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Cantera Stone Columns – Right for You?

tobacco brown cantera stone columns

Explore Cantera Stone Columns

Did you know that Cantera columns are a prevalent feature in those luxurious homes you’ve been perusing on home improvement shows and Houzz? Pay attention to the meticulous detail of architectural design in high-end homes. Do you see the stonework now?  Go back…look again.  I’ll wait.

12x24 saltllo tile

Glad you’re back!  You saw some great columns, right?

Stone columns are a common denominator in Spanish and Mediterranean-style homes.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Stone features are functional and add beauty and value to any home style.

As you read along, I’ll fill you in on different styles of Cantera stone columns, colors, and uses for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Styles of Cantera Stone Columns

First, let’s address the many styles of columns found in the world of architecture.  Cantera columns can be as simple or ornate as you see fit for your home.  Standard columns are straight and basic. They won’t bring any specific decorative attention to your space. But, these pillars can tie in several architectural features, thus creating a cohesive style.

We love a style of column that’s commonly referred to as Cigar, Barrel, or Tapered.  Here you see the Cigar column shown in Tobacco Brown cantera. It’s a simple column shape with a big impact of boldness. This column says, “Here I am!”

Colors of Cantera Stone columns

Now let’s talk color.  Did you know that Cantera is available in over 17 different colors of stone?  Cantera is not faux stone.  We don’t mix stone pieces with color-added concrete to create your feature. When you buy Cantera stone, you buy pure stone. Why buy the fake stuff if you can get it real for an affordable price?

Have I mentioned how affordable Cantera products are? Get a Quote for your stone feature today!

Our most popular stone colors are Pinon, Tobacco Brown, and Cafe.  We also have exotic colors like Rojo Paraiso and Tobacco Orange.  Like fine jewels, the most common colors are the least expensive, whereas the rare colors command higher prices. It’s supply and demand.

cantera colors
Select from over 17 Colors of Cantera Stone

Indoor & Outdoor Columns

My last point about Cantera stone columns is in their application. Most people think about columns as an outdoor feature only.  We love columns paired with outdoor living spaces and pool areas.  Coordinating pool decking stone tile, pool coping, and columns is easy.

But Cantera stone columns have a place inside homes as well.  This round great room is encompassed by Pinon columns which tie into the antique’d Cantera stone fireplace.  Add a matching stone hood in the kitchen, and Voila!  Your friends are now envious of your architectural vision and style!

Who wouldn’t love to soak in this romantic style bathtub set behind some mini-columns?

I could go on and on about Cantera stone columns and features.  Columns are the most natural application for this versatile stone.  Skip the temptation to go with the fake stuff.  Keep it real with pure Cantera stone!  And no matter what – Make Every Space Count!

Call us today for more information and pricing to find out if Cantera stone columns are right for you. (512) 260-9111.  We ship worldwide!

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2 thoughts on “Cantera Stone Columns – Right for You?”

  1. Hi there,
    My front door & entry needs to be modernized. I’m thinking of replacing some hollow fluted Greek columns with simple or rope Spanish columns, but I have no idea the cost of such a thing & whether that’s affordable on my budget.. I’m hoping you can help. I have photos of my entry that I can email if that is helpful.

  2. Hi Jacquelyn – Thanks for reaching out! We can build out columns to your size and design specification – affordable, too! Someone from our team will reach out to you today via the email address that you provided. We will need to know which Cantera Stone Color you’re most interested. The price can vary based on color selection.

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