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Rustic Decor Ideas for Southwest Style Interior Design

rustic home decor ideas

Rustic Décor Ideas Are The Exclamation Mark For Southwest Style Interior Design Themes. The Inspiration Of Southwestern Style Homes Hails From 18th & 19th-Century American Settlers And Spanish Pioneers. These People Established The American Southwest.

You didn’t know you’d get a history lesson today, did you? All good modern architecture exists using its early roots in history – the stories told and left untold. So, let’s dive into the characteristics of southwest style interior design made easy with just a few rustic décor ideas for this evolving style.

adobe style home
Soft lines of Adobe-style architecture

While New Mexico and Arizona are natural hotspots for southwest interior design, anyone can create this style using a few relevant rustic décor ideas. This style is geography-driven, right? Southwestern style = American Southwest. We can’t address the style elements without first looking at the influence of landscape and culture. The desert landscape, Spanish culture, & a relaxed lifestyle are the bellwether elements guiding this distinct style.

outdoor mexican tile
Colorful Mexican tiles in outdoor spaces add a punch of color. Photo Credit: HGTV

First, the desert landscape gives rise to the colors of southwestern design – neutral, warm hues. However, the color palette leaves room for bold accent colors. Spanish pioneer influence adds multifarious variables of wrought ironwork, rustic-style wooden furniture, functional pottery, and clay tile floors.

rustic home decor ideas
Terracotta Flooring, Woven Rugs, & Wrought Iron Chandelier.
Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Some rustic décor ideas that hold to desert landscapes include:

adobe style saltillo floor tile
Adobe Style Home with Saltillo Floor Tiles. Photo Credit: Hookedonhouses.net

Next, in addition to the landscape, a relaxed lifestyle is another southwest-style interior design marker.  Having low-maintenance, decluttered spaces in the desert is essential. You can see this in southwestern-style architectural elements of homes.

16x16 Traditional Saltillo Tile
16×16 Mexican Saltillo Tile is a type of Terracotta Flooring

Some rustic décor ideas for a relaxed lifestyle include:

  • Adobe-style homes with soft lines and traditional arches
  • Stucco plaster on exterior spaces and outdoor living elements
  • Fuss-free Terracotta tile floors that are low maintenance
  • Clay pottery or stone planters for indoor and outdoor spaces
southwest style color palette
Typical Southwest-style color palette. Photo Credit: LovetoKnow.com

Also, the colors of southwest style interior design are some of the most distinguishing ingredients of this style. Its desert landscape inspires the brushstrokes of Southwest-style colors. They are warm, neutral colors like Manganese Saltillo tile. However, bright and bold colors have found their place in the lineup thanks to dominating Spanish influence.

spanish style kitchen
Mexican Talavera Tile is a popular choice for backsplash tiles.

Some rustic décor ideas using the southwestern style color palette include:

mexican saltillo tile st. augustine fl
San Felipe Traditional Saltillo

And finally, texture plays a significant role in southwest style interior design. As with colors, texture evolves from strong Spanish influence. The texture also reflects the available natural resources of the American Southwest landscape. One of the most important surface textures is terracotta flooring.

Clay tile floors are a signature mark of southwestern-style homes because they are durable, have warm colors, and provide the foundation of hardscape texture in Adobe homes. Terracotta flooring, also known as Mexican Saltillo tile, is available in various shapes, sizes, and color finishes. Using these tiles, you can create the perfect Southwest-style bedroom retreat.

woven mexican blankets
Woven Mexican blankets – bold color and added texture to Southwest style interior design

Some other rustic décor ideas to incorporate natural southwestern style textures include:

  • Mexican-style blankets, pillows, and woven upholstery
  • Large, dark wooden ceiling beams
  • Wooden furniture with hand-carved embellishments
  • Woven grasses, braided rugs, and bulky woven baskets
  • Wrought iron light fixtures and adorning wall art
rustic decor ideas
Landscape, Culture, Texture, & Colors work cohesively, creating Southwest Interior Design. Photo Credit: HGTV

With weighty influence from our Spanish neighbors, the southwestern style of interior design has become a distinctly American style. It is the product of generations of adaptation. And it continues to evolve into what is becoming modern elegance. No matter your geographic location, southwest-style interior design can make its way into your space.  With careful forethought and planning, this is one of the most natural and affordable home décor styles to accomplish.  Just keep it simple, incorporate a few signature elements, punch up accent colors and artwork, and enjoy the relaxed southwestern lifestyle.

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To sum it all up… (share the infographic below with your loved ones!)

home decor ideas for a southwest style house

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