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Spanish Style Garden Ideas to Inspire You

Let’s explore Spanish-style garden ideas!

According to a recent survey done by OnePoll, the amount of time the average American spends outside has risen to 14 hours a week, with 70% of people saying that they enjoy looking after their backyard space.

A backyard is a peaceful sanctuary where you can relax or enjoy a meal with family and friends. To create a colorful and vibrant space, take inspiration from Spanish-style garden design.

In Mexico, they make wonderful use of tiles to create areas of symmetry and also to bring warmth to dining and social areas. Trees and plants are also used for shade and privacy, turning an outdoor space into a personal haven.

Al Fresco Dining

a time for family & friends

The Spanish-style garden isn’t just a place to grow plants and flowers. It is somewhere to spend time with family and friends, sharing a meal and enjoying a sobremesa (evening social time).

Creating an area in your backyard for some al fresco dining will give it an authentic Spanish feel. You could tile a beautiful patio area using traditional Spanish Saltillo tiles that come in four shades, including Spanish Mission Red. These are highly durable and provide a colorful contrast against areas of greenery. A cast iron patio table and chairs set is perfect for an outdoor dining area, and you can accessorize this with comfortable cushions. 

Terracotta tiles are a durable and style flooring option.

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Shaded Siestas

Spanish-style garden natural beauty meets function

The trees and plants are intrinsic to Spanish garden design. Large broad-leaved trees are often used to provide shady areas and to protect the more delicate plants and flowers.

You may already have suitable trees in your Spanish Revival home, and professional tree services can help you maintain and prune your trees. Removing the lower branches and lifting the tree canopy can help keep your trees healthy and provide ample shade.

In your Spanish-inspired garden, focus on drought-tolerant species that will thrive in the hot weather, such as citrus trees and cypresses. These can also create hedgerows along the edges of your backyard, creating privacy from nearby properties. 

Creating Spanish Style garden Symmetry

balancing Mexican tile accents

A clever use of symmetry is one of the key features when considering Spanish garden design. Laying a tiled pathway through the middle of your backyard can draw the eye down to the middle of your space and look striking.

Superior Talavera tiles are perfect for this and are both frost and water-resistant. Pots can then be placed opposite one another at the edges of your path, or you could line your pathway with scented lavender. Adding archways and Cantera columns is another simple way of creating the illusion of symmetry, or you could add a pergola – the perfect frame for Mediterranean climbing plants like wisteria. 

Your backyard is the ideal place to relax, enjoy nature and spend time with family and friends. You can create the ambiance of a Spanish garden & Spanish style home by using some beautiful Saltillo and Talavera tiles, giving your space warmth and color. 

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