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The Spanish Tile Floor Cheat Sheet

Spanish Tile Floor Designs & Ideas

This is the Spanish Tile Cheat Sheet. We break it down into product categories: Saltillo tile, Terracotta Flooring, Cement tile, Talavera, & Cantera. Following that are topics about Spanish-style homes and rustic home decor ideas.

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Handmade Saltillo Tile

Handmade Terracotta Floor Tile in Multiple Sizes, Shapes, & Colors

Saltillo tile is a type of terracotta flooring that is handmade in Mexico. It’s known to be one of the world’s most durable terracotta floor tiles due to its clay origins. Explore the topics below about Saltillo tile’s multiple colors, shapes, sizes, and rustic-style flooring options. Find it often in Spanish-style homes though it lends itself to a variety of design and architectural styles

The Ultimate Guide To Saltillo Tile Flooring

spanish mission red terracotta tile

Saltillo Tile Sizes &

mexican saltillo tile colors

Saltillo Tile Colors & Finishes

how terracotta tile is made

About Saltillo Tile & How It’s Made

buy sealed saltillo tile

Sealed vS Unsealed Saltillo: Pros & Cons

octagon spanish saltillo tile

What you Don’t know about Spanish Tile

Handmade Cement Tile

Encaustic-Style Concrete Tile in Multiple Sizes, Shapes, & Colors

Handmade Cement tile is thriving in residential and commercial interior design today. Beauty meets function with the customization options built into durable and low-maintenance concrete tiles. Explore the most popular topics below about handmade Cement tiles.

modern rustic decor tile

What Not to do with Cement Tile

how to pick a custom concrete tile pattern

Cement Tile Patterns & Designs

rustic terracotta tile flooring

About Cement Tile & How It’s Made

modern rustic decor

Decorative Bathroom Flooring Ideas

hexagon cement tile

Fall in Love with Hexagon Cement Tile

spanish tile

What’s Up with Concrete Tile Flooring

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Handmade Mexican Tile & Stone

Is it Spanish Tile if it’s Made in Mexico?

Why are we referring to Mexican tile as Spanish tile? Because so many of our customers do! Mexican tile is commonly referred to as Spanish tile in areas like New Mexico, even though it’s not from Spain. This fact’s historical and cultural origins are intriguing and meant for another post. Here are some product lines that, while technically “Mexican” tile, are also called Spanish tile and stone.

6x12 spanish mission red

Types of Mexican Tile Floors & FAQs

spanish style bathroom

Spanish Style Bathroom Decor Tips

log cabin rustic style

Rustic Decor Ideas for Southwest Design

rustic style kitchen

5 Rustic Kitchen Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

antique riviera pattern saltillo

5 Must-Haves for Modern-Rustic Decor

spanish mission red terracotta tile

4 House Hacks for Spanish Style Decor

Handmade Cantera Tile

Architectural Natural Stone in Many Colors & Custom Sizes

Cantera stone is a hand-carved, natural stone featured in homes and businesses worldwide. Explore options for many colors of Cantera in columns, fireplace surrounds, outdoor tile & pool coping, balustrades, and more.

cantera stone pool coping

Cantera Tile & Pool Coping

cantera colors

Explore the Variety of Cantera Colors

tobacco brown cantera stone columns

Cantera Stone – What Is It?

Spanish Style Decor & Design Ideas

Timeless rustic style decor that spans the globe

The Spanish-style decor is iconic in homes, businesses, hotels, and restaurants worldwide. It’s known for its natural tile and stone elements accented by colorful features, soft architectural curves, and arches. Explore our most popular posts about Spanish-style decor and design ideas.

spanish tile flooring

Elements of Spanish Home Decor

octagon mexican terracotta tile floor

Spanish Tile Flooring Ideas

terracotta floor tile

Terracotta Floor Tile in Rustic Home Decor

rustic kitchen decor

What is Rustic Decor Style?

rustic bedroom decor

Rustic Home Decor Ideas

rustic mexican tile

Mexican Tile in Spanish-Style Homes

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