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Saltillo Tile with Paw Prints

Are the paw prints on Saltillo tile real or fake?

How can you find more Saltillo tiles with paw prints?

What do they mean?

paw print saltillo tile

These are all common questions we hear at Rustico Tile & Stone.  First, I must clarify one very important thing:  The paw prints are only natural IF your Saltillo tile is authentic and handmade from the clay found in riverbeds in Coahuila, Mexico.  If your Mexican tile is, in fact, “real,”… then your paw prints are most likely real.

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saltillo tile with paw print
Time for a Siesta

By real, we mean that the paw prints come from live animals.  Any producer who just stamps the clay with fabricated paw prints is taking away the good fortune of authentic rustic charm. Superstitious people consider the presence of these trademarks to be good luck.  Consider placing your tiles with paw prints in entryways or kitchens to spark a fun conversation! Plus, terracotta Saltillo tiles are a durable and stylish flooring option for your home.

So, what creatures do these prints belong to?  The most common animals roaming the grounds where Saltillo tiles are made are (but are not limited to): coyotes, dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, birds, and even wolves in rare circumstances.  Dog and coyote paw prints are the most common.  One of our customers found a single Saltillo tile with a dog and a cat paw print.  What a treat!

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This phenomenon occurs during the manufacturing process. When the wet clay tiles are laid in wide-open spaces where they semi-dry in the sun, critters roam around at night and leave their marks.  Once the tiles are dry enough to move to a kiln, they are removed from the ground and kiln-fired to harden fully. Learn more about the art behind the architecture of terracotta flooring.

We at Rustico Tile & Stone believe these paw prints are an added blessing to any home or business. If you’re superstitious, it’s rumored that Saltillo tile paw prints are the “protectors” of the home or business where they’re laid.

Not only do the paw prints show up in Mexican Saltillo tile, but check out the hundreds of year-old terracotta tile paw prints found on Florence’s medieval cathedral roof.

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12 thoughts on “Saltillo Tile with Paw Prints”

  1. Hi Elisa – Yes! We have select paw print tiles available! Someone from our team will reach out to you today!

  2. I would love to order just tiles with paw, leaf or other imprints in them for incorporating into flooring in my home. How should I go about this?

  3. Hi Jem – I LOVE our paw print tiles! Someone from my team will reach out to you to gather a few more details about how many tiles you need.

  4. Hello there – I would like to purchase some 12X12 tile pieces with paw prints – can you have somebody reach out to me?


  5. HI. We recently bought a home where the previous owners ripped out the travertine floor tiles and installed Saltillo tiles instead. We just noticed the paw prints in the tile the other day and they seem to be strategically placed in high traffic areas (in front of our front door, at the foot of the kitchen sink, by the fridge). How does one know if the tiles used are “authentic” paw print tiles vs. manufactured? Thanks!

  6. Great question – sometimes it can be hard to decipher. The majority of paw prints “out there” are authentic. I’ve found that the stamped paw prints just look too “perfect”. Most paw prints have varied consistency in the imprint. If in doubt, just believe they are real!

  7. Hi Pat – Our paw print tiles are very unique! Someone will reach out to you today through the email address that you provided. Or just call our office at 512-260-9111

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