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Modern Spanish Revival Home (Inside & Out) in Palm Springs

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explore photos and see how this two-year project breathed new life into an old home

modern spanish revival home palm springs ca

We’ve all been there. Let’s just change the paint color in this room, ok? Maybe replace the baseboards and then call it a day.

Yea, right. Fast forward, and you have a full-blown remodel on your hands. Sounds painfully familiar, right?

One couple embraced a similar challenge, only they reconstructed and modernized an entire home enduring a 2-year project. Demolition of an original 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom house ensued to the foundation and studs.

To honor the husband’s Hispanic heritage, a modern Spanish Revival house in Palm Springs, California, was reborn. Designer, Mindy Laven, is credited with the remarkable design.

Let’s take a tour, but first…

What is Modern Spanish Revival Style?

To appreciate and understand the basis for Spanish Revival design, we need to explore some of its historical context and essential architectural characteristics.

During the 20th century, there was an architectural stylistic movement based on the Spanish colonization of the Americas. Areas like California and Florida adopted this style which hit its peak popularity between 1915 and 1931.  The overall rustic design is derived from a combination of styles, including California’s Mission Revival, Spanish Baroque, classic Spanish Colonial, Moorish Revival, & Mexican Churrigueresque architecture.

Some of the most common architectural features which you’ll see in this modern Spanish Revival home include:

  • One story home
  • Flat roofs with terracotta tiles
  • Terracotta flooring inside and out
  • Light-colored, smooth stucco walls
  • Chimney finishes
  • Decorative iron trim and light fixtures
  • Courtyards & tier fountains

While scrolling through pictures of this modern Spanish Revival home, find modern features like mixed metallic hardware and finishes, industrial appliances, and chic artisan textiles and artwork.

Modern Spanish Revival Kitchen

The foundational flooring carries the San Felipe pattern in Manganese Saltillo tile throughout the home. This is a very popular type of Spanish tile flooring. This is a staple in the modern Spanish Revival kitchen. Its neutral tones and warm colors give the home an inviting ambiance. Also, meticulously stained cabinets match the colors in the terracotta floor, contrasting with the classic Spanish Revival style of light, smooth stucco walls offering a modern vibe. Even terracotta tile patterns playfully compete and complement the backsplash and arabesque tile flooring. Additionally, notice the mixed metals in this modern hacienda-style kitchen. Brass cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures, the white industrial range, and stainless steel appliances further modernize this home’s style.

Pro Tip: Notice how grout colors contrast with its tile floor and backsplash pattern. This allows each pattern to stand out as a principal element of decor.

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Living Room Design in Spanish Revival Style

Flooring to ceiling, look at the color transitions and contrasts. Notably, the plush furniture fabric begs for a gathering of family and friends. The dark wooden beams brighten against the sunny southern California light beaming through wrought iron-trimmed windows. The open floor plan is an iconic ingredient in the Spanish Colonial style.

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Bedrooms & Bathrooms in Modern Spanish Revival Style

Same house, same vibe. The same terracotta flooring creates a cohesive look from room to room. Some design features in the Spanish Revival style bathrooms include wooden cabinets and furniture with black cabinet hardware, a romantic bathtub, and light fixtures. The white subway tiles & marble countertops modernize these spaces. Also adding to the Spanish Revival bedroom decor are double doors opening to the outdoor courtyard and swimming pool area.

Spanish Revival Courtyard & Swimming Pool

Palm Springs, California, offers the perfect setting for this modern Spanish Revival house. The environment and setting around a home contribute to style in a big way. Since the homeowners have three young & vigorous boys, it made sense to reconstruct this home with a swimming pool decorated with Mexican tiles, a gathering place with a fire pit, and a backyard with a three-tied Cantera stone fountain. Now, the family can enjoy quality outdoor living while taking in views of the southern California mountains.

Pro Tip: Saltillo tile flooring suits outdoor spaces in temperate climates. Before installing, apply a waterproofing membrane across all outdoor slabs.

All photos are credited to Ryan Garvin Photography.

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