered to be significant. Does that little line of paste between your tiles matter to the overall look of your space? Let’s evaluate a few things about Mexican tile grout color and its maintenance.

From a functional perspective, you need grout. Mexican tile grout is not just an “upsell” that you’re persuaded to buy. It serves a real purpose. Grout cements your tiles to one another at their sides. By covering the sides of the tile, it also protects your Mexican tile by preventing chips along the edges and from wearing down prematurely.

You have three options when it comes to grout color strategy. Match, Contrast, or Complement.

coping mexican saltillo floor tile
Neutral colors are a safe bet when deciding on grout colors.

Choose a matching grout color if you want the overall perspective of your tile to look larger than it really is. By selecting a Mexican tile grout color that matches the color of your tile, your grout lines become less pronounced, and the tile becomes the real storyteller.

manganese mexican saltillo tile
Contrasting color of mortar mix used as grout with this Manganese Saltillo Tile.

Choose a contrasting Mexican tile grout color to shift the eye’s focus to the shape of the tile. Doing so, yields to the pattern of your floor or wall space. A grout color that contrasts the color of the tile will create a busier look for your area. This is ideal when you’ve selected a beautifully shaped tile pattern.

saltillo tile grout
Complimentary brown grout to blend into Manganese Saltillo Tile. It also contrasts with the Traditional Saltillo tile.

Choose a complementary grout color if you merely want to play it safe. Most tiles blend well with gray, beige, and neutral tones. Bland colors may not conjure up a unique aesthetic, but it will prevent you from making a costly mistake on a bolder Mexican tile grout color choice.

There you have it – the ins and outs of grout color choices. One of the most popular questions we receive is “What type of Mexican tile grout do I need for my floor?” Fortunately, it’s an easy answer as well as a low-cost solution. Regular mortar mix is our Mexican tile grout of choice. There are several brands available. Our installers stick with Quikcrete Mortar Mix which is found at most improvement stores. Once mortar mix is dry, it displays light gray color. This is most traditional for Mexican tile floors.

antique mexican tile
Dark grout was left on the surface of this textured tile to accentuate the Antique look.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to seal your grout. Since we’re in the Mexican tile business, our process is simple. Buy our Mexican tile pre-sealed so it is ready to install upon delivery. After installation is complete and your floor is clean and dry, apply a final topcoat sealer for scratch resistance, UV protection, and other benefits. With this last coat of sealer, your grout is also sealed and protected. Our best quality Mexican tile sealer (TerraNano topcoat sealer) has a generous lifespan of 10-15 years. What’s better than a floor that you love which requires very little maintenance?

Check back often for more design and installation tips. If you’re considering Mexican tile for your next project, contact us today. We offer wholesale prices and worldwide delivery of Mexican Tile, Saltillo Tile, Cement Tile, Cantera Stone, and Talavera tiles.

Make Every Space Count!