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Outdoor Stone Tile Ideas: Enhance Your Home’s Summer Outdoor Living Space

Are you looking for some inspiration about outdoor stone tile?

As the days grow longer and temps climb higher, the call for sun-soaked outdoor living spaces becomes irresistible. Whether lounging on the patio or kicking it poolside, Cantera Stone is ready to turn up the sizzle on your home’s alfresco style as your stone outdoor floor tiles choice. Let’s explore some of this material’s standout qualities and exciting design possibilities.

Cantera Stone – A Natural Choice Of Outdoor Stone Tile For Patios

Cantera is a natural volcanic stone quarried in Mexico. Prized for its durability and beauty, it has many outdoor architectural and decorative uses, such as:

  • Columns
  • Fountains
  • Sculptures & Figurines
  • Fireplaces
  • Floor tiles
  • Stone pool coping
  • Decorative stone surrounds

Cantera stone outdoor floor tiles (sometimes known as stone pavers) come in various patterns for those who want to add a unique artistic flourish to their patio or pool area.

cantera stone pool coping

Why Cantera is Good for Outdoor Patios and Living Areas

Can you use stone tile outside?

Yes, if it’s natural stone outdoor tile and properly installed, it can be installed outdoors. For example, Cantera is an appropriate choice. Combine its strength with aesthetic appeal, and you get a great natural stone outdoor tile option. Plus, it can handle all four seasons – and looks good.

As an added benefit, Cantera’s porous nature gives it a nonslip texture, making natural stone tiles ideal for porches, patios, pool decking, and other wet or humid areas.

This tile is also easy to clean and maintain:

  • Break out a power washer or hose to blast away tough mud spots.
  • Give it a sweep every once in a while to clear off debris.
  • Make sure it has a quality sealer to provide UV protection and prevent fading.
  • Prep your concrete slab subfloor with a waterproofing membrane to avoid efflorescence.

Follow those easy tips, and you’ll have a floor that keeps looking its best for years to come.

cantera_balustrade (1)

It’s the Best Outdoor Tile for Hot Weather

If you’ve ever wondered what the best outdoor stone tile is for a house during the summer, you’ve it. One of Cantera Stone’s great qualities is its natural heat resistance.

When appropriately installed, Cantera outdoor stone wall tiles and flooring can withstand even the most intense dog days of summer without cracking. And unlike some floor materials that burn your feet when the sun comes out, Cantera can stay cool to the touch (and underfoot) even when temperatures rise.
Here are a couple of design tips to help maximize your Cantera stone tile’s heat resistance:

  • Go light: It’s a fact of life that darker colors pull in more heat, so try to stick with a lighter shade of color, such as Madera, Pinon, or Café, for outdoor surfaces where you’ll be walking or sitting a lot.
  • Throw shade – in a good way: Being directly exposed to bright sun for hours can make even the toughest tiles uncomfortably warm. So, add a pergola or other sun protection structures to reduce heat absorption. Your space will feel cooler and look cooler – win-win.

Want to See It In Your Room?

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What Styles of Floor Tiles Are Best for Patios?

 Cantera stone blends well with countless architectural styles. Elegant, eclectic, modern, rustic – Cantera outdoor wall tiles and flooring complement almost any style you like in your home. The key to getting the best design is knowing your space. Not sure where to start? We can help with that!

Considering Outdoor Stone Tile?

Contact us to talk tile, prices, colors, y mas. We ship this stuff worldwide!

 If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: our two most popular Cantera decorative outdoor wall tile and flooring shapes are the tried-and-true square and rectangle. In fact, both shapes can be arranged in countless styles and patterns, in combination or on their own.

For tile size, think about the dimensions of your outdoor living area and the design you’d like to channel for that space.

Two examples:

  • If you have an expansive patio, try a large format stone outdoor floor tiles for a dynamic effect.
  • Our most popular sizes are 12×12, 6×12, and 12×24. Also, we can also cut stone tiles to any size or thickness you need to create the perfect outdoor tile design.
  • Don’t neglect walls – expand your project to use decorative outdoor stone wall tiles, too.

cantera outdoor stone tile and pool coping
Cantera Stone Pool Coping

Consider Your Area’s Personality When Selecting Stone Outdoor Floor Tiles Patterns and Colors 

What kind of personality does your outdoor living space embody? Serene, sophisticated, whimsical, charming, ultra-modern, rustic – there are many avenues to explore. We encourage our customers to play around with various design ideas and see what jumps out.
Two examples:

  • First, try a solid-colored tile for a classic, sophisticated vibe, or mix and match colors for stunning contrast.
  • Next, for a creative décor theme, choose from our variety of patterns, such as herringbone or running brick. Then, expand these for use as decorative outdoor stone wall tiles, too.
  • But also natural stone outdoor tiles are not just for flooring. Create a focal point by coordinating decorative outdoor stone wall tiles, too.

Cantera stone tiles come in an enticing selection of earth tones, including Lima, Tobacco Brown, Negro, Rosa, and Madera. Fortunately, we have a wide range of colors available, so head to our website to learn more.

cantera outdoor stone tile and fountain in cabo san lucas mexico
Cantera Stone Tile in Multiple Colors

Decorative Outdoor Stone Ideas

 Is your outdoor space lacking in the looks department? Fizzling in the fun category? Fear not: Cantera Stone is here to help. In addition to floor tiles, this unique material can add beauty to your outdoor space in many other forms. Remember to have a décor theme for your outdoor living area – you want each Cantera stone feature you choose to complement your stone tile patio. 

Notably, our top 4 natural outdoor carved stone feature summer picks:

1. Outdoor Fountains & Sculptures

Bring the joy of falling water straight to your backyard. From modest to multi-tiered, Cantera stone fountains are a luxurious finishing touch for any relaxing outdoor space.

2. Outdoor Stone Columns

Invite historical architecture into your modern world with Cantera stone columns. They come in a range of stunning designs, each with a unique character. Plus, we also offer custom options.

3. Outdoor Fireplaces & Firepits

Next, make an architectural statement (and delicious smores) with a Cantera stone fireplace. Gather with family and friends around a Cantera stone firepit against the backdrop of a starlit sky. 

4. Stone Pool Coping

Finally, use Cantera stone pool coping to turn your humble swimming pool into a work of art. Beautiful colors, unique patterns, and custom shapes and sizes all yield one-of-a-kind magic to pools of all sizes. Stone pool coping tiles are cut to your custom specification.

What Stone Outdoor Floor Tiles Will You Try First?

Cantera stone has been a top building material for centuries and truly shines in outdoor living spaces. Not only are Cantera tiles an excellent way to jazz up your home’s summer style, but they also complement the natural environment, cater to your design preferences, and last for years. So go ahead, and add some natural charm to your little slice of heaven.

How do we know so much about stone outdoor floor tiles? We have manufactured, sold, shipped, and helped home and business owners design lovely spaces for nearly two decades! So when it comes to quintessential outdoor style, nothing beats the timeless appeal of natural Cantera stone. Contact one of our expert floor’ists today!

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