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7 Simple (But Important) Rustic Home Decor Ideas

rustic home decor ideas

You spend hours searching for rustic home decor ideas online, right?

Here are seven ideas that are classic examples rustic home decor – the less finite approach to decoration. Isn’t that what we love about this style? It’s a little bit rugged. It’s somewhat restrained while savory. It’s A LOT charming. And still, it’s timeless.

Of course, don’t limit your rustic home decor ideas to a list of seven. But, these seven examples below represent typical elements of rustic style design.

rustic home decor ideas
Rustic Home Decor Idea #1

Exposed Beams & Interior Bricks

Wood beams and exposed brick are an iconic attribute to rustic style homes. These focal points offer insight to a home’s architectural style that can’t be seen from the exterior. If you’re looking for rustic home decor ideas for a remodel that doesn’t have existing beams or brick, consider a good imitation. For example, there are good options for replicas made from polyurethane and foam. Plus, they offer a natural effect when you’re not privy to real wooden beams or interior brick walls. Photo: Deavita.net

oversized furniture in rustic home decor
Rustic Home Decor Idea #2

Rustic & Oversized Furniture

Oversized and rustic furniture creates a rugged but inviting atmosphere in this home office. Paired with its arched wooden beams and exposed stone wall, this space invites you for a period of respite or diligent work. This oversized furniture creates a larger-than-life appearance. It’s a trick from the pros that’s useful in any space. The furniture is artisan-made, leathered, or textured in rustic homes. Above all, consider rustic home decor ideas that combine furniture and a natural, down-to-earth style. Photo: Decoist

terracotta tile flooring
Rustico Home Decor Idea #3

Terracotta Tile Flooring

Warm and earthen tones of terracotta tile flooring are the foundation for a rustic home. Today, there are many options for shapes and sizes of terracotta tile flooring in handmade Saltillo tile. Similar to decorating with oversized furniture, large format tiles give the illusion of expanded space. But also, decorative shapes like Arabesque and Hexagon tiles offer a timeless feel to any rustic home. Check out Traditional, Manganese, & Antique color finishes for more options of rustic kitchen ideas with terracotta tile flooring.

Rustic Home Decor Idea #4

Decorative Tile Backsplash

Of so many rustic home decor ideas, this is one of the most popular! Decorative tile backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms are an outlet to display personality and taste. Decorative tiles are artwork in every sense. For example, this encaustic-style Cement tile is the backdrop for a rustic wooden sink in this Southwest interior design style home. It’s a playful contrast between modern and rugged. And it works! Dare to be bold and incorporate colorful tiles into a kitchen or bathroom backsplash.

rustic style bathroom decor
Rustic Home Decor Idea #5

Copper Bathtub & Sinks

How about soaking in this romantic-style Copper bathtub? In likeness to the personality of colorful Mexican tiles and terracotta flooring, Copper sinks and tubs speak volumes about a homeowner’s personal vibe. Likewise, copper features are rustic, and they feel luxurious. Also, they are functional too! Hammered copper offers a naturally antibacterial surface and it’s easy to maintain. Plus, it ages like a fine wine. It matures with a unique patina as time passes.

iron lighting for rustic home decor
Rustic Home Decor Idea #6

Wrought Iron Hardware & Lighting

Hardware and lighting are the jewelry of a home. Yes, wrought iron is most common in rustic home decor. But the brass, stainless steel, and glass modernize rustic style spaces too. Don’t be afraid to mix metals in kitchens and bathrooms. For example, stainless steel appliances, iron cabinet pulls, and an iron chandelier with glass embellishments offer both rustic and sophisticated ambiance. 

rustic outdoor flooring
Rustic Home Decor Idea #7

Outdoor Living

Finally, your research about rustic home decor ideas should include an element of outdoor living. All of the ideas above have a place in the great outdoors too! That’s because the interior rustic style comes from aspects of nature – wood, metal, and earthen colors. So get rugged and get outdoors! Terracotta flooring, stone fountains, wooden pillars, and iron lighting construct comfortable atmospheres for gatherings with friends or family.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you find this to be helpful!

Do you have any other must-have rustic home decor ideas?  Leave a comment below!

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