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Terracotta Quarry Tile

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Spanish Quarry Floor Tile is one of the hottest trends right now in interior design.  We spend huge chunks of our days speaking with designers who find us online during their search for Spanish quarry floor tile.  And being the good stewards of flooring that we are… we’re happy to take those calls!

6x12 spanish mission redPin
6×12 Spanish Mission Red Saltillo

Did you know that Saltillo tile and Terra Cotta tile are in the quarry family? That’s right – by definition, Spanish quarry floor tile is made from clay or shale and it’s fired at high temperatures.  If you’re in the market for this thing called “quarry” tile, look no further.  Check out any of our Saltillo terra cotta flooring options.

mexican saltillo tile in dallasPin
12×12 Antique Saltillo

As you can see, Spanish quarry floor tile is great for both indoor and outdoor applications when it’s properly installed.  Who doesn’t want to hang out on this hill country patio constructed with San Felipe Antique Saltillo flooring?This arabesque shaped tile isn’t just beautiful.  It’s functional too by adding a nonslip surface for the tenants of this Bed and Breakfast.

red quarry floor tilePin
Photo Credit: Wickes UK

Another great aspect to Spanish quarry floor tile is that is comes in many different colors.  It can also be stained or painted!  Here you see a standard 12×12 red quarry tile.  It is stained a deep mission red color and creates a consistent backdrop for this home.  That’s the cool thing about staining quarry tile – you dream it up.  Those dreams become reality with quarry floor tile.  (Note:  If you plan on painting or staining your tile, make certain to purchase it unsealed.  The clay will absorb nearly any type of color in stain or paint.  It’s worthwhile to keep your chemicals compatible as you seal the tile after painting or staining it.)

octagon terracotta tilePin
Octagon Manganese Saltillo Tile with Cement Tiles

We’re partial to our Spanish quarry floor tile – saltillo.  Available in 4 finishes, there’s a color for any style.  Consider Traditional Saltillo for terra cotta shades ranging from mission red, orange and golden colors.

Or opt for something more neutral with Manganese Saltillo.  Personally, my favorite!  Manganese floors produce an overall brown-toned floor with deep terracotta shades playing peek-a-boo in the mix.  Top it off with an occassional black swirling in some tiles for a marbled look. Yep, I love manganese saltillo – especially as it’s shown here in the Riviera Pattern.

picket pattern terracotta tilePin
Picket Pattern Antique Saltillo Tile

I mentioned it earlier in this post. Our Antique Saltillo is the latest finish offered by Rustico Tile and Stone.  Not only is the antique finish provide a nonslip surface, but this Saltillo tile is the old-world look that’s reminiscent of reclaimed terra cotta tiles.  Interior Designers love using Antique Saltillo in a modern-vintage schematic.  And it works!

Saltillo tile in Texas is very popular.

Spanish quarry floor tile comes in many shapes and sizes.  There really is something for everyone who is looking for a functional, low-maintenance, and low-cost flooring option.

Not sure what’s best for you?  Give us a call or send an email – we’re here to help!  Make Every Space Count!

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