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Mexican Saltillo Tile in San Diego California

Handmade Mexican Saltillo Tile

in San Diego, California

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Find our Mexican Saltillo tile in San Diego and throughout the world.  We ship worldwide. Explore our Saltillo Tile Patterns and Color Options. Our friendly product specialists will help you find a tile pattern that suits the style of your home and budget!

Why Should You Buy Sealed Mexican Saltillo in San Diego from Rustico Tile & Stone?

Lowest Price Promise | Quick Shipping | Friendly Saltillo Tile Specialists Service 😉 | Installation & Maintenance Advice

⇒ View our Saltillo Tile Patterns & Colors

Saltillo Tile Patterns
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Hexagon & Octagon
  • Riviera
  • & More
Saltillo Tile Colors
  • Traditional Saltillo
  • Manganese Saltillo
  • Antique Saltillo
  • Spanish Mission Red Tile
Our Specialties
Where to Find Our Tile
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Napa Valley
  • Central Coast
  • Temecula & More


Our products ship from our Texas distribution warehouse. We ship Mexican Saltillo Tile in Los Angeles and throughout California.


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Mexican Tile in California

Rustico Tile has the best-priced quality Saltillo you'll find anywhere. My Saltillo floor is the showstopper of the entire project. The team at Rustico made the ordering process so effortless and pleasant. I would recommend Rustico without hesitation.

Aileen K.San Diego, California