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Spanish Floor Tile

spanish floor tile

Are you exploring Spanish floor tile for your new home or DIY remodel?  If you’re not already, allow me the space to suggest why you should! Then, you improve your design style from dull, fatuous, and monochromatic to eye-popping, intriguing, and melodramatic with just the right tile choice.

Traditional Saltillo Tile
Traditional Saltillo Tile

It starts with color, shape, and size.  For example, Rustico Tile and Stone offers Spanish floor tile in a vast selection of shapes and sizes – all of which come in 3 different finishes.  Tried and true lends itself to our standard 12×12-inch square tile.  Not only is it our best value per square foot Spanish floor tile, but it’s also easy to install. 

star cross tile pattern
Manganese Saltillo in Star Cross Pattern

Other options include Hexagon, Star Cross Pattern, Octagon with decorative inserts, our popular Riviera pattern, Rectangles, and more.  There is a shape for every design style.  Each of these shapes comes in sizes as small as 4×4-inches to 24×24-inches.  Warning: Don’t get lost in the options of Spanish floor tile shapes and sizes.  So, keep your eye on the prize!

Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile
Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile
antique saltillo tile
Antique Saltillo Tile

Once you’ve considered shapes, it’s time to focus on colors.  Any tile you choose is available in Traditional, Manganese, Spanish Mission Red, Antique Mission Red, or Antique finishes.  For example, Traditional Saltillo Spanish floor tile blends terra cotta shades of color.  Manganese Saltillo tiles span light to dark browns with terra cotta shades that bleed through the tile’s surface.  Spanish Mission Red has dark terracotta colors with only traces of light colors. Antique Mission Red has these same colors but a textured surface for a non-slip finish. Antique Saltillo Spanish floor tile offers a unique blend of old-world terra cotta shades of color.  With added texture on Antique Saltillo, these Spanish floor tiles are reminiscent of centuries-old, reclaimed terracotta tiles.

12x12 Traditional Saltillo Tile

Bathrooms and Kitchens are ideal spaces where Spanish floor tile should be used to make a statement about your style! For example, a square tile like this 12×12 Traditional Saltillo is budget-friendly and versatile in design.  This hill country kitchen pairs beautifully with a hand-carved Cantera stone hood and Copper decorative inserts.

mexican tile floor and decor

Or, cozy up in this living room with the warm tones of 12×12 Manganese Hexagon floor tile. We love how this flooring choice marries well with the decorative Cement tile stair risers and Manganese Coping stair treads. The unique blend of colors and decorative patterns brings an exciting sense of style that your friends will envy!

outdoor spanish patio floor tile

Don’t be scared to take your Spanish floor tile to the great outdoors.  In other words, Antique Saltillo flooring is a prime choice for outdoor living.  Its textured surface creates a natural-slip floor space.  Finally, maintenance is made even more accessible with the application of our TerraNano Spanish floor tile sealer.

As I said before… you have a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting a Spanish floor tile for your project.  If you don’t know what’s right for you, call us! Plus, we’ve seen a lot of floors, and we have a lot of opinions! (We are an office with a majority of women, so we come by our many opinions naturally, of course!)  So, Contact us today to Get a Quote

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  2. Hi Montgomery – Thank you 🙂 Yes, Saltillo Tile is regularly used in commercial spaces – restaurants, hotels/resorts, business buildings, etc. To get pricing & delivery information and any additional information, just fill out our short Get a Quote form!

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