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Outdoor Terracotta Tiles: Modern Trends for Outdoor Areas

As we revel in summer warmth and alfresco living, Outdoor Terracotta tiles are once again stealing the décor show. Are you ready to get in on the trend? Let’s take a quick look at the attributes of Terracotta tile and then explore some inspiring design options to help you transform your ho-hum outdoor space into a real-life oasis.


Terracotta Tiles Suitable for Outdoors

Terracotta tiles are an excellent outdoor choice, provided they are correctly installed. These tiles are trending in all sorts of open-air spaces in 2023. Some popular areas for outdoor terracotta tiles are:

  • Breezeways
  • Courtyards
  • Gardens
  • Pools

Additionally, terracotta outdoor tiles are particularly well suited to temperate climates with moderate heat and cold variations. In such regions, tile maintenance for homeowners is remarkably minimal.

But, if your patio is in a less-than-temperate location, don’t worry; Terracotta tiles pull their weight in outdoor spaces with tougher inclement weather.

Regardless of your geographic location, it’s essential that your tiles have a high-quality topcoat sealer with UV protection when the floor installation happens. Notably, this helps prevent fading in sunlight over time.

spanish style home with mexican tiles

Patios with Terracotta Tiles

Outdoor Terracotta tiles are incredibly versatile, which means you’ve got a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

Our Saltillo Terracotta tiles come in many shapes and sizes. Some of our popular summer patterns include:

spanish mission red floor tile in woodland hills california

What Patio Design Styles Are Good For Terracotta?

Consider including other design elements that complement the color and design of your Terracotta tiles. For example:

  • Pair your new flooring with hand-carved Cantera stone columns for a Tuscan aesthetic.
  • Install a Cantera stone fountain for a touch of serenity.
  • Add a splash of color with a bright porch pillow, throw blankets, pottery, and flowers.

Want to See It In Your Room?

Room Visualizer Tool

Need a little help visualizing? Allow us to set the scene with a few patio design styles.

Mediterranean Style Patio

Picture yourself on a grand patio shaded by a vine-draped pergola. Underfoot, earth-toned Terracotta Saltillo patio tiles in varying sizes create a warm mosaic pattern. Arrange dark teak chairs with comfy blankets around a rustic dining table. In the background, hanging lanterns and vibrant flowerpots complete the relaxing tableau.  

Contemporary Style Patio

Imagine a minimalist patio tucked away in a lush garden. Large-format Terracotta tiles create a modern, luxurious ambiance. Black and white furniture adds appealing contrast, while contemporary flower beds and a Cantera stone statue provide dimension for the space.

Spanish Style Patio

Bask on an outdoor patio that invites relaxation and leisure. Embrace leisure with warm Saltillo flooring, wrought iron accents, and the soothing sound of a trickling Cantera fountain. The gentle glow of lanterns and string lights boasts a sanctuary that’s perfect for enjoying fajitas and margaritas.

Terracotta tiles complement and enhance the design of just about any outdoor living space. So, let your imagination run free and embrace the possibilities.

patio terracotta pavers

Pool Decks with Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta tiles are a top choice for tropical and southern climates, where they excel in outdoor applications such as pool decking and coping. These gorgeous tiles are:

  1. Durable
  2. Slip-resistant (with proper sealer for terracotta)
  3. Customizable
  4. Easy to clean and maintain

Installing Terracotta tiles as pool decking offers the perfect fusion of beauty and practicality. Their warm, earthy tones enhance the surrounding scenery, while their naturally porous nature provides superior slip resistance. (Remember to add proper sealer for slip and water resistance benefits.)

Terracotta tiles provide a practical, nonslip edge and artistically define the pool’s border when used as pool coping. They also create a striking contrast to other design elements in the space and stand out against the shimmering blue of the water.

Pair the Terracotta deck and pool coping for a streamlined design flow. Or, if you have stone features in your outdoor space that you’d like to match (such as columns or a fountain), use Cantera stone pool coping to tie everything together.

antique saltillo tile patio
Antique Saltillo Tile

Can Terracotta Tiles Get Wet?

Yes, Terracotta can get wet. That makes Terracotta tiles suitable for pool surrounds and other damp or humid areas. But to avoid possible staining, dirt damage, pool chemical exposure, and harmful UV rays, invest in terracotta floor tile sealer. The sealant also ensures outdoor terracotta tiles are thoroughly water-resistant and protected. But also, to get the best traction on your outdoor patio Terracotta tiles, use a quality nonslip sealer (applied as a topcoat sealer after installing the tiles).

Good Combinations for Terracotta

One of the best things about Terracotta is its ability to look incredible in combination with countless other design elements in the home. For example:

  • Colors: Terracotta pairs well with a wide range of colors outdoors. Options range from warm shades of brown, orange, yellow, and red to cooler shades like blue and green. You also can’t go wrong with a creamy white or shades of pink or gray.
  • Plants and Greenery: Potted plants, climbing vines, bushes – Terracotta looks dashing with a wide variety of foliage.
  • Furniture: Cast iron tables, metal patio chairs, wicker stools – experiment with different options and see how charming these combinations look alongside Terracotta floor tiles.
  • Textiles: Bright outdoor rugs, patio cushions, blankets, and place settings play beautifully off a Terracotta tile floor.
  • Nature: Terracotta tile flooring does a great job of complementing the natural scenery around your space. Even if you don’t have much decor aside from the flooring, you still have a beautiful view.

Are Terracotta Tiles Outdoor Slippery?

Terracotta tiles can be slippery without proper selection and installation. However, you can have a Terracotta floor with plenty of grip with just a little bit of knowledge.

  1. Choose Saltillo Terracotta for your tile: Saltillo clay yields exceptional (& highly durable) Terracotta tiles with a natural, grainy finish.
  2. Follow the ‘wide & small’ rule of thumb: For additional grip in especially wet or humid areas, use small or medium size tiles and install them with wide grout lines in between. This enhances the overall nonslip surface area.
  3. Use a textured topcoat: We also offer a texturizing topcoat that the installer can apply to Terracotta flooring to improve traction.

Terracotta tiles are an excellent option for outdoor spaces, provided you take a few steps to enhance their durability.  Read more in our 10 Questions to Ask About Terracotta Tiles article.

How do we know so much about this topic? We have manufactured, sold, shipped, and helped home and business owners design lovely spaces for nearly two decades! So when it comes to quintessential outdoor style, nothing beats the sunbaked, timeless appeal of natural Terracotta tiles. Contact one of our expert floor’ists today!

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