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Want to know what triggers our world? THIS! Watch this short video to see who is behind the heart and soul of what we do! It’s these hands. It’s the hands of many artisans from one generation to the next making handmade Saltillo tile. These are the hands behind the architecture of Mexican tile.

I hope this video also gives you some insight into why we say that handmade Saltillo tile is a rustic style tile. This generations-old process for making tile results in terracotta floor tile that displays beautiful rustic characteristics including size and texture variations, color variations, chips, bumps, hairline cracks, and more. No two tiles are the same. Highly sought after, for hundreds of years, Saltillo tile is known as a durable perfectly imperfect terracotta floor tile.

Neutral colors are a safe bet when deciding on grout colors.

To learn more about handmade Saltillo tile and other types of Mexican tile, browse our website. Check out the photo galleries and our blog to learn more about the hands behind the architecture of our products. We are the experts when it comes to Mexican tile and stone. As the largest manufacturer for authentic Saltillo tile, we also are the leading distributor for other types of Mexican tile including encaustic-style cement tile, Cantera stone, and painted Talavera tiles. Based just outside Austin, Texas, our customers enjoy wholesale-direct prices for materials shipped worldwide.

Do you need some design ideas? Tile patterns advice for your next home remodel or new construction? Maybe you want to bounce some installation ideas (for one of our tiles) off of someone knowledgeable? Contact one of our product specialists today! Once we narrow down precisely what you need for your next project, we can send a price estimate to you too.

At Rustico Tile & Stone, we care about creating affordable, beautiful spaces. We challenge you to Make Every Space Count in your project too!

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